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A karmic relationship involves two individuals who are brought together in this life to balance their negative karma from a past life.

You may have heard this many times: “What goes around comes around”, and that’s the meaning of karma in a simple sentence.

Karma is an accumulation of the actions and deeds from your past lives, whether good or bad.

Karma is like baggage that you have to carry from lifetime to lifetime and it won’t disappear until you’ve paid your karmic debt.

So, the ultimate goal is to pay your karmic debt and generate as much good karma as you possibly can.


The Role Of Karma In Your Love Life


Karma plays a big role in many aspects of your life, especially in your love life because karma can mess with it if left unresolved.

Take this for an example.

You may have met someone that you think is the right one for you and developed a strong connection to this person.

But you find out later that things don’t really work out for the two of you because there are issues and problems preventing the two of you from being together in this lifetime.

And no matter what you do to make your relationship work, it just seems like the whole world is against the two of you.

This experience can be very painful, especially if you are really in love with that person.

The type of relationship described above is called a karmic relationship. A karmic relationship is a romantic bond you form with someone, which is not meant to be permanent, but rather to help you learn a lesson in this lifetime, so you can heal the pain leftover from your past life.

The sad truth is, karmic relationships can be painful and may leave you wondering what went wrong.

But you can definitely get over a karmic relationship because karmic relationships are your life for a reason.


Signs Of A Karmic Relationship


The first sign of being in a karmic relationship is the presence of repeating patterns.

If you and your partner seem to be having the same undesirable actions, arguments, or misunderstandings, which cause you to be on and off in your relationship, chances are, you two are in a karmic relationship.

This kind of behavior can cause you and your partner to be destructive and stagnant, so it’s best if you watch out for this sign.

Jealousy is another sign of a karmic relationship. It can be scary to think that you might lose the person you love, but being jealous only restricts you from fully supporting and loving your partner or vice versa.

Being jealous can also lead to a lot of not-so-good emotions, such as obsession, possessiveness, and irritability.

Another sign that you are in a karmic relationship is selfishness.

If you and your partner always put your needs before the needs of the other and serve to protect your self-interest only, then the two of you are in a karmic relationship.

The last indicator of a karmic relationship is anger.

You and your partner seem to be always mad at each other or easily get angry at each other over the smallest of things.

If the relationship makes you angry and exhausts you endlessly, then that relationship is karmic in nature.


Karmic Relationships Have Benefits, Too


While you may think that karmic relationships are all painful and sad, karmic relationships have benefits, too.

The first advantage of being in a karmic relationship is being able to clear the karma you have accumulated in relation to that person.

Being an avenue for personal growth is another benefit of a karmic relationship.

The last benefit of karmic relationships is you will usually meet your true soulmate after the healing and ending of a karmic bond.


Getting Over A Karmic Relationship


The first step in getting over a karmic relationship is not being too hard on yourself for being in one.

It is important for you to keep in mind that being in a karmic relationship is necessary for your spiritual growth, so you can easily forgive yourself and move on. 

By practicing forgiveness, you prevent blaming yourself or your partner and free yourself from any negative emotions that may harm you.

The step to healing is maintaining distance from your ex by not responding to your ex’s texts all the time, not meeting him or her for dinner, or avoiding opening your door when he or she knocks because it is essential because you have to give yourself some time to heal before contacting your ex again.

After giving yourself time to heal from the memories of your ex, the last step in the process of healing is reflecting on all of the lessons meant to be learned.

By pondering upon all of the lessons you learned, you can heal the karma you have carried in relation to that person, and move towards a better, more empowered love life.


What To Do For Better Healing


There are times when people follow all of the steps in healing from a karmic relationship, yet they still feel like nothing is working. The truth is, the steps work, but sometimes it could be very difficult, especially if you were extremely attached to the person you had a karmic relationship with. 

Since the karmic bond that you have with that person has been accumulated over your past lives, consulting a psychic regarding your karmic relationship can help, because a vast amount of information about your karmic bond can be revealed through a reading.

Plus, you can always voice out your feelings and thoughts to a psychic without prejudice, so that your psychic can help you deal with the leftover feelings you may have and show you how to use the lessons you learned for a more amazing love life.

Whether you are aware of it or not, karma affects your love life. While karmic relationships can be hurtful, they are essential for you to go thru, so you can eventually find your true soulmate.

If you’ve been in a karmic relationship, you can schedule a reading to find out what your past lives were together, the lessons you were meant to learn, and how you can best move on from here.

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