Are You Slowly Driving Away Your Guardian Angels? – by Tana Hoy

Guardian angels are beautiful beings from God.

I consult them whenever I have a big decision to make because they are good advisers since they are beings of high intellect. guardian angels

Since I was born with the ability to see and talk to angels, during a psychic reading. I ask them for advice, intended for the person I am reading for. Since they know their problems and hang-ups, they give me the answers and solutions for that person, and then I relay it as I hear it.

Angels are present in all spiritual traditions.

Almost all religions believe in angels.

In Judaism, they believe in a hierarchy of angels—seraphs, cherubs, archangels, choirs, and ordinary angels. The same with Islam and Christianity.

Even Buddhists have a concept of angels. They call them devas, or celestial beings.

The religion of Zoroastrianism also believes in angels. They call the archangels, one of the highest forms of angelic beings, Amesha Spentas. And for guardian angels, they call them Arda Fravash.

Although they are called in different names, all of these spiritual traditions describe them as “beings of pure Light.”

What do guardian angels do?

The primary duties of guardian angels are to protect people under their care from harm.

There’s a website containing some of the testimonies of people helped to escape a life-and-death situation by guardian angels.

One that really caught my attention was the story of a child’s mom and grandma who had been rescued by two men hiking. They slipped off a snowy cliff and were rescued from their death.

“As Grandma and Mom slid toward the edge of the cliff, two men, who could barely speak English, in full climbing gear (that you don’t need for a hike out there) appeared out of nowhere and grabbed my mom just as she was losing grandma over the edge, and lifted grandma like she was a feather,” says a part of that wonderful testimony.

I’m sure that those men were angels-in-disguise!

Most of the time, when people pray, the angels are also praying on their behalf. They serve as sort of a “backup”, because they know what people need.

Furthermore, they also serve as spiritual guides.

Actually, this is the most important job of guardian angels and other celestial beings: to guide people towards enlightenment.

When we engage in doing more negative things, we drive angels away

Guardian angels are beings of pure positive energy. They were created by God to help humankind to evolve and become united with the Divine.

While they are very powerful beings, they cannot endure too much negativity. When I say negativity, I am speaking of things that are not only harmful to your body, mind and soul, but also to other human beings.

Other things that will drive your guardian angels away:

Indulging in too much bodily pleasure and neglecting spiritual things will drive your guardian angels away.

The Universe created our bodies to become the vessel of the soul.

However, there are times that people abuse their bodies just to enjoy worldly pleasures.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying some drinks, eating what you want to eat, and party during the weekends to unwind. However, if it becomes a vice, then is is destructive to your body, mind, and spirit.

Abusing these things will destroy your body, cloud your mind, making you unable to make the right decisions in life, and will bring you more emptiness and sadness at the end.

People who repeatedly do things which are bad for their mental, body, and spiritual health, often realize that their connection with their guides and guardian angels weakens to the point that it is almost gone.

The misuse of our power of speech can also hurt our guardian angel’s feelings and drive them away.

Speech is one of the best gifts of the Universe to mankind.

However, there are times that unconsciously, some people often misuse, if not abuse, their power to speak.

There are instances where people pass rumors as if they were the truth, not minding the consequences of rumor-mongering.

Most of the time, when people are angry, they use hateful words and violent speech, without realizing that their words are like an arrow when it hits something. It cannot be pulled out without leaving a hole.

I am not saying that people shouldn’t get angry. But what I am saying is, you must be careful of what you say when you are angry, because words are energy vibrations, too.

People who make it a habit to use words of hate against their fellow human being, spread rumors, and are constantly dishonest, are slowly driving their guardian angels away.

That is why it is very important to be watchful of anything we do, and everything we say. Because aside from karma, they have an effect on our relationships with our guardian angels.

How you can communicate with your guardian angels

Through a psychic reading, you can get messages from your guardian angels, and from your Spirit Guides as well.

During the psychic reading, you may ask your guardian angels for advice about your problems, or simply ask for their assurance that everything is okay. So click here to schedule your psychic reading now!

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