Is Being Psychic a Curse or a Blessing? by Tana Hoy psychic gifts

Psychic abilities or gifts can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how they are used.

Clients ask me for a psychic reading to help them find the right solutions to their problems. Their problems can include anything from needing help in finding their one true love, wanting to get a promotion in their current job, or needing advice about when is the right time to change their career.

There are times that I can see that misfortune is on its way, and I need to warn my client about it. That’s so that he or she can be prepared to face it, or know how to cope with the impending difficulty. By seeing the problems before they happen, I can often help my clients avoid those problems altogether!

Having psychic abilities that allow me to speak with beings from the Spirit World is indeed a blessing. That’s because through my spirit communication, I have been able to find the perfect answers to my clients’ questions about their lives.

Psychic Abilities As A Curse

However, there are times when having psychic abilities can be hard to deal with.

For example, there was a character in Greek mythology who had been gifted with prophesying, or seeing the future. Her name was Cassandra. She was a princess and a female prophet of Troy.

Speaking of curses, here’s how to know if you’ve been cursed.

According to legend, Cassandra was a very beautiful lady. Her beauty attracted the mighty god of the sun, Apollo. Cassandra received her psychic ability from Apollo, as a gift to entice her to become his lover.

However, Cassandra turned down Apollo’s love, and in the end, the sun god cursed her. So that even though her prophecies would come true, nobody in Troy would ever believe her while she was foretelling the future.

Imagine how painful that must have been!

Even her father, King Priam, didn’t believe poor Cassandra, and he thought that she had gone crazy. King Priam even commanded her to be locked in a room in their palace, all alone, with only a maid to attend to her needs.

One day, she envisioned the fall of Troy at the hands of the Greeks, and even the death of King Agamemnon, who had become her lover. Eventually, all of Cassandra’s visions came true, much to the regret of the Trojans.

While all that took place in mythology, such kinds of scenarios also happen in real life, making it hard for the psychics when they are doubted, and subjected to scorn and ridicule.

My Mission as a Psychic Medium 

Good thing that I don’t share the fate of the legendary Cassandra. Even when I was a young boy, I knew that my psychic abilities were given to me because I had a mission here on earth: to use it to help other people discover their purpose in life, and to help them find true happiness.

I was born with the gift of prophecy (predicting the future), clairsentience (clearly feeling vibrations and emotions), clairaudience (clearly hearing voices coming from the Spirit World, and claircognizance (the gift of insight or instruction).

Psychics like me are here to help humanity spiritually evolve and be united with the Divine Will.

People who are gifted with different psychic abilities have a divine mission. They need to fulfill their mission.

So, I personally continue my mission of helping other people deal with the issues they are facing in life, by giving them the best psychic advice that I can give.

I also give spiritual guidance to those who need it.

For the blossoming psychic, or those people who are discovering their gift of seeing, feeling, and hearing, I also give assistance and guidance.

If you are a blossoming psychic, you need to remember that initially, it can be hard to understand your psychic experiences, such as your premonitions, or the hearing of voices from other dimensions.

But as your gifts unfold, and as you understand the mission given to you by the Universe, you will soon feel the excitement and the eagerness to explore and develop your abilities more. That’s how it was for me.

Furthermore, as you develop your power to discern, you will also gradually understand some of the precious mysteries of life, along with the Laws Of Nature that govern our existence.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your gifts. If you feel that you have been given the gift of insight, the gift of seeing, or the gift of prophecy – do not be afraid to accept your abilities. Instead, work on developing your gifts further.

If you are ready to embrace your gifts, I am willing to help you on your journey.

And if you have questions that you need to be clearly answered, I encourage you to schedule your psychic reading now.

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