8 Common Warning Signs From the Angels

warning signs from angels

Dreams and premonitions are some of the warning signs from angels that you should pay attention to. This is one way that your guardian angel is sending you a sign to make sure that you will be safe.

Guardian angels send us warning signs and messages of comfort to let us know they’re around. As many religions teach that your guardian angels were created to protect you and serve as spirit guides, they can also warn you of incoming danger.

If you are about to make a terrible decision that could change the course of your life, expect a nudge from your angels to prevent you from going in the wrong direction. If you come across any of the following signals, pay attention, and don’t ignore these warning signs from your angels!


How Can You Sense an Angel Sign?


Your guardian angels have the power to steer you away from harm. If they see you are on the wrong path in a life-threatening situation or approaching danger, they will intervene and influence your choices to keep you safe from harm. All you need to do is pay attention and heed their warnings.

Angels send us warning signs and messages to get our attention because they have your best interest in mind and your safety is their top priority. Sometimes angel signs come in subtle ways, even in the most mundane and frustrating daily life occurrences.


Angels Signs


Here are common signs that your guardian angels may be trying to catch your attention.



1. Hearing Angel Voices

It is common to hear a voice in your head every time you’re about to make a big decision. This voice usually questions your decisions, making you doubt if you’re about to make a good choice or not.

If you hear voices like: Are you sure this is a good idea? What will he or she think about this? Will this benefit you or harm you? You should probably take a step back and think more about your decision. Sometimes the voice will stop you from doing a certain action saying: Don’t do it! Stop! Look out! Think again. Don’t go that way.

For example, you are going home late at night and are about to pass through a very dark pathway. You suddenly notice something or hear a voice that makes you reconsider walking down that road. You should trust that voice as a warning signal from your angels. It could very much save your life.

2. Sudden Warnings

People who are about to be involved in big catastrophes report feeling ill the day before or minutes before the disaster. There are stories of people who felt sick just before they were about to board a plane, so they didn’t get on it. Later they discover the plane had mechanical failures, which caused it to crash. If they had gotten on that plane, it could have ended badly for them. 

Similar stories from 9/11 have been reported where people who were supposed to work that day decided to stay home since they were not feeling well. These are signs their angels were steering them away from harm.

3. Unexplainable technical failures

Another angel sign can be out-of-the-blue technical failures. Your alarm didn’t go off, causing you to be late. Your car broke down in the middle of the highway, causing you to miss a flight or an appointment. Your light switch won’t turn on, and you learned moments after that there was a wiring problem that could have caused a huge fire. Many people believe this happened because your angels were trying to stop you from setting foot into a bad scene. 


4. Uncomfortable feelings and intuition

The same as walking home late at night and you are about to walk down a dark road when that voice comes with an uncomfortable feeling. Your intuition is telling you not to go. You get chills. You get goosebumps on the back of your neck. You get a tight feeling in your stomach. Or, maybe you walk into the room and just know bad things are about to happen.

Follow these feelings and you will be safe.

5. Dreams and premonitions

Chances are you’ve heard of the Final Destination movies where the lead character gets a premonition that something bad is about to happen, saving them and all their friends from danger. It is quite common for some people to have a dream or premonition prior to a disaster happening.

If it scares you or causes you to be worried, you should probably follow these important signs and take a step back. Angels prefer to speak to you during sleep when your mind is completely empty and open to spiritual voices. Because they can’t be seen in the physical world, they use dreams to talk to you.

6. Delays

You missed your train. You missed your bus. Your flight was canceled. There’s hour-long traffic on your way to work. The green light was just 5 seconds late.

These can be tactics used by your angels to get your attention to slow down. These can be frustrating occurrences but take these as signs. Consider them as opportunities to think about what you could change for the better.

Think on the bright side and ask, what is my angel teaching me right now?

7. Losing your things

On the most important day, you lost your keys, causing you to be late. You swore you remember where you left them, but they just magically weren’t there anymore. Or the time when you couldn’t find the work you were supposed to turn in that day, causing you to fail or get reprimanded?

Think about what your angels could be stopping you from. What are they trying to teach you? Allow yourself to be late. Allow yourself to fail. Your angels could be stopping you from entering another bad situation.

8. Warnings through other people

Your angels could be trying to warn you through your friends and family. If others give you advice on what you should and shouldn’t do, consider their words. Take these signs as lessons from your angels.


How to Look Out For Angel Signs


Given these angel signs, let’s talk about how you can look out for them.

Connect with your guardian angel

The first step is to simply ask your angels what they’re trying to signal you from. The only way you can recognize their signs is if you have a personal relationship with your angels. You can ask your favorite psychic how to contact and keep in touch with your guardian angels.

Pay close attention

Pay attention to what your intuition and gut feelings tell you. If you have an uncomfortable feeling or your intuition is telling you to make other choices, those thoughts and feelings are often planted by your angels. Simply follow them and you’re already in a safe direction.

You will encounter more signs from angels throughout your lifetime. When you get a sign, don’t panic. Stop and take a moment to reflect on how you will follow it. Remember that your angels don’t want to confuse you or make your life more difficult. They are here to keep you safe and to support you.

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