Are You a Clairsentient? 7 Signs to Know If You Are One clairsentience

People with clairsentience ability can easily tell thru gut feeling if a person can be trusted or not even it’s just the first time they meet.

Have you ever just met someone where you have a gut feeling that this person is someone who you shouldn’t trust, even though you have never met them before?

Have you ever had a feeling of uneasiness and worry that someone you love is in danger, only to find out later that you were correct?

Are there ever times when you just know something, but don’t know as to how or why?

These are signs that you could be clairsentient. This is a very common psychic gift most people have yet they are not aware of it.


What Is Clairsentience?


Clairsentience is simply defined as “clear-feeling” or also clear sensing. This is the most basic of all the psychic abilities.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel and sense energy in an intuitive way where you receive messages through feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.

People with clairsentient ability can receive information not only about the emotions of other people but also from objects, outside locations, buildings, or houses.


Signs of Being Clairsentient


How would you know if you are clairsentient? Here are the 7 main signs that you have clairsentient abilities:

  1. You have strong gut feelings

You can easily sense the intention, feelings, and motives of others, even without speaking to them or just by seeing them for the first time.

You can feel whether an individual is trustworthy or not.

  1. You feel random emotions very deeply

You often feel waves of emotions for no apparent reason. Energy and spirits are all around, so being clairsentient, you can easily sense these energies and be affected by them.

  1. You’re highly sensitive to the energy of your surroundings

You can easily pick-up and absorb the energies of different locations. Such as places, buildings, and homes. You can feel the vibes of what happened in a certain place.

  1. You experience unexplained physical sensations

You suddenly get goosebumps. This could be your spirit guide giving you a sign, warning you of danger, or it could be a sign that you are with the right people at the perfect place.

  1. You are highly sensitive to the emotions of others

You can sense, and even absorb, energies and emotions from other people. This is the reason why you can easily understand other people’s perspectives because you know exactly how they feel. understand_animals

One sign that you are clairsentient is you can understand how animals feel.

  1. You feel drained after being in a large group of people

You absorb the energy of others, so it can be draining for you to be in a crowd for an extended amount of time.

  1. You know and understand how animals feel

Some clairsentients can also feel the vibrations of energy from animals, enabling them to feel their emotions. This can be helpful in understanding when an animal is in pain or distressed.


Some Helpful Tips On How To Cope With Clairsentience


Clairsentience can be both a gift and a curse because it depends on how you deal with it and your level of sensitivity could sometimes be mistaken by others as a mental health problem.

Clairsentience is actually a gift, and you can use it to avoid people that might hurt you or abuse your trust because you are like a radio picking up signals, so you can feel the real intentions of people.

  1. Talk to others who have similar experiences as you.
  2. Express your feelings creatively; write a poem, or paint.
  3. Meditate or listen to a relaxing music.
  4. Use your gifts to help other people. Most people with this ability can provide sound advice because they can actually feel and understand what others are going through.
  5. Read as much as you can about this ability.


How Clairsentience Manifests in Daily Life


  1. Sudden Instincts/Insights or Gut Feelings

Clairsentience manifests itself through sudden strong emotional and physical responses where you feel joy, fear, or excitement, which then causes you to react. An example is having a feeling of taking a different route, only later to find you avoided an accident.

These feelings will not just go away until you understand what they are trying to tell you and then act on them. empathy

Clairsentience manifests thru empathy wherein you can feel what others people feel without them telling you about it.

  1. Physical impressions

Clairsentients may also feel physical sensations in their body. It could be pressure, tapping, nudging, or puling, or it could also be a tingling sensation. This could be an indication that you should pay attention to a particular person or situation.

  1. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to feel other people’s feelings without the other person telling you exactly what they feel. Due to this, people tend to come to you for support and advice, as you are someone who willingly listens and understands them.

  1. Emotional Attachment

This can be described as a very strong and deep emotional attachment to another person. Even if the other person is far away from you, and you have already broken up the relationship, you will still sense them.

Being emotionally or energetically linked with someone can also hinder your emotional stability, especially if the other person is struggling emotionally.

There are energy rituals and chakra work that can clear and sever this type of emotional tie you have with others.


Do You Think You’re Clairsentient?


If you feel that you have this gift, then you may want to gain a clearer understanding of this ability. You are like an emotional sponge that easily absorbs other’s feelings and emotions, so it is important to learn when to stop, breathe it all out and when to spend time alone to refresh and align with your higher self.

Clairsentience can be a very useful psychic ability if you understand it fully and tune it effectively.

I can teach you how to calm your mind from the many emotions and feelings you absorb from others. And I know exactly how you feel!

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