ATTENTION: Your Help Is Needed To Save The Planet!

Hello again,

I hope you had an amazing week!

Make sure you’re somewhere where you can read this undisturbed because I’m going to tell you about a very exciting experience I had last week!

As you may know from my email a few weeks ago, my mentor visits me from the Spirit World and he physically materializes into a human form when he visits. In the Christian Bible, there are many stories of Jesus materializing after his death, where others saw him and talked to him.

So my mentor materializes in the same way with me when we meet. It’s very cool!

When he came to visit me a few days ago he had some very unusual instructions for me…

The Unusual Instructions I Was Given

When we met, we talked for a few hours, then he said he wanted me to meet some of the most high-evolved beings in the universe because they had some very important knowledge for me I needed to know.

He said they are called Transforos and are waiting for my visit.

But here was the unusual part…

…he gave me directions to a place about two hours from where I live. Then he told me to drive in my car and make sure I was there by 3pm the following day.

He said once I arrived there to look for a large tree with purple blooming flowers, where I would see a path beside it. He assured me I would not be able to miss the tree.

Once at the tree, I was instructed to set my phone timer for exactly 25 minutes, walk along the path, and stop the moment my timer went off! And when I stop, he said there would be Shape Shifters there to meet me.

I not only wasn’t sure what he meant by Shape Shifters but all of the instructions he gave me seemed very vague. But I knew it would all make sense if I followed what he told me – it always did.

So, the next day, I drove to the exact location, which was a huge forest with no one was around. And when I parked, I looked up, and there was a large tree with purple flowers…and right beside it was a trail that led into the forest.

So, I set my phone timer for 25 minutes and begin walking on the trail…

It Seemed Like I Was In Alice In Wonderland

As I began walking down the trail something in the air felt different. I must have walked over two miles into this forest then exactly when my timer went off, I was myself standing in a roundish area with a dirt floor, large rocks, and very tall trees surrounding it – but no one was there!

So, I sat down on a rock and waited when suddenly, the rock moved! I jumped up because I thought it was an earthquake but what happened next was the strangest thing I had ever seen!

The large rock I was sitting on stood up, grew arms, legs, a body, and a head! It transformed from a rock into a very interesting-looking being!

Then the rest of the large rocks also did the same thing, transforming into the same interesting-looking beings!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the trees surrounding this area also did the same thing! The trees also grew arms, legs, a body, and a head! They also transformed into some very interesting-looking beings!

Let me tell ya this! It was almost too much for me to take in at one time because my head was turning left and right as I was trying to take it all in!

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It all seemed like something from Alice In Wonderland happening right in front of me!

I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Seeing

Once all the trees and rocks had transformed into beings with arms, legs, and a head, they walked over to me and formed a circle around me, as if they wanted me to feel safe.

They looked like normal human beings. As a matter of fact, if I saw them walking down the street I wouldn’t suspect a thing.

A tall female with blonde hair and brown eyes, who looked like a fashion model, introduced herself to me as Sherro.

Sherro said she had been looking forward to our meeting. Evidently, she knows my mentor and heard all about me.

I found out these beings who can transform from rocks and trees into a human being are called Args and they come from the planet Argo. I learned they are shape shifters who can take on any imaginable shape or form. 

The Reason For Our Meeting 

Sherro said the reason for our meeting was to inform me that all inter-celestial beings from other galaxies were so concerned about the earth that they formed a special counsel called The Spiritual Council Of The Galaxy (S-COG).

This council was formed to keep watch over the planet earth because they feared if the earth was left unsupervised, it would be eventually be destroyed by a nuclear war, so the council was formed to prevent this from happening.

The council agreed to send 800,000,000 Args (800 million) to live on the earth, who would appear in human form, to protect the “good people” from all of the harm the “bad people” are causing.

Sherro explained all the recent tragedies, such as COVID-19, the flood in New Orleans, the Atlantic Hurricane, the Haiti Earthquake, Tropical Storm Grace, flooding around the world, the wildfires, civil unrest, and global warming, were all caused by corporate greed, political corruption, and powerful people with selfish interests!

So 800.000.000 Args are now living among us here on the earth, acting as the earth’s special guardians, to make sure the earth doesn’t end up getting to the point of no return.

We Are Surrounded By A Black Energy Vortex

All of the negative energy from all of these events is being sent into the atmosphere, where it has created a Black Energy Vortex of negative energy. This Negative Vortex is now swirling around the earth, literally sucking the Life Energy out of the auras of the “good people” on earth!

Sherro went on to explain to me how this Black Energy Vortex is the reason why many people on earth are feeling more anxious, paranoid, neurotic, depressed, tired, worn out, sad, and experiencing lower energy levels than ever before! All because this swirling Black Energy Vortex is literally sucking the positive energy out of their auras!

This Black Energy Vortex is also the reason we are seeing an increase in school shootings, rioting, violence against others, along with an increase in destructive weather patterns around the world, in places Louisiana, China, India, and Germany, along with all the destruction being caused by all of the tropical storms!

So, the Args came to protect the good people from the bad people because if the bad people don’t change – the earth will head deeper into even darker times.

The Negative Effects Of A Black Energy Vortex

Sherro said this Black Energy Vortex is a big concern because it continues to swirl round and round with a suction force more powerful than any tornado, sucking the Life Energy out of the people’s auras!

In case you’re not sure what an aura is, your aura is a colorful egg-shaped energy field surrounding your body. And what’s even more important to know is this: your aura is an outward projection of your soul!

So the reason the Args are here to help us is because this Black Energy Vortex is literarily sucking the soul out of you, along with the other people on earth!

So now you can understand why this is very serious because everyone on earth has an aura, so every single person on earth is being affected! 

In other words, every single person is having their soul sucked out… 

…and if this Negative Energy Vortex isn’t stopped soon, then it’s only a matter of time until every single on earth will be soul-less!

And what happens once a person’s soul has been completely sucked out? They start feeling soul-less – walking around like zombies inside!

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The Danger Of Becoming Soul-less

Sherro said if something isn’t done to stop this Negative Energy Vortex, will experience every person in the world, within the next 10 years, every person will be personally affected in the following ways:

 How this Negative Energy Vortex will personally affect everyone

– You will feel emotionally lifeless inside. Your emotions will feel “dead” and feeling joy will be a difficult thing to feel. Since emotional sensations are felt thru your soul, when people become soul-less, they won’t be able to really feel any emotions at all!

– Your energy will disappear, and you will feel tired all the time!

– Your personal, social, and professional interactions with others will become very disconnected because soul-less people are like walking zombies inside!

– The ability to feel love and receive love will disappear because, without a soul, people will feel emotionally flat inside!

– Your relationships with will start feeling robotic. Zombie-like, and lacking in human connection!

– Finances will eventually dry up because this Negative Energy Vortex will also suck all financial resources out of people’s lives!

– At work you’ll feel like you’re working with a bunch of zombies because everyone at work will be soul-less, too. Businesses will collapse due to having soul-less employees lacking in caring, enthusiasm, compassion, and motivating!

– With your soul being gone and no longer having a soul, you will reincarnate into a lower life form in your next life. Lower life forms include reincarnating as a dog, bug, oyster, or even a worm. Preventing people around the world from completing their karmic death and rebirth cycle!

– Personal motivation in all areas of your life will be sucked out of you by this vortex. Leaving you and all others feeling lost, dazed, confused.

And these are just a few of the things people will have to look forward to because it will also have a global effect on the entire world…

How this Negative Energy Vortex will personally affect the entire world

– Since others around you will also be soul-less, people will no longer feel connected, causing everyone to become distant, reclusive, and only out for themselves. We are already beginning to see this happening now with all the Karen’s, government control, corporate greed, conflicting news reports, and many other things in the world!

– Everything will become about money. So the remaining corporations will eventually replace people with robots because robots will be cheaper than paying for human labor. And the few working humans will be ruled by artificial intelligence and metal machines!

– People will become replaced in all professions. Robo cops will replace real cops, robotic workers will replace taxi drivers, bus drivers, store clerks, and even medical doctors!

– Population control will become mandatory, and like China, people will be told how many children they can have. This new law will eliminate and control the world population, so that robots and those who own them can control the human race!

– And many other disastrous things will happen!

Humans Are Already Feeling The Effects

Sherro said many humans are already experiencing the effects of this Negative Energy Vortex, such as:

– A loss of energy!

– Fatigue and lack of motivation!

– Current relationship problems!

– Problems finding love!

– Financial difficulties and setbacks!

– Feelings of depression and gloom hanging over their heads!

– Work problems!

– Loss of motivation!

– Friction with certain coworkers!

– Feeling stuck and unable to get ahead!

– Job loss!

AND this is just the beginning… 

Because as the Negative Energy Vortex continues to swirl round and round, more and more Life Force will continue to be sucked out of all human souls!

***There are even rumors that the Negative Energy Vortex was created by the Black Brotherhood as a way to take over the world and control mankind, but that’s a subject for another email… 

…but I can tell you there is more truth to this than rumor! 

But there is good news! 

How YOU Can Help Save The Planet!

Sherro said she was also sent here by The Spiritual Council Of The Galaxy (S-COG) to complete a mission. And that mission is to find 75 humans who are willing to help destroy this Negative Energy Vortex!

According to Sherro – the future of our planet depends on it!

So, I need your help!

Because with 7.9 billion people currently living on earth and only 800,000,000 Args living among us, they need our help BEFORE this vortex destroys the world!

So there is going to be a special training for 75 people, where Sherro herself is going to join me in training people!

During this special training with Sherro, 75 people will get iinitiated into The Spiritual Council Of The Galaxy. Making them members whose names will be recognized throughout the entire galaxy by all beings in the universe!

Next, this special group of 75 people will be taught how to perform an Energy Destruction Technique specially designed to instantly destroy the Negative Energy Vortex!

After everyone has been trained, the entire group will perform this Energy Destruction Technique together, which will release a powerful energy force into the universe and completely destroy the Negative Energy Vortex that is swirling around the planet!

Then when this LIVE 90-minute training on Zoom is over, the Negative Energy Vortex will be completely destroyed!

And the training is very easy-to-learn, we just need people to train!

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And Here’s More Exciting News! 

Anyone who joins this mission will find their energy, motivation, depression, sadness, and feelings of being stuck instantly disappear from their lives!

But that’s only there tip of the ice berg of the multitude of blessings you will receive for helping save the future of our planet! 

Anyone who joins this mission will also be rewarded for their selfless actions with the following blessings:

* Since your name will be recognized by every being throughout the entire galaxy, many beings from other planets will also bestow you and your loved ones with many blessings, as their way of thanking you!

* The Morcons from the planet Zarp will bless you and your loved ones with instant financial blessings – within 6 months after your training!

* The Catpos from the planet Caltor will bless you and your family with an abundance of good luck for the next 5 years! Money will flow to you and your loved ones as easily as water flows down a stream!

* The Rastapars from the planet Qulp will bless you and your family members with happiness in love!

Couples will become closer than ever and single people will be united with their true soulmate!

* The Jantox from the planet Doxpin will bless you, or those in your family who want children, with fertility success! Anyone in your family wanting children will become very fertile!

* The Gogs from the planet Xonix will bless you and your family members with business luck, career growth, and an abundance of financial success in all of these areas!


I couldn’t even begin to name the multitude of beings and the blessing they will bestow upon you in just one email!

But you will receive many, many more than I could ever mention here!

After this training, you will feel like you’ve hit the jackpot off life! 

So, I hope you will join me and Sherro on this special mission!

What To do Next

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Not only will your life become abundantly blessed afterwards, but you will be helping to make a mark in saving the future of the planet!

Thank you for taking the time to read my email!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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