7 Ways to Talk to Angels

Here’s the ultimate guide on how to talk to angels. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know how to talk to angels and hear them talk back to you?

This is something that can easily be learned once you understand how angelic communication works!

It is common for people to feel at times that their angels saved them from some tragedy or intervened and protected them. But most people don’t know how to open the door to communication with the angelic world.

So I am going to teach you how to talk to angels so that you can start tuning in to their words of wisdom and receive their guidance on a daily basis!

It is common for people to feel at times that their angels saved them from some tragedy or intervened and protected them. But most people don’t know how to open the door to communication with the angelic world. 

So I am going to teach you how to talk to your angels so that you can begin receiving their words of wisdom, and receive their guidance on a daily basis!

Here’s a video I made a few years ago, teaching you how to talk to Guardian Angels. This is a basic video to help you get started, and in my email that will be sent out in a few weeks, I am going to talk about Angel Mantras and understanding your 5 most important Guardian Angels. I call them Master Angel Guides.

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7 Techniques How to Talk to Angels

Technique 1: Practice for Stronger Communication

Practice this daily, and you will find yourself communicating with your angels before you know it!

  1. Sit in a quiet place with your feet flat on the ground and your hands’ palms up in your lap.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths.
  3. Silently call out to your angels saying “I would like to open the doors of communication with all of my angels!”
  4. Think of a question or situation you need help with.
  5. Silently talk to your angels, telling them your problem or situation, and let them know you would like their help or guidance on it.
  6. Sit in silence for 5 minutes and pay close attention to any feeling you get by paying close attention to your inner voice. Listen with your entire body, not just your ears!
  7. After 5 minutes or so, silently thank them for their help.
  8. Write down any feelings you received along with any messages you picked up or heard.
  9. Go about your day, paying attention to the signs and symbols that may be answered from your angels.

Practice this daily! The more you practice it, the stronger your communication will become! Learning how to talk to angels can be accomplished with practice and patience. If you practice the above method on a daily basis, you will learn how to talk to angels, and you will be able to hear them when they talk back to you!

If you would like to learn the names of your angels, during a psychic reading, I give all my clients the names of their angels and also their spirit guides’ names too! Did this work for you? There are 6 more techniques below on how to talk to angels.

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talking to angels


Technique 2: Listening and Writing Down Messages

1. Call Out Their Names

One of the best ways to talk to your angels is by first acknowledging their names. Call out their names, just like you would when starting a conversation with any person.

When you call out their name, you can then talk about whatever you would like to. You don’t need to have a scripted message. Simply call out your Guardian Angels’ name, and then you can express whatever you want to say.

2. Close Your Eyes And Listen

The conversation is a two-way process. You talk and you listen. The same principle applies when talking to your Guardian Angels because they are also your friends!

When you are done expressing your thoughts, feelings, or requests to them, it’s then time for you to listen. When listening to what the angels have to say, close your eyes and listen to their voices.

3. Guardian Angels Use Your Inner Voice To Speak

When you are listening to the voice of your angels, you won’t hear a different voice. What you will often hear is your own inner voice talking to you.

When talking to your guardian angels, be sure to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts so that you can easily pick up the words they are saying to you.

4. Write Down Their Messages

Writing down the conversation you have with your Guardian Angels is the best way to remember what they said to you. Use a piece of paper, laptop, or even your phone to write down your messages.

Learning how to engage in a conversation with a higher being from another realm, is no ordinary feat. So, treasure your conversations and discussions with them.

Did this help you talk to your angels? Please let me know in the comments. Here’s another tip on how to talk to angels below.


how to talk to angels

Technique 3: Hearing the Voices of Your Angels Crystal Clear

Angelismo EctoPlasmo Elavasto Conectantra

I am going to share a powerful Angel Connection Technique called Ange EctoPlasmo Elavasto Conectantra. After saying the names of your 5 most important angels, using an Angel Mantra will give you results that are nothing short of a miracle. 

If you don’t have your Angel Mantra, or know the names of your 5 most important angels, you should expect very weak results, if any at all.

So, if you don’t know the names of your 5 most important angels and don’t have an Angel Mantra, you will need to skip steps 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 and just do steps 1,4, and 5. After step 5, you can immediately open your eyes and go about your day. You might possibly see some signs, but you will not be able to understand their messages. But seeing signs will at least confirm you know you have angels near you.

So here is the powerful Angel Mantra technique. Again, this technique is called Ange EctoPlasmo Elavasto Conectantra. (The name translates to loosely mean “the most powerful angelic connection known to man, which will elevate one’s life in the highest vibrational alignment for spectacular miracles to occur, one hundred times fold” )

Remember, if you don’t know your Angel Mantra or the names of your 5 most important angels, you will need to skip steps 2, 3,  6, 7, and 8 and only do steps 1,4, and 5. After step 5,  just immediately open your eyes and go about your day.

  1. Close your eyes, and silently say “I sincerely desire to connect with my guardian angels” (If you know their names, say their names here).
  2. Repeat your angel mantra 6 times.
  3. After you repeat your mantra, you may feel the energy of their presence. (This is because your mantra summons their energy. So many people will feel their presence after saying their mantra because your mantra was formulated to connect your energy directly into their dimension.
  4. Next, with your eyes still closed, tell them the problem you are facing and ask them for whatever help and guidance you need.
  5. You can ask them to solve it for you, but if the problem you are facing is to help you grow, they will guide you on what to do but they will not remove it.
  6. Listen to your inner voice, because this is what angels use to talk to you. And due to the power of your Angel Mantra, you should be able to hear their voice “crystal clear” when they are talking to you! This is because your Angel Mantra has made this kind of connection possible for you!
  7. Once you are finished, repeat your angel mantra 2 more times, as a sign of thanks and respect.
  8. Now open your eyes and sit for about 5 to 10 minutes to absorb, feel, and understand any information they shared with you.
  9. Now that you know what to do, you can apply their wisdom and guidance




Technique 4: Getting Answers

You can receive the answers you need in 3 ways:

  1. Meditate and ask your angels to speak the answers to you (this will work if you have your angel Mantra because it allows you to clearly hear them when they speak to you).
  2. Astrally travel to the higher realms and have a meeting with your guides and angels, so they can tell you the information you need to know.
  3. Have your Akashic Records read to learn to know exactly what they have to say about your questions.

(If you want your records read, click here to set up an Akashic Records session)

Regardless of which method you choose to use, make sure to take action! Time does not stop—it only moves faster the older we get! By taking the above steps now, you can start living your dreams more fully!

We are not alone in this universe. We live in a vast, mysterious, and mesmerizing universe where highly evolved beings watch over us! Yet, they are unknown to many people. I am talking about Guardian Angels.

angel communication

Technique 5: Communicating With Your Guardian Angels

Guardian angels were created to help and guide you, so learning how to communicate with them is highly important because they will help guide you down the right path set out for you. 

The truth is, anyone can talk to their guardian angels.

You can call on them anytime and anywhere you want, asking for them to guide and assist you with anything. No task is too big or too small for your winged companions because they are always happy to help you.

There are many ways through which you can communicate with your guardian angels.

The first way is to develop a close relationship with them by including them in your everyday activities.

You can take a 15-minute walk while talking to your angels or even when you are doing the dishes.

Meditating is also a powerful means of communication because it makes your mind renewed and focused.

You can meditate effectively by deeply breathing in and out for a few seconds and focusing on nothing but your breathing. Then, you can think about the things you need help with.

The last way for you to contact your guardian angels is by keeping a journal, which includes all of your feelings, specific situations you are having difficulties with, and everything that you are thankful for.

Writing in a journal helps your guardian angels see your concerns more clearly and be able to help you more effectively. Plus, keeping a journal allows you to write down all the wisdom you received and record all of your beautiful experiences with them.

Talking to your guardian angels is not that difficult, because the keys for you to communicate with your winged companions are just consistency and patience. Doing the things mentioned above on a regular basis, you will be able to communicate with your guardian angels in no time and have a more spiritually fulfilling life.

Technique 6: Angels Talk To You Through Numbers

I’ve touched on angel numbers before in my blog. Afterward, I’ve had people ask me why angels just can’t speak out loud in plain human talk and tell us what we’re supposed to do? Rather than using numbers as a way of telling what we need to understand.

It used to be that angels did talk with humans directly. In fact, angels appeared to humans and conversed with them on a personal basis. Various literature from different faiths attests to such situations have happened.

angel numbers

Angel Numbers


The sightings of angels and humans interacting together have been recorded during different times in the history of humanity. And such events were not confined only to selected areas of the world – but they happened in places remote from one another.

People during those times who communicated directly with these heavenly messengers recorded the information and passed it down through the ages. That’s why today we are aware of these events in the past.

So, why aren’t angels directly talking with us anymore?



Understanding Energy Vibrations

What is your concept of angels? Do you think of them as looking like a cute toddler wearing a diaper, with a bow and arrow to target the lovelorn?

Or do you believe that they are towering and winged beings, clad in brilliantly white robes, made of pure energy, which cannot be described in human terms?

If the latter is your answer, you are correct!

Actually, everything in creation is made up of energy, and all of us are born from this eternal energy!

However, not all of this energy vibrates at the same level. Some energies are more spiritual and vibrate at higher levels. Some energies are more tied to the material world and vibrate at lower levels.

It is also possible for energy to vibrate at a very low level when a person is consumed by negativity. For example, people who intentionally harm other people, are among those with the lowest vibrations.

Angels vibrate at a very high level. That is why we are no longer able to see them the same as people from the past used to see them. For the most part, the vibrational levels of people these days are much lower than in the past

What Causes Low Energy Vibration

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Different factors cause our energy vibration to go down. These factors include:

    • Too much focus or high dependence on technology.
    • A lack of willingness to explore the outdoors and commune with nature.
    • Too much interest vested in distractions that promote illusions, such as TV shows, movies, and reading materials that do nothing to promote spiritual growth.
    • A lack of consideration for the needs of others.
    • Too much focus on acquiring material wealth and property.
    • A lack of compassion for animals and even a lack of interest in the welfare of plants.
    • Excessive amounts of self-centeredness, such as being vain about your looks, your intelligence, your possessions, or your achievements

    By glancing at the list above, you’ll immediately see why our vibrational energies have gone down. Mostlyy due to too much or too little of certain things: too much focus on the self and non-essentials and too little focus on others and what is truly essential.

    This is why most people are no longer able to communicate directly with angels. The energy levels of most people vibrate at low levels, making angels (who vibrate at very high levels) impossible to see, much less converse with.

angel wings

Technique 7: How to Know if Your Angels Are Trying to Tell You Something!

Did you know that your Guardian Angels will gently nudge you when they have something to tell you?

What I mean is that you may get a feeling that you need to have a psychic reading, and you will feel an inner pulling to have one. This is because the only way they have for you to hear what they have to say, is by talking to you through someone who can hear their voices.

The problem is, most people do not listen to that inner pulling, so they miss out on hearing the warnings, guidance, or help that their Guardian Angels are trying to tell them.

Here are some of the many reasons your Guardian Angels will nudge you:

  • They nudge you because they have something they want to warn you about.
  • They nudge you when they want to give you useful information.
  • They nudge you when someone you love is lying or cheating on you, and you need to know the truth!
  • They nudge you when an opportunity is coming along and they

don’ t want you to miss out on it!

  • They nudge you when you have an unseen health problem that could turn into a serious situation if you don’t find out about it quickly!

Hear what your guides and angels are trying to tell you by clicking here!

I received an interesting email about this from someone the other day, and here is what she wrote:

Are you being nudged by your Guardian Angels? Click here to find out!

This was a case where her angels nudged her, and she listened! I have receive literally hundreds of emails like this one, and I wanted to share it!

When your angels want to tell you something, make sure to listen. Because unless you are able to hear their voices yourself, speaking through an experienced psychic medium is the only way they have for you to be able to hear what they are saying.

The Importance of Talking to Angels Regularly


tanahoy.com guardian angels-3

Guardian Angels are just like invisible friends. Though you can’t see them, they are always there. All you need to do is talk to them regularly to establish a connection with them.

Your Guardian Angel is your best friend, guardian, and protector. To maintain a healthy relationship with them, one way of doing this is simply by talking to them regularly.

Just like any relationship, the more you invest into it, the more you will reap from it. By having regular conversations with your Guardian Angels, you are not only developing a stronger relationship, but you are also strengthening your protection from the evils of this world. Because the more your Guardian Angels know you, the better they can protect you.

Are You Listening To Your Angel’s Messages?

Someone asked me recently how I was able to talk to Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Loved One on the other side. The same person also asked me how my being able to talk to these beings of light would benefit them? And how am I able to give such helpful insights during a reading?

I have been able to see them, and talk to them, all of my life! Talking to the other side is as natural to me as talking to a friend who is sitting in front of me! It sounds almost incredible to some people, but it is an ability I was born with, so I’ve never known anything different!

Your Guides And Angels Know Everything About you and your Life!

Your Guides know everything about you. They have more than likely been with you in several of your past lifetimes too! So they were with you before you were reborn. They know the agreements you made before being born into this lifetime! They also know what you will be able to accomplish and do in this life.

I often find my clients are able to accomplish much more than they realize. They just sell themselves short because they don’t know what they are capable of doing in this life!

What Happened Before You Were Reborn

Before you were born, you met with your Master Guides and Teachers, and you chose the experiences you wanted to have this time around. You chose these experiences to be able to grow and expand your soul! Your current guides and angels were there at that special meeting with you!

They know what was decided, so therefore they can tell you anything and everything about what will happen in this life! They know how you can get the things you want – even though you might think you can never have them. This includes a certain relationship, job, more money, better health, or whatever you seem to fall short in accomplishing in your life! They know ALL the answers for you! 

I’m Only The Messenger

I am the vessel, or voice on earth, for these higher beings! So when I do a reading, I am tuning in and talking to your Guides and Angels, and they tell me the answers and information that you need and want to know! It’s really that simple! The information that comes through me during a reading is from the highest source there is – your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones!

They want you to be happy, and they want you to have the happiest life possible! This is why they want to help you find all the answers you are looking for in your life! Because they love you, and they care about you! They are the best invisible friends you will ever have in this life!

They are a gift to you, yet sadly, most people will never have the chance to connect and talk with them, because they are too closed-minded to consult with someone like me who can make that connection happen! You are very lucky and blessed to be open to these things in this lifetime!!

Understanding Angels

Angels were created to guide and help those of us on earth! The block in angel communication is not that angels are not talking to us, but people do not know how to talk to them! So learning to talk to them is important.

Your guardian angels have been with you since the day you were born, and they have been with you every day since. They do talk to you, and they also guide you on a daily basis!

You just may not be able to hear them! When you want to know how to talk to angels, you need to understand that they are always with you. Always around you!

They want to talk to you! They are your protectors, guides, helpers, and best friends, all rolled into one!


There Are Different Types Of Angels

There are several different types of angels. I’m not going to go into all the different types here in this article because it would take a book to cover all of this.

(I cover all the different types of angels in my angel course. You can click here for that course).

Most people are familiar with Archangels and Guardian Angels. So I will focus on these two types of angels here. Ironically, most people think that Guardian Angels are the highest angels in the angel hierarchy. But the truth is, Guardian Angels and Archangels, are the lowest on the hierarchy in the angel realms. There are several other types of angels that are higher in the angel hierarchy.

But, Guardian Angels and Archangels are very powerful beings, and they can help you in all areas of your life. The other types of angels are most commonly called on for specific help in specific areas, or in areas that involve world events. Again, if you want to learn more about all the different kinds of angels now calling them, you can click here where you can order my course that will teach you everything you need to know about angels.

angels can help you

What Angels Can Help You With

You can call on your angels for anything that you need help with. If you need guidance on something in your life, or if you need to know what to do in a particular situation, you can call on your angels and they will help. If you’re not sure what to do in a relationship or trying to find your life purpose, your angels can also help you with this. Your Angels can help you and guide you with anything that you need help or guidance on.

Important Things To Know About Your Angels

There are a few things that are important to understand when you want to know how to talk to angels.

First, it is important to understand that they can talk to you with their voices, or they can talk to you through your gut feelings. They can also show you signs, and symbols, or even talk to you in your dreams. Angels just don’t use one way to communicate with you.

So the technique I’m going to teach you is going to open you to the different ways that angels can talk to you.

The important thing to remember is just to be open and aware of the many different ways they can speak. It is also important to understand that when they talk to you, they will talk to you using your inner voice.

A lot of people get confused by this, and when their angels are talking to them, they think that they are only talking to themselves.

But the truth is, your angels will talk to you using your own inner voice.

This is important to understand and remember.

What Are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are beings of light that originated from the heavenly realms and they serve as personal guardians and protectors of human beings. Guardian Angels help humanity thrive by protecting individual people in hopes of guiding them in their lives, protecting them from danger, and giving them spiritual guidance.

Guardian Angels have wings that look like the wings of a dove. However, when they come to Earth, they usually disguise themselves as normal human being to blend in with the human population.

Everyone Is Born With At Least 3 Guardian Angels Around Them


tanahoy.com guardian angels

Everyone has Guardian Angels who have been with them since the day they were born.


When you were born, you were then given at least three Guardian Angels to watch over you and keep you safe throughout your life. However, most people ignore their Guardian Angels because they do not know that they have these spiritual beings around them.

The reason for this is that they lack the knowledge that this world we live in is not entirely made up of physical matter. And that the universe is made of physical and spiritual forces like Guardian Angels.

Each and every one of us has our own Guardian Angels. But it is also important to remember that even though we have Guardian Angels, these spiritual beings do not impose their will on us. We still need to ask for their help because we have full control over our lives.

The Many Ways Your Guardian Angels Can Help You In Life


The Supreme Being created Guardian Angels and their main purpose is to protect us from danger and the evils in this world. There are times when we might stumble on accidents, then suddenly find ourselves saved by someone whom we do not know.

If you have experienced this, then most probably you’ve been saved by an angel.

tanahoy.com guardian angels -2

Our Guardian Angels help us in many ways, such as protecting us from danger, as well as guiding us when faced with difficult situations.

Life is indeed a puzzle piece, where we need to figure out ways to deal with the many problems that life will throw our way.

You may be facing a dilemma about what you should major in at college, or if proposing marriage to your partner is the right thing to do. You may find your work very stressful, feeling like there is no way out.

Worry not, because your Guardian Angels are for a purpose. They can guide you on anything, whether it’s school problems, relationship issues, or anything you can think of.

If you are about to decide on something that will affect your life in one way or another, your Guardian Angel will step up and warn you, either through signs in your surroundings or by talking to you directly.

Guardian Angels can open your mind to the reality of things, as they will enlighten you in a spiritual and emotional sense. Your decision-making skills will also be heightened to a level beyond the reaches of human consciousness and logic as you allow yourself to tap into the capabilities and consciousness of these higher beings.

The Importance Of Knowing Their Names


Guardian Angels are just like us. We can talk to them in a normal manner, the same as you would engage in a conversation with someone in front of you. This is the reason why you should know their’ names, because knowing their names creates a stronger connection with them.

However, if you don’t know your guardian angels’ names, you can consult with me for an Angel Reading, and I can tell you their names, along with any messages they have for you.

talking to your angel guide

Showing Gratitude To Your Guardian Angels

When you are finished talking to your Guardian Angels, you should thank them afterward. Your guardian angels are just like you, except they stepped down from their heavenly origins just to talk with you.

It is because of our coexistence with these higher beings that you should show gratitude to them because they will protect you and serve you for the rest of your human life.

Thanking them every time you talk to them will not only make your guardian angels happier, it will also strengthen your relationship with your Guardian Angels.

Let me know your thoughts about Guardian Angels by leaving your comments below.

A Guardian Angel Communication and Acquaintance session will let you know all of the names of your Guardian Angels, and also give you any important messages they have for you.

To schedule a Guardian Angel Communication And Acquaintance session, please click here and fill out the form on my website and someone will get back to you.

You can also schedule it by calling my office directly at 614-444-6334.


Can Anyone Talk to Their Guardian Angels?

There are times when you might have felt down, confused, or terrified. Life here on Earth can be tiring at times but take heart! Guardian angels can guide you to the right path and help you go through life smoothly.

Your guardian angels have been with you since the moment you were born, protecting you from all sorts of danger, every single day of your life! And they will stay with you until the end, whether you know it or not.

how to speak to your angel

Guardian Angels Aand You 

Guardian angels are heavenly beings that watch and protect you all throughout your life. They are aware of your hopes and dreams and are tasked to assist you in reaching your goals in your current lifetime, by providing you guidance and wisdom.

You have ten or more guardian angels in this lifetime, but it is up to you to invite them into your life and communicate with them, so they can help you.

Now, you might wonder what kind of divine tasks these spiritual guides are assigned.

You will be amazed to know the things guardian angels are tasked to do, so please keep on reading!

Guardian Angels and Their Responsibilities

Guardian angels have many divine tasks, which include protecting you, guiding you, praying for you, and recording your thoughts and actions.

As their name implies, the first task of your winged companions is to guard you from physical and spiritual danger.

Guardian angels protect you from physical danger, so you can realize and fulfill your purpose in life, and they always work to protect you from spiritual danger by preventing evil things from happening in your life. Sometimes engaging in spiritual warfare with fallen angels who may harm you.

The next task guardian angels have is guiding you. Guardian angels are concerned about the choices you make, as your life choices affect the direction of your life.

Even though guardian angels totally respect your free will, they can still give you guidance when you seek wisdom for the choices you make in life. And they are always by your side to help you do what is right.

Praying for you is another divine task your guardian angels must fulfill. They intercede on your behalf, whether you are aware of it or not.

From birth until death, your guardian angels surround you with intercession and watchful concern, listen to your prayers, and join with you whenever you are praying.

The last task guardian angels are assigned is recording everything that you say, think, and do, in this lifetime. This includes information in your Akashic Records, which include all of your good and not-so-good deeds.


The Importance of Knowing Your Guardian Angels

Before trying to talk to guardian angels, it is essential for you to first identify which of them you want to communicate with and know what special powers they have.

You can take time to know more about the angels you want to contact by reading books or articles about those specific guardian angels. You can even consult a psychic for more guidance in this.

You can also watch out for signs that may help you identify which guardian angel can help you most, based on your current situation. For example, if the name Ariel keeps on coming up in your dreams, then the angel Ariel may be the one who can help you solve your problems best.

You can also call out for guardian angels based on that angel’s specialties. For example, Angel Zaphiel is associated with watching over children, so you may want to ask him for help if your children are going on a trip or having trouble at school.

After knowing more about the guardian angels that you want to talk to, you can now consider the different ways to communicate with them.


You can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to schedule yours now!

NEVER Ignore Angel Numbers: They’re The Way Your Angels Talk To You!

While you may not realize it, angels are communicating with you each day using angel numbers. They send special messages to you through your intuition, especially during times of indecision, sickness, and crisis. The most prominent of these messages is by using numbers, which are basically number sequences that you can come across in the most unexpected of places. Once you understand how angels communicate, you can talk to your angels.

Although most people often dismiss angel numbers as mere coincidences, understanding them allows you to tap into angelic wisdom and guidance that can help you improve your life, and even protect you from harm.

angel numbers

Common Angel Numbers


Angels and the Language That They Use

You’ve had angels surrounding you since the moment you were born. They will stay with you until you pass on this lifetime and are reborn into a new one. Besides protecting you from harm, these cosmic, celestial helpers can also provide you with guidance and answers when you need them in your life.

Angels even have the ability to give you premonitions, or glimpses into future events, which are significant to you.

However, as celestial beings, angels cannot communicate with you using words. Instead, they send their messages to you using thoughts, feelings, and signs. Have you ever had a sudden flash of inspiration after being stumped by a difficult problem for a while? Have you ever experienced having a gut feeling about which direction to take when you were lost?

I know this sounds surprising, but it’s your angels communicating with you in some way during these situations to help you.

Your angels could also be trying to tell you something when you see the same number sequences again and again just anywhere you look. These messages are very important and they can even be a matter of life or death.

Angel Numbers and Why You Should be More Aware of Them

Have you ever had the experience of repeatedly seeing the same sequence of numbers on a single day? It could be the track number on your MP3 player, the time displayed on your clock, the license plates of the car in front of you on the highway, or the price of the potato chips in the TV ad that you always seem to catch whenever you switch on your television set.

Unlike what most people think, seeing this same sequence of numbers over and over isn’t just a coincidence, or your imagination playing tricks on you. These are actually messages from your angels called angel numbers, and they are filled with the wisdom, protection, and guidance of your cosmic, celestial helpers. This is a way our angels speak to us.

Angel numbers can have one to several digits, and can also have lots of meanings. While there are some that you can decipher yourself, like remembering a birthday of a loved one or an anniversary, there are also angel numbers that can only be properly interpreted with the help of a gifted psychic.

However, while a lot of people often dismiss angel numbers as mere flights of fancy, they could also mean something more ominous. The 4:44 you always seem to see just every time you check your watch, or the wall graffiti down the street with the “7777” on it that always catches your eye, could be a warning from your angels that there is an impending illness, accident, or even death coming your way.

And just imagine how potentially disastrous things will be for you sooner or later if you keep on ignoring these angel numbers.

The Importance Of Being More Attuned with Your Angels

When you become more attuned with your angels, you also become more open to their messages through the angel numbers they send you. Although there are simple techniques that you can perform yourself to become closer to your cosmic, celestial helpers, you’ll need the help of a gifted psychic to really decipher the angel numbers that they give you.

Apart from sending guidance, protection, and wisdom through angel numbers, your angels can also help you attract more success into your life by allowing you to draw into their unlimited positive energy.

If you would like to understand more about the messages your angels have for you, during a psychic reading, I can channel their messages to you, and tell you what they see in your future. You can visit here to schedule a session with your Guardian Angels.


angel with wings

Here’s A Special Message From Your Angels

Did you know that angels speak to you every day? As a matter of fact, the reason that you’re reading this e-mail right now is that your angels are speaking to you…

One of the biggest questions that people often ask me, is how can I know when my angels are speaking to me? Well, I wanted to talk about that in this e-mail, because there seems to be a lot of confusion about this topic.

How to Know When Your Angels Are Speaking to You

Your angels are made of energy, and therefore, they communicate with you through energy vibrations. Energy vibrations are made of many things, and one of the most common forms of energy vibrations that Angels use to speak, are your gut feelings, hunches, intuition, and psychic feelings.

Whenever you get a gut feeling, hunch, or intuition about something, that is the voice of your angels speaking to you.

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I was born with the ability to hear angels talk, and during a psychic reading, Angels talk to me, and I just repeat back what I hear to the person I’m reading for. But, you don’t need to hear the voices of Angels the way I do to be able to communicate with them.

How to Be Aware and Start Tuning In

I want to encourage you to start paying more attention to the voices of your angels when they speak to you. A good way to do this, is to become consciously aware of your feelings, impressions, and intuitive feelings.

Whenever you meet somebody, and you have a feeling about that person, pay attention to it! This is your angel’s way of letting you know about this person. Or, another situation. When you meet somebody for a business deal, or when you’re getting ready to sign contracts, or anything that involves an emotional connection – pay attention to your feelings. The “feelings” that you’re having are your angels speaking directly to you.

Learning to Trust

One of the biggest problems people tell me they have is learning to trust the feelings, and impressions that they get when their angles speak to them. People often ask me,” How do I know if it’s my voice talking to me or not?”

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This comes through practice, practice, and more practice! The more that you practice learning to trust these feelings, the more your confidence will build, and then, as you start seeing the accuracy of the information these voices are telling you, you will learn to trust them more!

This is the only way to learn to trust is by practicing, tuning in, and becoming aware of their voice!

An Angel Technique to Use

The next time you want to know something about somebody or get information about what you should do next, simply call out your angels, silently in your mind, and ask them for the help or guidance that you would like to have.

Then, forget all about it, and go throughout your day. At some time throughout your day, a feeling of inspiration, or knowing what to do, will sleep over you, giving you the answers that you seek.

The Angelic Language

Angels are spiritual beings, and they get in touch with people primarily through energy vibrations. Humans can understand this “language”, but only on the spiritual level.

So, when you receive a spiritual message, your angel usually radiates energy vibrations instead of using sounds or words. Your mind subconsciously interprets these energy vibrations, and they take on a form that is more comprehensible or understandable on a physical level. For example, these vibrations may then be heard as an audible voice inside your head, or you “hear” them and then be able to do writing automatically.

Because angels use a higher level of communication, an angel can speak to a roomful of people from different countries, and each listener will be able to understand what the angel says

Technically, you don’t have to learn it, not in the same way that you learn Spanish, French, or another foreign language. What you do need to learn is to tap into your inner self, which is where and how angels communicate with you.

Remember angels are not physical beings who need to use physical sounds or writing. So, when your angels speak to you, they will normally reach out, not to your physical senses, but to your spirit.

Learning to Hear Your Angels Speak

Here are a couple of tips I can share with you to start tuning into their messages:

  • Developing your psychic senses is an excellent start in being able to learn the language guardian angels speak. By being more sensitive psychically, you will be able to better sense your angels’ energy, and “listen” to what they are telling you. Developing your psychic abilities will also keep you from getting too overwhelmed by the higher vibrational energy that angels radiate.

To start developing your psychic senses, you first need to get into the habit of meditation. You need to be able to relax your body, clear your mind, and get rid of the negative energies that you may be harboring, such as stress, impatience, anger, and the like.

  • You also need to develop a higher sense of awareness. Constantly being conscious of what you think about and feel, as well as being observant of your intentions, actions, and reactions, will allow you to be more sensitive to – and be familiar with – the energy vibrations within yourself, and in your surroundings.

It is in this sensitivity that you will sense the presence of angels. The calmness and awareness that you develop will also allow you to raise your own energy vibrations, so you can speak to your angels “in their own language.”

So, going back to the original question: what language do guardian angels speak? It is the language of the spirit that goes beyond human words!

Your Guides and Angels Know Everything About You and Your Life!

Your Guides know everything about you. They have more than likely been with you in several of your past lifetimes too! So they were with you before you were reborn. They know the agreements you made before being born into this lifetime! They also know what you will be able to accomplish and do in this life.

I often find my clients are able to accomplish much more than they realize. They just sell themselves short because they don’t know what they are capable of doing in this life!

angels talking to you

What Happened Before You Were Reborn

Before you were born, you met with your Master Guides and Teachers, and you chose the experiences you wanted to have this time around. You chose these experiences to be able to grow and expand your soul! Your current guides and angels were there at that special meeting with you!

They know what was decided, so therefore they can tell you anything and everything about what will happen in this life! They know how you can get the things you want – even though you might think you can never have them. This includes a certain relationship, job, more money, better health, or whatever you seem to fall short in accomplishing in your life! They know ALL the answers for you!

I’m Their Messenger on Earth 

I am the vessel, or voice on earth, for these higher beings! So when I do a reading, I am tuning in and talking to your Guides and Angels, and they tell me the answers and information that you need and want to know! It’s really that simple! The information that comes through me during a reading is from the highest source there is – your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Loved Ones!

They want you to be happy, and they want you to have the happiest life possible! This is why they want to help you find all the answers you are looking for in your life! Because they love you, and they care about you! They are the best invisible friends you will ever have in this life!

They are a gift to you, yet sadly, most people will never have the chance to connect and talk with them, because they are too closed-minded to consult with someone like me who can make that connection happen! You are very lucky and blessed to be open to these things in this lifetime!!

Did you talk to your angel?

I hope that was insightful and helpful for you!

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I hope this helps you learn how to talk to angels.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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56 Responses

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hi! I am glad to see that I’m not crazy! Ever since I was a toddler I have felt a presence around me. My mom tells me all the time that when I was a toddler I would play with my Guardian Angels. I only remember talking to them every night. There names were Sasha and Shasta. I lost touch with them now. I am 18 and I know they’re there but I wish I could still TALK to them like I used to. I would love to sit on the edge of my bed and have a joyous conversation like I did as a child every night. I know that I was a lucky little girl, but I’ve been through times where I couldn’t talk to anyone about my situation and would have loved to been able to have them. I am not a good church goer, but my faith in the Lord is strong. He has been the direction I have tried my best to walk in. I am at college now though and I know I will battle temptation on daily bases. I am going to try your practice with Sasha and Shasta and hope they come through and stick with me through college.
    -Thank you

  2. Sarita says:

    I still am confused about all this. I talk to my angels and they talk back to me but I always think the responses are a play of my subconscious mind. Is there a way to prove it to ourselves that we are talking to angels and not ourselves?

  3. sam says:

    hi i love angles they are wonderful but i want to speak to one that is my grandmother that in heaven

  4. Zo says:

    My angels are called Michael and Gabrielle, they play with me and even talk to me about everyday life. They laugh with me and talk to me life my classmates do; they make jokes and I feel and see signs of their presence even though I’ve never seen them. I feel their prescience around me always and they act like any other person.
    They advice me and help me like when I’m writing tests and things.
    They pray with me also.
    They soothe me when I’m crying.
    This is possible right, I know it is but I just want to know if angels can talk to me like this, as in like make jokes and stuff.

  5. Alex says:

    Once, about 10 years ago, I experienced Michael. I had no idea who he was at first, because I had so much trouble reading that I just didn’t read it. The day after the visitation, I asked my mom about it. Michael pronounced his name as “Mikahel”. When he spoke, my physical ears heard a trumpet or other instrument sound. But at the exact same time, my mind was translating the trumpet/instrument voice. Again, I had no idea about angels because I couldn’t read and we quit going to church because the pastor was just terrible.

    Anyway, Michael told me that he was here to take me somewhere. I said “let me get my things packed up” (this happened very late at night, btw). But Michael said “where you’re going, you don’t need to pack”.

    I laid back down on my bed and before I knew it, everything was black, except it seemed like Michael was taking me to heaven. when we got there, we were going up steps that looked like sky-clouds and beneath our feet it was beautiful looking glass. When we reached the top of the cloud-steps, Michael kneeled and put his sword down, point part downward. I could see in front of him a golden gate – that radiated with light, but not blinding light.

    Then Michael said I could not go in because my body and spirit (soul) were corrupt and my flesh could not enter at all.

    Then I woke up in my bed.

  6. Tyler Bromagen says:

    I’m praying this works. I need my angel to talk to me. If he/she is really there.

  7. Paul says:

    Hi there

    I was driving in the car and spoke to my angels ….please give me a sign I asked that you are there …just one …

    Within 5 mins a car pulled in front of me in traffic and on the back was a bumper sticker …..picture of a Angel and it said ….believe …….i promise this happened

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Sounds like your angles answered! Just goes tp prove they do answer us when we call on them 🙂 Thanks for sharing that story, Paul! – Tana –

  8. Shaun says:

    I have seen millions of angels
    On the 21 August 2017 after the eclipse I lay on my bed and above me I saw a cone of angels going on forever.
    All where clapping and looking at me.
    Then I saw a 4 D map of the universe where I could go anywhere.
    Then I closed my eyes and looked back at myself and a wormhole opened in my mind.
    I know we are real and reality at the same time but I keep my feet on the ground.

  9. Kris Toman says:

    Hi, I had the weirdest thought today, my dad named my brother after a great friend. His name was Marshall Hoy, I have been wanting to learn more about my angels who speak to me and so I started tonight with your website. How weird if you are related to this family of Hoy’s????

  10. barbara says:


    I do believe that we all have guardian angels who do look after us and want us to do well!

    Many -many times in my life I heard voices who were whispering my name…especially when I was out and about so I thought that someone called my name in the streets.. I always looked around as it felt so real. I never found anyone calling me but I know that my angels wanted to give me signs or warn me about something.

    I keep angel figures in my cars too and ask them to look after me and anyone in the car when I drive.

    I am not madly spiritual but I believe they have contacted me many times so far, but I do have to be better at listening to them and reading their signs.

    This Saturday my boyfriend and myself were strolling on the street when I just felt that I had to look to the other side of a busy road. There was a black lady in her 60’s, standing there, watching us and smiling at me. I turned away and looked back again. She was still there smiling 🙂
    I suddenly had a feeling that this was not a coincidence, that lady had such an angelic smile on her face. This feeling stayed for me since then and makes me feel good!

    Thank you. May our guardian angels look out for us and may we listen to them!

    B xx

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thanks for sharing this story.

    • My God I swear the exact SAME thing happened to me. I was in a thrift store and an angelic black lady came up behind me and said “That color shirt would be so beautiful on you” then I turned away and right back and she was on the other side of store entirely smiling at me. Then I swear I’m not making this up she was gone. My son and I looked everywhere, not a big store but poof she was gone.

  11. Michael says:

    I’ve seen the number 333 for years now, it’s been with me since going through the most difficult times in my life, I was scared at first but then looked into it and understood it to be a sign of Angels, and now welcome it.

    Recently I split up with a girl that I loved deeply and connected with. It’s been the hardest breakup I’ve had to deal with and has been a very hard time in my life with a lot of confusion, sadness etc…

    The other night in bed while asleep I felt a warm hand holding me , it was very comforting, when I woke I see a figure just fading away from me.

    Last night while sleeping I felt the warmth of a cuddle around my whole torso, I was being held while a woman’s voice whispered in my right ear “I know you’re in pain and finding it hard and I am too, but the next person you show love needs to be you” and then I suddenly woke up.

    I feel extremely blessed, and even if this is just in my own phyche it’s still comforting.

    What do you guys think?

  12. Miguel says:

    i made contact with mine not long ago, my angel’s name is Aurora. she is so lovely, she keeps me away from harm and sin, she always reminds me whats bad and good and reminds me to pray to Jesus and God.

  13. amabel says:

    I have always believed in angels, They are an extension of “God” love for us.. what a Blessing.
    a few months back I as sitting on my, I asked My Guardian Angels to show himself / herself to me if possible.. went to sleep not thinking about what I had just asked…
    I was facing the wall as I slept.. I always keep a nightlight on,. so facing the wall puts the lighting of the nightlight behind me ( trying to set up the scenario in my room so that you get a idea of how it went down) around 01:30 – 01:50 a.m. I felt a small body pressing against my back,.. startled I open my eyes staring at the wall with the nightlight shining behind me.. I saw a perfect shadow of a child or a small person formed on the wall.. I felt no internal fear.. when I slowly turn around and kind of sat upward I witnessed the shadow move / run go quickly out my bedroom door.. there in the middle of my bedroom was a very large gold / yellow shimmering sphere a color so beautiful… beyond my description.. I was at awe… I just stared at it… opened my mouth saying “are you My Guardian Angel? (then it turn or maybe I feel as though it turned) it followed the shadow… right back out threw my bedroom door
    sound as if I had some sort of dream… Nope! it brought forth such a feeling of peace I evened laughed out loud “wow” too cool.. with such a big smile on my face… I thought “WOW!!’
    I hope my Angel doesn’t mine, I gave My Guardian Angel a name “Sunshine” !!
    I thank “My Lord for Blessing with My Beautiful Angel”
    believer always!!

  14. Alexander says:

    I just feel as i should share a story i hold dear to me that made me believe I had an angel.
    It was about 2 years ago maybe 1 and a half. I was in a summer camp i really didnt want to be in for a week that was in the middle of nowhere in NJ. About 2 days into the camp experience I actually caught a stomach bug, the nurses were very unexperience and only gave me ginger ale and pepto(which did not do anything) and along with that my foot began to swell and became swollen the whole time. I was miserable at the camp, the directors seemed annoyed i was constantly going to the nurse and complained about my swollen foot as they seemed to treat it like i had a small cold and I stubbed my toe. I remember so clearly being depressed and down, and on the 4th day I was walking to my cabin and right in front of me, a white small feather fell in front of me in the sky and caught it with my hand,(at the second i didnt think of an angel) and i felt lighter, (the area i also found it in was pretty open btw) As soon as i let go of it, i relised it was an angel sign and I went looking for it, it wasnt windy so it couldnt have went far, but it vanished. That feather gave me streangth to continue on and power through.

  15. Kris Toman says:

    How do you get to where you trust a vision you have. I have to laugh sometimes when a vision or thought materialize. But I fear some of my visions. Should I ask the Angels to just send the good stuff??

  16. Isaiah says:

    I also hear ringing noises and the same thing happened to me and i couldn’t believe what happened. They spoke to me in the frequency and i understood when i wrote it down however i didn’t really understand when i was listening

  17. Afua says:

    I really want to see my guardian Angel.When peolpe talk about their angel it makes me feel left out.

  18. Georgia says:

    I used to be a singer and stopped over the past few years for some hard reasons.
    I’ve recently worked really hard on opening myself up to spirit and now when I’m drive I get someone coming tell me to sing and sometimes she’ll give me tips on what to sing or encouragement. I’m torn between accepting spirit and just taking it all in or am I just talking to myself?

  19. Ankamah K Hayford says:

    At first I used to talk to one angel but now a days I do see about six angels around me, they talk to me,play with me, asked me questions, encourage me,advice me and even when I’m on the field of playing football I see them too running with me . Can one person have many angels as these?

  20. Samuel Taylor says:

    I just wanted to say I think you are awesome.

  21. Bev says:

    Angels are amazing beings to connect with. Uriel is my Guardian so, “he” (I know genderless but Uriel doesn’t mind that I refer to him as male, that’s how he feels to me.)

    I also get a lot of help from Azrael, that’s because I help those that are grieving, or otherwise in tough, transitional times in the small, very rural community I live in. There aren’t any social services or food banks or anything like that here, No clinics close either. I always have food for anyone that needs it, a shoulder to cry on and, I’ll handle minor medical problems (I have some training there.)

    Several year ago, a neighbor committed suicide. Of course I was there for his widow and their three children, bringing food and, taking them to town when they needed a ride. At first I didn’t catch on to the fact that I was able to give them plenty of food for a month and, never had to buy groceries for my family either. A week into it, I caught my empty caning jars (I home can many foods from my garden as well as meat and fish and, this was what I was giving the grieving family) “magically” refilling themselves a quickly as I put the washed jars the family returned back on the shelf. I literally screamed “Azrael!” and laughed when the pantry decided to glow and flicker, not from the lights either. Azrael was laughing with me at being discovered refilling my food supply. To this day, that pantry never runs out of food. I can one jar and get three of the same thing in there.

    Yes Angels have a sense of humor and, me being a foodie, I believe Azrael is having fun with my pantry, knowing it makes me smile.

    I’m used to that sort of thing now. my first real experience with angles was when I was fourteen. My parents were caretakers for a Christian summer camp and retreat – Pine Springs Ranch in Southern California. That summer, there was a drought, the camp was going to have to close. I and several others held an all night prayer vigil for water, the tanks that supplied the cam were empty, the well we had been trucking water form a few miles away had gone dry that day. When the sun rose, every water tank was full and overflowing, streams ran down the previously dry stream beds all over the camp, even the flag pole area, were campers gathered every morning was flooded, the swimming pool overflowing and, the canoeing lake well over it’s banks. We prayed for water and boy did we get water.

    That fall, at the same camp, I watched as angels held back a forest fire that, had nature taken it’s course, would have destroyed the camp. One of the few times I’ve seen angels actually manifest in physical form, a wall of light, for lack of any other description, a fireproof wall of light.

    Angels want us to worship God but, they love to be talked to, even if you think they aren’t listening, they are, talk to your Guardian and, any others you want as you would to your best friend. They might surprise you with how they will show you they are listening. Once they know you recognize the little things they do to make themselves known, well, have fun, you might find someone that likes to play as Azrael does with my pantry or, as a host of them did with the water for that summer camp.

    Never doubt that angles are near and waiting for us to ask for their help, or just their companionship, their ear to hear what we have to say, even if it’s unimportant rambling and we just need someone to listen. Just like God and Jesus, angels like us to talk to them too.

  22. Izzy says:

    About 4 years ago in the month of February I had an angelic experience. A strange lady came to my house and told me she needed to cast away a evil spirit from my home. I prayed against this evil force and I asked her to stay A little longer with me.

    Suddenly another lady came into my house uninvited and I started praying and asking her to identify herself. She replied, “ please stop before I leave because I was going to heal someone and God told me to come to this house and heal someone first”. She prayed through my window suddenly she disappeared and an Angel appeared to me through my other window. He blessed me with a white cloth over me. He Kept saying my name and that I should remember that he loves me. While saying he loves me he ascended up back to the heavens.

  23. Toni says:

    I just tried this, with my eyes closed, my eyes were uncontrollably fluttering and I saw silhouettes of faces. Is that something that might happen?

  24. charlene says:

    I do be live in angels, just as I be live in god. But how do I know who my angels are by name. How do I go about finding that out and if I do this will they come to me and talk to me.

  25. Ava says:

    Hello! About a month ago, I had this dream about my guardian angel. So I was by this shopping mall outdoors and there was this bench where 3 siblings were sitting. And of course, there Guardian angel was next to them; she was smiling. I was in shock. I could not believe I just saw there guardian angel! I looked up and hovering a few feet next to me was my guardian angel. She nodded as if agreeing with me. She had blonde hair ( like me ) and was wearing all white. Was this a sign from my guardian angel? If you answer, It would make me so happy! Thank you! 😀

  26. Kenneth says:

    I had a dream. In it, everything is dark but you can still see people’s faces. It’s like we were falling in line like waiting for our turns but no one was budging. Everyone was looking down. The atmosphere was dreadful like the dark place in insidious film. Suddenly, a few were selected and put in a room. It got colder and darker. A malicious feeling was creeping in.. I was feeling bursts of anger and despair at the same time. We were let out of that house/room while feeling all that negative emotion. Then there was this person who asked me if i would have wanted what he/she has in his/her hand – it was Christ’s crucifix! I suddenly grabbed it and every negative feeling i had had simply gone away and it became bright and warm like it’s summer! It was one of the best feelings i ever had. Yeah i think it was an angel who gave me that crucifix.

  27. lindiwe says:

    today i felt a deep need to go to my bedroom and try to connect with my guardian angels. i sat on the bed and closed my eyes, then took deep breathes. i suddenly felt weird as if i was reacting to a cold weather. it wasnt shivering as such and then a bright light just showed coming towards my face and then it disappeared. a picture of a lady in white came into my mind. she seemed so warm and comforting as if she was involved in healing and then a voice began to sing. the voice seemed to be a match to that person i saw and she told me to sing with her. she sang gracefully and i dont know how i knew the lyrics of the song. i remember the recurring words( you are mine and i am yours) deep calmness filled my body as her singing was healing my troubled soul. it felt as if a great burden was removed from me and i felt refreshed. i remeber she said HER name is ARIEL. after a few minutes passed, i opened my eyes and everything was normal again.

  28. Stephem says:

    Please I want to start and learn how to speak with my angel… my month angel is barbiel is he still the same im gonna speak to or I need to know my own personal angel? Help please

  29. Stephen says:

    Hi, please I need help, how do I know my real angel? Like now my month angel is barbiel, is he still my angel that I camm talk to? And also how do I communicate with him/her?

  30. Hi..I try to talk to Angel’s every night but nothing….why

  31. Nilima says:


    Two names came in life , one is ‘Archangel Michael’ (during meditation), another one ‘Archangel Gabriel’ (when I was sleepy). I did not know about them but when I searched in internet I found the details, but still I was confused so one day in my dream I saw a group of people in mobile (background was blue) telling me that ‘Archangel Michael’ is with me & they were also asking me to belief this. And when ‘Archangel Gabriel’s’ name was in my dream , next day I found feathers in the morning. But I do not know how to talk to them, I tried the instruction you mentioned but I am not able to see or listen anything. So please guide how to listen to my Archangels..
    Thank you..

  32. Kyle says:

    Hi… I’m trying a lot of different things but nothing is working for me…

  33. Jackie says:

    I have now started to recognize the small still voice and I have dreams of thousands of angels but I’ve yet to try the tech you’ve given us which I will try thank You for this jackiex what’s the name of my guide !

  34. Veema says:

    Hello… I came to this site because i want to know what my angels are telling me. I keep seeing repeated numbers, getting feathers and coins…

  35. Dean says:

    My angel is called Castiel. He’s really sweet and kind to me <3

  36. dawn says:

    Someone whispered my name into my ear once, I know I’m not crazy because I felt their warm breath on my neck, though no one was there. Could that be an Angel?

  37. justin says:

    Hi my name is justin and am not church going but have very strong faith in god and our lord jesus and Began getting daily visits from an angel about 2 days ago am not sure of his name but he is very peaceful and loving and also funny. It gives me a ton of joy thinking about. I just wish i know why he was here can anybody help me please and thank you

  38. Moses says:

    Repetition of certain numbers 11:11 16:16
    09:11 19:19 17:17 is what I’ve been awere of for past 2 years, I searched for answers to this and commonly found their said to be angelic symbols of trying to communicate with me…

    One thing weird I’m awere of and it’s happening always I’m with people and never ever was wrong is that I can tell how their really feeling individually…

    Thus sometimes I just don’t wanna be with people specially the ones who know what I’m capable of they always want “help” with their personal issues mostly relationships with their partners it leaves me very tired all-time!

    One last thing is the energy of these two beings I always feel are besides me or with me everywhere I’m at, there was a pointearly this year and past year’s that I would see shadows in corners of my eye moving in a very fast momentum when I’m alone, what’s that?

  39. Gloria Allen says:

    In 2005 in NM, I was walking my dog who was sniffing at the root of a tree. My eyes were trying to adjust to the bright light (as I was in an underground studio on a computer all morning). As I was standing there, a voice said very clearly in my ear “Get back, get back,” and there was no one else in the park and I had no idea who was talking to me or why I was being told to get back. I looked down and my dog was sniffing the tail of a diamondback rattlesnake, whose patterned color seemed to be the same color as the tree roots. I heard hsssss…and I pulled my dog back and the voice in my ear repeated, “get back, get back” which I did. The snake slithered away. When I caught my breath, I realized that an angel saved my life and my dog’s.

    In 1990, winter upstate NY I was in my car at night headed out to buy cigarettes down a country road and it had just started to snow lightly – black ice. My car suddenly skidded off the road and headed straight for the pond in the front of a house. I had no physical control of my car. Just as my car was about to reach the pond, it made a ninety degree turn and I ended up at the very same spot (with car turned around in the exact same direction that I was traveling in) stopped. Right away, there was a knock on my rear car window and I turned around and there were three young men standing there (when there was absolutely no one on the street) and one asked me, “Ma’am are you alright?” And said yes, (even though I was badly shaken up) thank you (I turned around again) and no one was there.

    There were other instances too where in my desperation, angels saved me. I feel that God chose me. Jesus has saved me. Jesus and God are real and they hear our prayers as long as we are 100% sincere.

    When we leave our egos at the door, and put all of our trust in Jesus and God, our prayers will be answered and our lives protected.

  40. Ryan Sinclair says:

    In regards to guardian angles and their fellow angels, I had heard on a radio program- Coast to Coast a few years ago that to know your guardian angel’s name leaves a window of attack open to Satan. Is there truth to that?

  41. Christine says:

    I have been trying to communicate with my guardian angel and last night I heard a laugh out of nowhere at first I thought someone was behind me but when I turned around nobody was there. I think and hope that this is the first step for me.

  42. Jean-pierre says:

    What kind of incense do you use to connect will the angels of God (light)

  43. Jenny says:

    Heyyy, I am probably one of the recent reply so I don’t know if you still respond but I would like some advice. How do you know the presence of an angel or guardian angel or evil spirit. I feel a presence only at night and it was scary at first but I just don’t know who it is, I see auras like before it was white then orange and sometimes I get scared like they want to harm me but I just think it’s my mind just afraid of the spirit world. I don’t want to communicate with it because if it’s evil then it would have access to me so I would like some advice on how to know the signs you are in good presence and not a bad one.

  44. Danielle C Walters says:

    If you’d like confirmation that you’re talking to Angels, get out a pen & paper. But be patient! You’ll probably talk to your guide first, then after a while you could get to talk to your higher self…. THEN your guardian angel. At least that’s how it worked for me. Meditation and prayer helped. They actually taught me how to do both. They want me to teach ppl eventually. Pretty cool to have a life purpose like this!

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