My Latest Psychic Predictions For September 2021

Here are my most recent psychic predictions for September 2021. 



A famous Hollywood personality will perish due to COVID-19, and it will be discovered they were vaccinated.

A well-known singer is going to have some photos leaked, which will place him in a very embarrassing situation with lots of questions being asked that he would prefer to avoid answering!

A popular Hollywood name is going to be discovered to be in a thruple! One of the other people involved will be a known name, while the third will not be famous at all.




More facilities around the world will be uncovered cloning other types of prehistoric animals with the aim of constructing a modern-day Jurassic Park.

As I had predicted a few months ago, that there would be the successful cloning of dinosaurs in secret labs, which was recently verified in the news. Now there are going to be more labs discovered around the world, who are cloning other types of prehistoric animals, with the hopes of creating a modern-day Jurassic Park.

More conflict will arise in the Middle East, with rumors the Taliban were allowed to take over Afghanistan with the secret support of a foreign government.

Hidden corruption in the Japanese government will come to light and this corruption will be found to have spilled over into the Olympics.

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We are going to hear about more and more breakthrough COVID-19 cases around the world. Scientists are going to begin asking questions to determine just how effective these vaccines really are?

More research into mushrooms and other types of fungus for their healing properties and abilities will take place behind closed doors. Eventually being announced that mushrooms and other fungi have the potential to be new cures for several diseases.

A new galaxy, not known about before, will begin to be talked about in scientific circles. Scientists will come to believe if life exists out there in the universe, this new galaxy would be where it is.


Health And Medicine


Cover-ups by big pharma and the government over the withholding of crucial COVID-19 information will be exposed.

Coverups by big pharma and the government regarding the withholding of important information related to COVID-19 are going to come to light. People will be outraged!

A new drug for impotence will be researched, showing that you only need to take it once a month because its effects will last for 30 days.

There is going to be the return of a disease, which was thought to no longer be a problem. Doctors and research labs will look at the COVID-19 vaccines as possibly being part of the reason this is happening.

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Love And Relationships 


Due to the effects of Venus and Pluto this month, sexual arousal will be at a high point. Expect your sexual desires and appetite to be more than usual, and you will also notice a more sexual vibe in your interactions with certain others.

This is not a month to make a proposal. You should put it off until next month when the planetary energies are more in favor of a successful marriage.

If you find yourself questioning your relationship this month, don’t act on it! Wait until next month and you may find these feelings have passed, being glad you didn’t act on them.




Many financial issues will be resolved, and you may be surprised by the extra cash in your pocket.

Money will strongly flow into people’s lives this month. Many financial problems will get solved and the extra cash in your pocket might surprise you. Use this extra money to buy something you’ve always wanted.

Not a good month for any kind of new investments. While the market will be strong, wait until next month to make any new major investments. The energy of October will be more in favor of this.

A large corporation will declare bankruptcy, causing several investors to get cold feet and cash in their stocks. This will cause further difficulty for the company, and without government intervention, it will fold.




Cold weather is going to hit early in several states, especially, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and several parts of Texas. Warm weather will bless many parts of the rest of the country.

Hailstorms, thunderstorms, and heavy snowfall are to be expected in many states around the country. People in these areas will claim it is some of the worst weather they’ve had in years. 

Parts of Europe are going to have unexpected fires. Ravaging through these areas and causing extreme damage. A religious institution will be affected and many relics will be destroyed. 


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4 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    I had to take the covid vaccine because my job made it mandatory. I believe it’s not all that effective because the vaccine is for a covid that came out 2 years ago, and that covid is long gone replaced by these variants. What can be done for those of us who already had to take the vaccine?

  2. Yen Ong says:

    Replying to Christina:

    Hi Christina, don’t take anymore of the shots.

    Go and find a kinesiologist who can help reduce the side effects and consequences of the vaccine.

    All the best.

  3. Irma says:

    Hi TANA, more money in September ? Are we getting another stimulus ? I know that they are sending another pandemic EBT food card for students. I’m curious about what disease is making a comeback ? Is CA Governor going to be recalled? I hope not, I like him. I don’t want a booster shot either. One of my brothers thinks that it’s “population control “ what they want. Thank you for the emails . Be blessed.

  4. Cristina Aguero says:

    Do you happen to have any posts about dreams and their meanings? My husband knew my mom before she passed. He told me he had a dream about her yesterday morning. First time ever. Said he wanted to cook her a big steak to make her happy but all he had were small steaks. It made me feel like she was trying to say something because I had a dream too the same morning . My mother was driving a car. She didn’t like to drive after our father passed and she ended up driving into a store when her brakes went out with us kids in the car. Real life. In the dream she was driving and wanted to turn the wheel left and I grabbed the wheel and turned it to the right. I feel my mom wants me to go one way but I’m choosing the other.

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