8 Facts About The Third Eye That Will Shock You

third eye facts

Everyone has a Third Eye. Opening your Third Eye can help you develop your psychic abilities.

Ghosts, spirits, seeing the future…

…these are the things that come to mind when talking about the Third Eye.

You might be surprised to know that the Third Eye is so much more than something you use to see invisible beings, or a tool used to see if you’ll win the lottery.

In a few seconds, you’ll discover the most amazing facts about the Third Eye and the many ways how developing it can help you. Here are 8 facts about the Third Eye you may not know about:


  1. Everyone has a Third Eye

Every single person on this planet has a Third Eye.

The Third Eye is an energy center located in the middle of your forehead. It is also called the “Inner Eye” or the “Mind’s Eye” because the Third Eye is an invisible eye that allows you to see beyond your ordinary vision. 

The Third Eye extends what your mind knowingly perceives, giving way to your psychic abilities that allow you to sense things beyond your actual physical surroundings. It allows you to see the invisible – this is what your Third Eye is for.

Your Third Eye is the doorway to all psychic abilities. If you want to develop psychic abilities such as seeing into the future or being able to talk to the guides and angels, you must open your Third Eye.

These psychic abilities are uncovered when your Third Eye is activated because your physical self and your psychic self become one.

  1. The Third Eye is directly related to your pineal gland

In ancient times, many stories told of an actual Third Eye is located at the back of the head, which had both physical and spiritual functions.

Years of evolution have withered down the use of this Third Eye and it eventually sank into the skull and became a part of the brain. This part of the brain became what is now known as the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland that sits near the center of the brain, between the middle of the two hemispheres. It’s shaped like a pine cone and is situated right where the Third Eye is – between your eyebrows.

While it looks like a pine cone on the outside, the pineal gland looks very much like an eye if you cut it in half. The pineal gland has a very important role in the body – it regulates our sleeping and waking patterns, which determines your physical performance, stress levels, and hormone levels.

  1. The Third Eye is represented in ancient history and in various cultures all over the world

The Third Eye is called by many names – the pineal gland, Pineal Body, conarium, Eye Of Wisdom, Seat Of The Soul, SingleEye, Ajna Chakra, and the Eye Of Horus.

The Third Eye is known in every ancient culture all over the world, and it represents a powerful universal connection. Known as the Eye of Horus among Ancient Egypt, and the Ajna Chakra among the Hindus in India, the Third Eye is revered by seers and mystics alike.

  1. The Third Eye is the Seat of your soul

Your Third Eye is said to be the seat of your soul because it gives you a way to experience your soul minus the restraints of the physical world. The Third Eye also acts as the doorway to your immortal soul and your earth-bound existence.

  1. The Third Eye can only be stimulated by meditation

Ask any experienced psychic they will tell you the importance of knowing how to open your Third Eye, especially when it comes to developing your psychic abilities.

3rd eye facts

You get universal energy and higher level of consciousness from meditation that stimulates the Third Eye.

You’ve probably even used your Third Eye unknowingly before. Any gut feeling you’ve had that turned out to be right, was probably your psychic ability slipping through.

But, you need to properly channel your inner energy through your Third Eye to be able to use and control your psychic abilities at will. To do this, you need to have a regular practice of meditation.

Meditation places you in a calm state that not only enhances your ability to focus and concentrate, it also allows you to connect to the universal energy. Universal energy is a consciousness that animates and connects all life.

When you meditate, universal energy enters your body through the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head. Another benefit of meditation is your consciousness naturally shifts to higher and higher levels each time you meditate.

The universal energy, and the higher level of consciousness you get from meditating opens and awakens your Third Eye.

  1. The Third Eye can uncover many natural spiritual abilities

Everyone has psychic abilities, but you must be committed to learning how to use them and also practice using them. When you stimulate the Third Eye chakra through meditation, the intuitive powers dormant within you will be awakened.

The psychic abilities related to the Third Eye include:

  1. Clairvoyance – This psychic ability is an inner seeing, wherein a psychic can see visions in their head, of events, people, and places before they happen. The Third Eye is used to see these visions.
  2. Claircognizance – Also called “clear knowing”, claircognizance is knowing something you couldn’t possibly have known under normal circumstances. The information you need just comes into your mind. You can gain information about a person, event, object, or place, through your Third Eye.
  3. Clairaudience –  Considered your “psychic ears”, clairaudience, or “clear-hearing” is when you hear voices, sounds, or music, which does not have a physical source. It is also the ability to hear those in the Spirit World who are speaking to you in your mind, or externally, like whispering into your ear.
  4. Clairsentience – Also known as “clear-feeling” or “clear-sensing”, clairsentience is your empathic ability. You can feel things about people or situations that you otherwise would know nothing about. If you are clairsentient, you will have strong “gut feelings” and be very sensitive to the emotions and energies of other people.
  5. Clairalience – Clairalience means “clear-smelling” and is a psychic ability that involves smelling things that are beyond the physical environment. Through clairalience, you can smell fragrances that are from a spiritual source. Examples of clairalience are smelling the scent of roses when angels are nearby, or the perfume of a departed loved one.
  6. Clairambience – Also called “clear-tasting”, clairambience is receiving psychic information through the sense of taste. With this psychic ability, you can actually taste food or other substances without them actually being in your mouth.
  7. Telepathy – This psychic ability deals with the mind-to-mind transmission and reception of thoughts and ideas. You can “read” another person’s mind, or send information to another person without speaking, no matter where the person is located.
  8. Astral projection – Astral projection is a voluntary out-of-body experience, during which your soul leaves your physical body to travel to the higher dimensions.


  1. The Third Eye can help you discover your life’s purpose

Why are you here? What is your purpose in life? Are you making the right decisions?

These are questions that reflect your need to know your life’s purpose.

Before being reborn in this life, your soul already picked the lessons to be learned and goals to be achieved in this lifetime. This information is stored deep in your subconscious, so you are born not knowing your life’s purpose.

You can discover your life’s purpose by using your Third Eye, but in order to access your inner mind, you have to meditate for increased focus and awareness.

Once your Third Eye has been awakened, the things you need to know about your life’s purpose will come naturally. 


tanahoy.com third_eye_3

Your modern habits such as the use of mobiles and gadgets can block your Third Eye.


  1. Your modern habits block your Third Eye

It’s been documented that the seat of your Third Eye, the pineal gland, calcifies if you don’t use your psychic abilities. Calcification occurs when calcium crystals build up in the pineal gland.

Diets rich in calcium, fluoride, sugar, artificial sweeteners, hormones, and additives,  also lead to calcification of your Third Eye.

Radiation from mobile use and other gadgets, as well as electric and magnetic fields, have negative effects on the functions of the pineal gland as well.

third eye facts

The Mystery of The Third Eye Unlocked


To most people, unlocking the Third Eye may seem like possessing, but in truth, opening your Third Eye allows you to become more fully and completely who you were born to be.

What you perceive as the separation between your body and your spirit, disappears when your Third Eye connection is strengthened. You will be able to “meet” your true self and access knowledge deep within your subconscious.

If you want to know more about opening your Third Eye, or how to enhance your psychic abilities, I can help you. You can schedule a Third Eye Awakening session by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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  1. Qingqing Li says:

    Dear Tana,
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    I feel my third eye is opening I hear a l ok us noise and see smoke in rooms or fog like and feel a presence near by at times

  3. Ian Bentley says:

    Thankyou for sharing .
    My third eye opened 6 years ago .
    You can’t put into words , the visions .
    I am whole . It’s our natural state .
    Gift from the most high .

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    Hello Tana
    Absolutely enlightening and inspirational.. Wonderful article that was both telling me what I needed to know as well as what I have to look forward to.
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    Hello Tana
    The above article was wonderful and enlightening…I am actually looking for a bit of advice regarding the opening of the third eye and would like to know more about it and whether i should open it and the side effects that will follow and how to be prepared for it

  6. Marty says:

    My third eye has opened. I don’t know exactly when it occurred. I only know that it did. I am fearless and that means confident. I see things that others can’t. It is a true blessing of the entire truth being bestowed onto us. We have to be ready to accept the truth and ony deal with the truth about ourselves. My weaknesses became my strenghts. It wasn’t always like that either.

  7. Berkman Dufrene says:

    I have these little calcium nodules forming on my forehead where the 3rd eye would be. Any suggestions?

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      Hi Berkman,

      You would need to talk to a medical doctor about that since I am not allowed to diagnose anything medical.But thank you for the question.

  8. Robin says:


    I’m listening to a sound which resembles to a whistle, going with same flow and I can hear that 24/7. There’s not even a single minute that I missed listening to this sound. I have realized, I’m listening to the sound since many years ago, but I never paid attention to it. Since last few months this sound has increased a bit and it got my attention then.

    Is this something related to my ears or spirituality? How would I get to know about it?

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