Zodiac Signs To Plan An Unforgettable Time With Someone You Love


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Zodiac signs can help you determine the qualities of a person and the things they will enjoy doing.

The stars were aligned in a particular way the moment you were born. And this amazing alignment that took place on the day you were born – will never again be repeated in the exact same way.

The alignment of the stars, at the time of your birth, formed a Cosmic Birth Map in the sky. And this Celestial Birth Map not only determined your zodiac sign but also describes your personality, along with the things you will enjoy.

So, if you’re looking to plan something, which will light up the heart of your love, you can discover exactly what he or she will enjoy, by reading about their zodiac sign below.

When you plan an event, which will always be remembered, you will become the ”star” in the eyes of your special someone.



Being energetic and adventurous, with a strong pioneering sense, any activity that involves exploring and adventure, will excite the passions of Aries.

Rock climbing, hiking, camping, skydiving, or traveling to new places, will capture the interest of anyone born under this sign.

Make sure everything is well planned before beginning your adventure, or your Aries partner can become impatient like a little child. Sometimes, throwing a tantrum that could damper the mood – before the fun begins.



Being patient and loving, your Taurus thrives on security. So planning an evening or weekend, which appeals to these senses, will capture their heart.

A weekend in a cabin, a romantic getaway to somewhere near water, an evening at home snuggling in bed, or watching a movie your Taurus enjoys, will definitely appeal to the heart.

During these activities, avoid talking about past relationships, due to Taurus’ jealous nature, which could make them feel insecure, and not enjoy during this special time together.



Communicative, witty, lively, and intellectual, your Gemini partner will enjoy anything, which involves quick-wit, laughing, or appeals to the analytical mind.

Planning a night at a comedy club, a fun social gathering, or even movie or play that challenges the intellectual mind, will be a definite winner with any Gemini.

When planning something for your Gemini, make sure to avoid comedy events where the humor could offend them, along with anything that involves superficial people. Superficial people are people Gemini does not like at all!



Emotional, loving, and a bit psychic themselves, Cancer enjoy romance, affection, and even things related to the psychic world.

Writing a romantic letter to your Cancer partner, before you begin your event, will set things off on the right foot. Getting a couple’s massage, surprising them with a candlelight evening in a hotel room, or even going to a Psychic Fair, will be something your Cancer will love!

Sometimes moody, know when enough is enough for your Cancer partner. So when planning something, make sure to know their time limits by not overextending whatever you plan.



With Leo’s generous, warm-hearted, and enthusiastic nature, your Leo someone will often just go with the flow. Sometimes making it hard to know what to plan for them.

Connection and friendship are keywords here. So a cookout with close friends, spending time with favorite family members, or even a day trip somewhere new will please your Leo partner.

It’s best to plan this as a surprise, otherwise, with Leo’s interfering nature, they can try to take control, and plan everything without thinking about what you would find enjoyable, too.



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Some people are modest and practical, just like those under the sign of Virgo. Eating out in a simple restaurant with good food can make him or her happy.

With your Virgo someone being modest, sometimes shy, and often practical, in order to appeal to Virgo, you will need to consider their intricate personality traits.

For Virgo, eating good food is more important than spending lots of money on a fancy restaurant. So plan a dinner out where the food is good, and the price is right. Preferring small groups to large crowds, your Virgo partner would also enjoy an intimate evening with friends.

Make sure whatever you do is simple, understated, and relaxing, so as not to trigger anxiety and worry.



Libra loves people. They are the natural charmers, entertainers, and lovers of peace. Anything, where your Libra partner can shine, will bring a smile to their heart.

They will love parties, social events, good music, and good food. You can never go wrong planning anything where lots of activity is involved. A night dancing, a big party, or anywhere where there are people who will make them laugh. Libras feed off the good energy of others.

Be careful when trying to give advice to your Libra someone, and make sure your words don’t sound critical. The critical words of a loved one can cut to the core of a Libra’s sensitive heart, ruining their evening of fun.



Scorpio people are determined, passionate, and magnetic. You can safely plan anything, as long as it appeals to one or all of these qualities.

You can virtually plan anything where they have a chance to meet new people. Networking is always on their mind. A local business convention, a wine and cheese bar, or even a somewhere that attracts professionals related to their interests. Any of these things will make them happy as a lark.

Make sure to reign them in when they get too excited because due to their compulsive nature, they can buy things they often don’t use or need!



Sagittarius loves to feel free, is very philosophical at times, and incredibly straightforward. So you have a variety of options when planning something for them.

You can buy tickets to a good play, hang out with friends at a local brewery, or even get a group together and go to a movie. Easy to please, their most enjoyment will involve doing things where they are free to be themselves and enjoying the company of others just like them.

Avoid people that stretch the truth, or makeup stories. Their tolerance for these types is very low, and they will have no problem calling them on out. So it’s best to avoid these type of people in order to make it an enjoyable time together.




Capricorn can be patient, reserved, and much disciplined. So, whatever you plan, make sure things happen in a timely manner.

Going to a museum, taking a cruise together, or having a cookout with friends they haven’t seen in a while, will make your Capricorn partner very happy.  They will enjoy anything where they feel like they can be relaxed, and isn’t expected to be social all the time.

Although Capricorns can be very patient, they hate being late or having people not show up when they are supposed to. So, it’s better to plan things with a flexible time range.



Aquarius people are friendly, inventive, and independent. Planning for Aquarius involves using your creative imagination. Because the more they can see that you really put thought into planning it, the more impressed they will be.

The element of surprise will capture their imagination. So, throwing a surprise get- together will old friends, or coming home to find bags packed for a surprise weekend trip to somewhere they enjoy, will make them smile. “Surprise” is the word to remember when planning for them.

Not always expressive with words, your Aquarian partner may not always say how much they appreciate what you planned, but their actions will speak volumes.



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Knowing what activities your partner will enjoy through knowledge of their zodiac sign can help you in creating a memorable event with your partner.

Full of imagination, compassionate, and selfless, Pisces will be a joy to plan for. Especially since what they like often involves helping others.

You can hardly go wrong appealing to the humanitarian side of your Pisces partner.

Often thinking about how they can help others, planning a day of volunteering at a food line, or homeless shelter will bring them great joy. Anything where they can express their compassion and selflessness will bring them a sense of contentment.

Patience is the key here. Your Pisces partner may give so much that they wear themselves out. Allow them to give in abundance during your planned event together, and they will forever be grateful to you for doing this.

Now that you know the things that that will capture the heart and soul of your special someone, along with what things you need to avoid, you can start planning a special event together, which is sure to become an unforgettable memory in the mind of the person you really care about.

Zodiac signs reveal deep insights into the mind, heart, and soul, of a person, and being armed with this powerful information, gives you the advantage to make a lasting impression.


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