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Earth angels have a very strong and undeniable drive to make a change in the world.

When you think of angels, you may picture a luminous winged supernatural being who often remains invisible. However, not all angels are invisible. Some are known as “Earth angels” and walk amongst us, appearing as regular people.

Earth angels are not human, but they were sent to the world for a very special purpose: to spread light and love and to inspire positive change on Earth.

These beings, also known as lightworkers, are meant to heal and help ordinary humans deal with hate, oppression, violence, and other negative thoughts and feelings.

When you encounter an Earth angel, you’ll notice the extraordinary kindness, compassion, and generosity, of his or her spirit. It’s possible that you enjoy a close relationship with one such being, and maybe you weren’t even aware of it because many of these human angels are not even aware of their true nature.

Recognize Earth angels when you meet them with these 10 unmistakable signs that you’ve encountered one of them.

You Feel Instantly Better

The nature of an Earth angel is to ease human suffering and negativity, so even just being around one will evoke feelings of comfort and happiness. When you’re frustrated, angry, or resentful, being in the presence of these Earth angels can banish the negativity from your mind.

They don’t have to do anything special to make you feel better, because their mere presence is enough to make you feel more joyful. In fact, even a chance encounter with a stranger, such as a smiling fellow passenger on the subway, or a friendly barista from the coffee shop, can free you from your negative thoughts and feelings.

Earth Angels can appear anywhere!

Have you ever noticed how some people can make you feel lighter and unburdened the moment they walk into a room? This is the sign of an Earth Angel.

All Your Senses Are Heightened

Some of the effects of being around Earth Angels manifest in physical ways, too, such as senses becoming incredibly heightened.

When you encounter an Earth Angel, you suddenly experience the world more intensely, from hearing the soft whistle of the breeze outside to smelling what’s cooking in the kitchen more strongly. Even your sense of sight will be magnified as if you’re seeing through a high-definition screen for the first time in your life.

Earth angels enhance your entire being, so being in the presence of one could cause you to experience the world in an entirely new way and reignite your positivity for everyday life.

You Feel Child-Like And Happy

Earth Angels know that there’s no man or woman in the world who is happier and more alive than a child. Children view the world as if everything is new and exciting, from seemingly mundane sights and sounds, like the rain, to tiny crabs skittering by the shore.

When you encounter an Earth angel, you’ll notice that you feel much more connected than ever to your inner child. Not only do you appreciate everyday experiences more, but you’ll also be prone to laughter, fun, and adventure in the present moment.

You Spill Your Inner Thoughts and Feelings

Confession is sometimes perceived as negative because it reveals that you are harboring negative feelings within. Contrary to this belief, confessing your inner thoughts and feelings is actually a good thing, because it allows you to unburden your mind from fear, guilt, or anger. When you’re in the presence of an Earth angel, you will be inclined to divulge your deepest secrets.

Earth angels are especially empathetic, so trusting them and spilling the beans is easy to do. In conversations with them, you’ll find that letting go of the negativity in your heart comes naturally.

Your Health Improves

Earth angels provide a balm to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, so that your ailments suddenly disappear when you encounter them.

It can be anything from insomnia to depression or even chronic pain or disease that’s been bothering you for months, but a conversation with an Earth angel can quickly set you free from your issues.

Although you won’t be able to explain the changes in you, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the presence of these lightworkers can ease your struggles. Whether it’s the touch of their hand or their piercing gaze that feels so comforting, spending time around Earth angels will give you a boost of energy.

You Are Helped By A Mysterious Stranger

Earth angels often appear in your life in a moment when you need help the most. But they also usually disappear before you can even thank them. They often come around to give you guidance or even save your life, but they don’t want or need the glory, or even acknowledgment, of their good deed.

Some people who have experienced these encounters tell of a mysterious stranger who stopped them from crossing the street before a car suddenly came zooming past the red light.

Another example is a stranger who may have brought you to the hospital after you fainted at the mall but disappeared before you regained consciousness in the emergency room.

You Feel Loved And Accepted

Since Earth angels are particularly empathetic and non-judgemental, their presence will make you feel accepted as who you truly are. When you’re hiding a part of yourself from the world because some people have treated you with distrust and hatred, Earth Angels will shower you with love and understanding.

As a result, you will also become a lot kinder and more accepting of yourself.

You Become More Accepting Of Things

Earth angels don’t just make you feel more accepted, but they also help you become more accepting and develop a greater understanding of people from all walks of life.

Remember, Earth Angels were sent to Earth to encourage goodness, kindness, and love. They don’t indulge in petty human thoughts, feelings, or actions, which others would consider normal and common, such as jealousy, resentment, or ridicule.

So, when you’re around one of these special Beings, you learn to let go of the negativity as well because Earth Angels will inspire you to hold yourself to a higher standard.

You Discover Your Purpose

Since Earth angels are beings who are more connected with the divine, so they create a deeper connection between you and your divine purpose.

Many people wander through life without a sense of direction, which leaves them feeling empty and despondent about their existence. But an Earth Angel reminds you of your skills and talents, as well as what you can do to make the world a better place.

They help you realize your purpose.

When you encounter an Earth Angel, you become more connected to the universe and your place in it.

Becoming Aware Of Earth Angels

Not everyone is aware of the existence of Earth angels, but once you learn more about them and their common qualities, you’ll realize that they’re actually quite recognizable.

Earth Angels’ most significant traits are their all-encompassing desire to help others. Even those who aren’t aware of their angelic natures will often extend a helping hand to their family, friends, or even strangers when these people are in need.

They’re also known to be authentic and honest because Earth angels will not pretend to be someone they’re not, or not wear masks in front of people.

Other traits you can watch out for when encountering Earth angels include humility, sensitivity, integrity, compassion, and a propensity to spending time alone.

Do you know anyone who might be an Earth angel?

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