My Latest Psychic Predictions For October 2021

Here are my most recent psychic predictions for October 2021. 




A well-known male will be discovered to be a serial killer. It will be discovered accidentally and many people are going to be shocked!

A new movie will be made about unvaccinated people getting a deadly virus. It will be viewed by some groups as the government using movies to create division between those vaccinated against COVID-19 and those who are not!

Another major star will see the end of his career after he is rightfully accused of sexually assaulting women in the past.





Restrictions and regulations surrounding COVID-19 are going to be put in place around the world causing outrage, rebellion, and protests.

Restrictions and regulations surrounding COVID-19 are going to be put in place around the world causing outrage, rebellion, and protests.

A serious war is going to break out in the Middle East, which is going to cause great concern in the USA and other parts of the world!

Relations between the US and China will strengthen, while relations between the US and Russia will be strained.

Putin will disappear from the public for a while, going into hiding for different reasons than the Russian media will report. Rumors will circulate he went into hiding out of fear of being assassinated

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Scientists will announce that they are getting closer to understanding Alzheimer’s disease and what causes it, which will help them prevent it in the future!

Scientists will discover that certain animals will begin to shapeshift to adapt to climate change, in order to avoid extinction.

A group of scientists will be discovered trying to bring the woolly mammoth back to life. They will announce they will not stop until they have been able to use DNA to successfully resurrect one.

Scientists will announce they are coming closer to understanding Alzheimer’s and what causes it, bringing them closer to being able to prevent it in the future! 


Health And Medicine


Several more variants of the Covid-19 virus will continue popping up. As herd immunity continues to grow, the virus will eventually fade out into the background and become something we hardly think about any longer.

A Medicare fraud scheme used to defraud elderly people out of millions of dollars will be uncovered! Many of the people involved will be government workers and receive only a slap on the wrist!

A new strain of MRSA virus will be found to be ten times deadlier than any other strains before, making COVID-19 look like babies play!

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Love And Relationships


October is the best time to think about proposing to the one you love. After October and until the end of the year, any marriage proposals will more likely be rejected.

Infidelity will be on the rise this month! People who suspect their spouse of cheating will discover they are right!

Most pregnancies that happen this month will have a higher chance of being twins!




The stock market will do well until the end of the year. Investments will stay strong and several financial gains will be made.

Gold prices will remain high with little chance of the prices going down any time soon. Silver prices will continue rising until November.

The real estate market will remain strong. This will be a good time to sell but not a good time to buy.





Along with Indonesia, China will be hit by yet another severe flood.

Snow will fall early in several midwestern states. Places like Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee will suffer severe weather conditions sooner than expected!

California, Washington State, and Oregon will enjoy unusually warm weather during their fall and winter times this year, and in the upcoming year, too.

China will experience another severe flood, along with Indonesia. Many lives will be lost and as a result of severe sickness from the sitting water. 


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  1. Sherrilyne Marshall says:

    I really enjoyed reading this it was very helpful.

  2. Abigail says:

    Great predictions. Interesting that you mentioned the Wooly Mammoth. I have had dreams for years that scientists have been working in private trying to discover how to bring back extinct species. If they can succeed with the WM….perhaps the Dinosaur Age will return. It’s all in the DNA sequencing. I have to would be beyond amazing if they could create a real WM. Can you imagine?

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