Streaks Of Bad Luck: Coincidence Or Bad Karma? – by Tana Hoy

Are you experiencing a downturn in your life, when events just seem to go wrong, one after another? Do you feel as though good luck is out of reach at the moment? If so, then you may be having a streak of bad luck.

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What Causes Bad Luck?

A bad turn in your luck is an unfavorable event beyond your control. Even worse, it often comes in streaks wherein one unfortunate situation is followed by more unfortunate events.

I’ve often witnessed this with my clients during my psychic readings, and I’ve seen series of unpleasant events happening one after the other, from within a span of a few hours to a several weeks.

Why Does It Happen?

Events in this world happen as a result of other events, so you can rule out the idea that the unfortunate happenings you’re experiencing are just coincidences. Yes, your misfortunes may seem like unconnected incidents, but are they really unconnected? Chances are, they’re not.

Is it bad luck or are you actually cursed?
Find Out Now if You’ve Been Cursed

More likely, the downturn in your life is a repercussion of a thought, emotion, intention, decision, or action that you made in the past (which could be yesterday, or in a previous life). This is called bad karma, also known as “the law of cause and effect” or “what you sow, so shall ye reap.”

You can imagine an act or decision you made in the past as a stone you dropped in a pond. The stone caused ripples which spread out throughout the water’s surface. At a certain point, depending on the circumstances, the ripples had reached the pond’s edge, and then they began to bounce back.

The ripples that bounced back in your direction are the series of seemingly unconnected events that you’re currently experiencing. Hardly, if ever, does it happen that there is only one ripple – ripples flow one after another, and it is the same with luck.

What To Do When You’re On A Losing Streak

Understandably, being on the low end of the pole can make you feel bad, but you don’t have to be defeated by it. Here are a few tips to get you back in control:

• Remember that the events are not permanent. Unless you keep putting “bad” stones in the pond (negative thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions), the ripples of bad events will eventually fade out.
• Get yourself out of the mud instead of wallowing in it. Treat yourself to your favorite ice cream, go watch a movie, or take a walk in the park. Then get back into the action – that is, go back to your normal life.
• Look at your situation in a positive light. The more you think that things will go wrong, the bigger the chances that they will. Remember that your mind is a very powerful psychic magnet – you attract what you think about.
In short, stop the cycle. Use the power of your mind to make your situation better. Think of good things, and good things will come to you.

Can Your Luck Be Changed?

You may not be able to turn your luck in a blink of an eye, but you can certainly turn the tides around. See your misfortune as a means for good luck to come shining through. Remember, you won’t know what light is until you’ve seen the dark.

Also, in the same way that bad luck is like ripples, so is good fortune. So if you drop “good” stones in the pond, that is, if you generate positive thoughts and actions, you can expect good results to come back to you. What’s more, good fortune comes in streaks, too!

What To Do Next

If you think that your luck has really run out, and you are in need of help, then I recommend having an accurate psychic reading. This will let you know if there are other forces at work that are causing the downturn of events in your life.

If they are at work in your life, I can show you what to do so that they can then be turned around. To schedule a psychic reading, visit here for more information.

7 Responses

  1. grace newman says:

    Totally right THOUGHTS ARE THINGS and your own manifestation of this life.
    Question is do we chose to come back for another life or perhaps there is work on the other side we can do?

  2. Jennifer Ung says:

    I really hope my reading with you does really turn my life around for good.

  3. Susan says:

    I am experiencing things for the last several years that make me feel like something else is at work.

    There are times that I think that the above information is true, but I have doubts as well because I know people that are very abusive, like poison, and yet have great “luck”…

  4. John says:

    For the past 2 years I’ve had this problem that I assume is a curse. For instance I was explaining to a friend one time about my life’s luck, and I had mentioned that I could not peel an orange without dropping it or something worse when I was explaining this to a friend I happen to be holding an orange that’s why I used the orange at that time for an example. Well after I get off the phone with my friend I went about peeling that oranges the damnedest thing happened I dropped it

  5. Tammy says:

    My luck is so bad at the moment, I can hardly afford to eat and pay for petrol. It’s been this was since early June and hasn’t stopped…. When will it ever end ?

  6. Dawn Gilbert says:

    I have had extremely bad luck for 10 years now not one thing has went right and I’m just wondering if 10 years is going to be the end what is the longest streak you’ve ever heard of and is there something I can do because I have a feeling it’s just not my karma it’s somebody working against me that’s got a higher power than me.

  7. Caliyah Bradshaw says:

    Things for me have been very weird since my 20th birthday. Before that it seemed like life was blissful, I was happy, abundant, loved, protected, etc. ever since my birthday, I have been depressed, lost loved one, had to move out of my home and back in with parents, car has broken down, had to get staples in my head,I have no money, account overdrawn, and now my iPhone has shut down for no reason, nothing seems to be going to well for me. has someone hexed me?

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