Are you ready to meet your true soulmate?

Are you tired of spending your life alone or with the wrong person? When you think of finding your soulmate, what comes to mind?

If you think about…

– Someone who fulfills all your dreams!

– Someone who makes you happier than you’ve ever felt before!

– Someone who completes you!

– Someone who makes you feel whole!

– Someone who you love deeper than you ever thought possible!

– Someone who has all the qualities you dreamed of finding in one person!

…Then you are 100% correct! Because your true soulmate is someone you feel the kind of love with that is only seen in the movies!

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The Sad Truth About Soulmates

Sadly, most people never find their true soulmate! The reason for this isn’t because that person is not out there for them to meet! The reason is that most people settle for less than what they want, out of fear of never finding true love!

They have the attitude that having love, even if it’s not with their true soulmate, is better than having no love at all! So they settle out of fear of being alone!

Well, let me tell you something! After learning the symbols, I was taught last week, the ones I talked about in my last email, you never again have to fear not finding true love!

These symbols are so powerful that once they have been placed over you, you will become like a love magnet! That’s right! A love magnet!

A Weird Thing Happened

I was using them again yesterday on a friend of mine, and he said that after I placed those symbols over his aura, that words couldn’t describe what he felt! But he said he could feel something very powerful happening inside of him!

I thought he was playing a joke on me because after I placed the symbols over his aura, he placed a fork and knife on his chest, and they stuck to him. It was like his whole body was a huge magnet!

So I said, let me try that on you, and when I tried to pull the fork and knife off of him, I struggled! It was like pulling metal off a powerful magnet! I then realized he wasn’t playing a joke!

Actually, he was a little freaked out by it at first!

But this just shows that the symbols I was taught do cause your energy to be like a magnet, and that the energy is so strong, that it will literally draw your soulmate into your life!

When I tried this on another friend, the fork and knife didn’t stick to her, but she said she felt “energized” inside! I found that to be very interesting!

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Are You Ready To Find Love?

I am going to be offering Soulmate Symbol Session again to anyone who wants to meet their true soulmate!

A Soulmate Symbol Session is a one-on-one session where I am going to imbed the special symbols I was taught into your auric field! These symbols will literally act like magnets! And they will “draw and pull” love literally into your life!

Imagine This…

Imagine being so magnetic, that you find people telling you “there is something different about you, but they don’t know what it is?”

Imagine looking at someone you find very attractive, and they can seem to take their eyes off of you!

Imagine walking into a room, and having everyone in the room be able to “feel” your presence!

Imagine turning around in a restaurant, club, or coffee shop, and discovering that the most attractive man or woman in the place is staring at you with a smile!

Imagine attractive, nice people coming up to you and saying “I don’t know why, but I just had to introduce myself to you!” You’ll grin because you’ll know exactly why they felt drawn to you!

These are the kinds of experiences that have been reported back to me by people who have had this session done! This session is that powerful!! 

Are You Ready To Finally Find True Love?

So if you are ready to find love, and have that special someone literally “pulled” into your life, you can schedule one of these sessions by clicking here! 

I am so excited to be able to use on you what I just learned, and help you to draw your true soulmate into your life! Being with your soulmate is the greatest feeling in the world! I have used all of these techniques, and I have been with mine for almost 17 years now! 

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… or call my office at 614-444-6334!

I hope you enjoyed this email and I look forward to helping you find true love!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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