6 Myths About A Psychic Reading – DEBUNKED!


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Your future is not set in stone. You still have the power to alter the outcome of your psychic reading.

You may have read or heard various myths about a psychic reading. Some people are still doubtful whether it is real or not. Even though it has been proven that there are real psychics, they continue to be a topic if confusion. This is because of several factors, such as movies, televisions, uninformed media, and not to mention, scammers and fakes.

Because of this, all sorts of misconceptions and myths floating around about getting a reading from a psychic. Today, we’re going to provide facts and debunk the most common inaccuracies of having a reading with a psychic.


Myth #1: Psychic Reading Is Always 100% Accurate


If you think that you’re going to have a 100% accurate reading, then you have false expectations. Even the best psychic cannot assure you that a reading will be 100% accurate. This is because a reading is a divination tool and there will always be free will involved.

Also, an experienced psychic will give you a glimpse into the situation you are asking about at the present moment of your reading. The reading will be what you need to hear at that moment so you can make decisions better and more consciously.

Sometimes, you cannot move on from your previous relationship. A good psychic will provide you an answer that will guide you, so you can finally let go. And when you move on, the psychic will reveal what will happen next.

Your future is not written in stone, yet there are still a lot of paths and possibilities ahead of you. A psychic cannot walk this path for you and won’t pressure you to choose a certain path. What you’re going to do with the psychic’s guidance will ultimately decide your outcome.


Myth #2: Intuition Equates Psychic Abilities


Intuition is important but a small part of what a professional psychic can do. Psychics are different in many ways. Some are naturally gifted while some went through extensive training in various methodologies and schools.

Being a professional psychic requires hard work, but psychics still choose this path because of their genuine care for people. They strongly believe that they were specifically given these gifts so they can share them to help people to have better lives.

The bottom line, being a psychic does not only mean having intuition. It’s about becoming better and helping others sincerely. They can offer guidance when it comes to health, love, life, careers, and other life matters.


Myth #3: Psychics Can Read Minds


A great psychic is an “energy reader” and not a mind reader. They can sense how you are feeling and what is going on in your energy field. This means a psychic can sense what decisions provide a happier and clearer path for you. However, they will be able to read your mind.

Moreover, an experienced psychic will not even attempt to read your mind because deeper information is found in your soul and heart.


Myth #4: Phone Readings Are Not As Accurate


Some people say that seeing a psychic personally is more reliable and way better than an online psychic. This is inaccurate. In fact, a fake psychic can even use a person’s expressions and body language to tell them what they want to hear.  This is something a psychic cannot do through the phone.

A legitimate psychic does not need to be in the same room with you to offer clear answers. Phone psychics are experts and highly-qualified in their profession.


Myth #5: Psychics Know Everything About A Person


A common myth about having a psychic reading is that the best psychics know everything about their clients – from their personal lives down to their deepest, darkest secrets. This is simply not true.

In addition, the quality of insights will depend on the energetic openness and questions of the client, not the ability of the psychic reader. This means that receiving desirable results from a reading will both depend on the client and the psychic.


Myth #6: A Real Psychic Doesn’t Need To Ask Questions


There are people who believe that real psychics don’t need to ask questions to have an accurate reading. Psychics don’t know everything. There are times that answers can be blocked by you because you are not open or ready yet to receive such an answer. A responsible and reliable psychic will only ask information that will be the most beneficial for you on your journey.

Also, asking specific questions actually helps during a psychic reading, as the psychic can focus better on what you really need. Sharing of relevant information helps in having an accurate reading but be careful not to give too much information.


These are among the most common myths about psychic reading. Hopefully, this has shed light on your doubts.

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