The Human Aura: What Is It? human_aura

The human aura is an egg-shaped ball of energy, made of seven layers, which are called auric layers.

The human aura is the natural electromagnetic energy field surrounding every human being. It appears as a luminous egg-shaped glow radiating from your body, reflecting your current physical, emotional, and mental state.

All living and even non-living things in the world emit an aura and this energy field is a visual manifestation of your energy. Everything you think, feel, and do creates electrical impulses that spark the energy field called your aura.

A number of people are blessed with the natural ability to see auras, but regular people can also learn to catch a glimpse of them with practice and time.


The Changing Hues Of The Aura


The colors of the aura is a representation of an individual’s overall state, so it is constantly in flux, pulsing with light and reflecting the dynamic changes of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, and love will keep your aura vibrant and brilliant, while negative emotions, such as anger and grief, will dull the hues of your aura.

The ever-changing nature of the human aura is one of the amazing ways you can experience your connection with the rest of the universe: your energy touches and affects the energy of other people and things, and vice versa.

Have you ever felt calm and at peace in the presence of another person, even before he or she has said a single word? Or walked into a crowded room and immediately felt distressed? Or, sometimes, you meet a friend and immediately get a sense of their feelings? Well, this means you are feeling their aura!

Every day, you experience the auric fields of other people, animals, and even inanimate objects, such as crystals and rocks. Everything is interconnected with energy flowing easily among all of us.


The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura


There are seven different layers to the human aura, with each layer connected to the seven major chakras, also known as energy centers, which run along a person’s spine.

Although the aura and chakras are separate things, it’s important to remember that all of the auric layers are interconnected and a happy balance of one’s aura and chakras is essential in maintaining a positive state of being every day.

The first auric layer is what’s known as the physical layer or etheric body, which corresponds to the root chakra. This is the layer that’s represents the physical body, so it reflects your physical state, including health, pleasure, pain, and overall physical well being. Stronger people like athletes will have a more vibrant etheric body layer than those who are sedentary.

Students who are training to see auras will likely catch this layer first, since it’s the easiest to see among all seven layers.

Next is the emotional layer, which is connected to the solar plexus chakra. While the first layer is associated with the physical body, this one reflects your emotions. It can be made of all the colors in the rainbow, reflecting all your emotions, desires, imagination, and even psychic abilities.

The third layer is known as the mental layer and is linked to the sacral chakra. As its name suggests, this layer reflects everything that goes on in your mind: your thoughts, ideas, mental processes, and ego.

Many hail the mental layer as an incredibly powerful part of the human aura, since this is where you create everything you want in reality. Everything you attract in your life originates from here.

The astral layer comes next, as the fourth layer of the human aura, and it is connected to the heart chakra, reflecting love and your connections with other people.

This pink layer is quite easy to read once you’re well-versed in spotting auras. The astral body radiates brightly when you’re in love and happy in a relationship, while it weakens with breakups and bouts of loneliness.

The spiritual layer, or the etheric double, is the fifth layer that’s linked to the throat chakra. Sometimes called the manifestation layer, this is known as the blueprint or mirror of the physical layer, representing everything that makes you “you” in the physical plane, like your personality and identity. When you are certain and secure about who you really are, the spiritual layer grows stronger.

The sixth layer of the human aura is the celestial body, which corresponds to the third eye chakra. It’s associated with enlightenment and the connection we share with the Divine.

When you have a strong celestial body, you are able to harness the flow of collective wisdom, knowledge, and love, from the universe, and discover your purpose in life.

Finally, the final and seventh layer of the human aura is the ketheric template, or causal body, which is linked to the crown chakra.

This layer, farthest from the human body and represents your feeling of being one with the universe. While the ketheric template vibrates at the highest frequency of all the different auric layers, it’s also the most difficult to see, with only a handful of people throughout the world blessed with the ability to see this layer.


Taking Care Of Your Aura


Just like any aspect of your self, it’s important to care for and nurture your aura by cleansing it’s layers.

Since we’re all interconnected, and since  your auric field experiences a range of situations every day, the human aura can become drained by exhaustion from work, toxic people, and even dating woes.

So, it’s important that you take time to cleanse your aura once in a while, in order to keep it vibrating at the highest frequencies.

A common way to clean the aura is by “smudging” it or burning healing herbs, like lavender and sage. Smudge sticks are often used for this practice, passing the smoke over every part of the body to ensure all the layers of the aura are cleansed.

Nature is also a beautiful natural cleanser, so you can bask in the sunlight, or take a walk in the rain. Elements such as sunshine and water are effective purifiers that leave you feeling more energized and revitalized.

But these things are only quick fixes, and are not substitutes for having a professional psychic clear and cleanse your aura properly. To get more information about having your aura cleansed, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and someone will get back to you with more information.


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