Guardian Angels: Are they Real? angels

Angels are beings of light from the heavenly realms. They serve as your guides and protectors throughout the various stages of your life.

We all have guardian angels. And whether you believe it or not, angels always serve as your bodyguards. Just like any other bodyguards, angels always protect you from danger, ward off demons, and generally keep you safe in every situation.

How to talk to angels

But more than that, these guides also offer moral guidance, help us become stronger person, and lead us to our ultimate calling in life. These are just some things that our guardian spirits do.

A lot of people may wonder what kind of divine assignments these spiritual beings fulfill. We may not realize it, but our angels are always there beside us, ready to help and continually knocking at our door, waiting for us to respond to their invitation.


The Truth about Angels


The truth is, guardian angels really do exist. We all have our own guardian spirits guiding us each moment in our lives. These heavenly bodies are not human, and thus, not bound by human constraints. Do note that people who die do not become angels. A person can become a saint, but not an angel.

Angels exist to accomplish the will of God. These guardian spirits serve as our messengers, protectors, and guides. Angels should not be worshipped, because that’s not their role. Angels exist for the purpose of praising and carrying the will of God.

Your good angel is one of the greatest gifts of God. They serve as a source of divine power. Guardian spirits never leave your side and they are continuously looking after you. Angels aren’t just real, but they are also active.

Every one of us should practice inviting our angels into our day. We should learn how to pray with our angels, in order for us to be protected from harm and evil.


What Angels Do


  • Angels always protect you from harm

Angels always protect you both from physical and spiritual harm and angels always guard you wherever you go. They always support you and keep you from any danger or harm. Angels will never go wrong in keeping you safe every minute and every day. You just need to allow and acknowledge your protectors to work in your life and everything will come in perfect timing.


  • Angels keep demons away

There are times when we face moral decision-making and we encounter debates between a bad angel who speaks in one ear and a good angel whispering wisely in the other. What we need to do is to always focus and follow the good side.

It is within your own intuition to follow the whispers of your angels. Nevertheless, your angels always speak out the truth about everything that you do. They never allow you to make bad decisions but if you do, they are always still there to keep you from harm.


  • Angels save you from trouble

Angels do not only serve as your guard, but they can also save you when you are already in the midst of trouble. When you are facing such trouble, you should learn how to call on your angels. Calling your angels allow you to be always protected. Your angels are always ready to help you as long as you allow them to intervene in your life.


  • Angels guard you

Your angels have been guarding you since birth. They have been with you from the beginning of your life and will stay with you to the end. They care for you, watch over you, and intercede on your behalf.


  • Angels bring you to good

Angels always move you to the good. Your angels always walk with you each moment of your life. They are your inseparable companions, who are always there throughout your journey, guiding you along the way, and watching over you. One of their sole purposes is to always bring you to good and keep you away from evil and bad things.


  • Angel communicate with you through your imagination

Besides working through your intellect and senses, your protectors also communicate through your imagination. You should learn how to spend a little time acknowledging your good angels.


Allow them to be your friends and allow the angelic communication to happen naturally. It can sometimes be challenging to know when your angel is trying to communicate with you. But learning how to trust your instinct and imagination will allow you to communicate properly with your angels. Trust them and allow them to guide you in every way and you will never go wrong in everything that you do.

You may not know it, but your angels always assure that you are not alone and have someone watching over you. Your angels are like private detectives, and they have only one case, which is you.

Every person in this world has an angel ready to help them. They protect, guard, guide, enlighten and love us even in ways we may not notice.

Always make it a habit to acknowledge and thank your angels and learn how to trust them. Knowing that your guardian angels are always there for you is an enormous comfort and will lead you to a much more peaceful life.

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