Can you feel your angels right now?

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Did you know that your Guardian Angels will gently nudge you when they have something to tell you?

What I mean is that you may get a feeling that you need to have a psychic reading, and you will feel an inner pulling to have one. This is because the only way they have for you to hear what they have to say is by talking to you thru someone who can hear their voices.

The problem is, most people do not listen to that inner pulling, so they miss out on hearing the warnings, guidance, or help that their Guardian Angels are trying to tell them.

How to talk to angels

Here are some of the many reasons your Guardian Angels will nudge you:

– They nudge you because they have something they want to warn you about.

– They nudge you when they want to give you useful information.

– They nudge you when someone you love is lying or cheating on you, and you need to know the truth!

– They nudge you when an opportunity is coming along and they don’ t want you to miss out on it!

– They nudge you when you have an unseen health problem that could turn into a serious situation if you don’t find out about it quickly!

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I received an interesting email about this from someone the other day, and here is what she wrote:

Dear Tana, 

I had been feeling something inside me tell me it was time for me to schedule a reading with you! But I kept putting it off by telling myself I didn’t have the money for it. To be honest with you, I just ignored the feeling. 

I can get tight with myself sometimes. What I mean by this is that I will spend money on everyone else, but when it comes to myself, I always think of reasons never to spend money on myself! Having a reading with you was one of those times I was being tight with myself. 

But after a few weeks, the feeling that I needed a reading got so strong that I couldn’t sleep at night! So I had to listen to it and call your office and set up a reading. 

Tana, that was the best money I ever spent on myself, and let me tell you why. During our reading the first thing you asked me was “Who is Dan.?” Tana, I immediately told you that Dan is my husband! I was literally shocked that his name was the first thing that came out of your mouth! 

You then asked me “Who is Sylvia?” When I told you that was my sister, you immediately said you did not know how to tell me this in any gentle way, and then you tried to be as sensitive as any person could be when you told me my husband has been sleeping with my sister! 

Tana, my mouth dropped! Not because of what you told me, but because that was what I had called to ask you about, and I didn’t even have to say a thing, because you already knew their names, and why I was calling! 

I set up cameras just like you told me to do because you said that was the only way I would ever catch them! I caught them, and they still say it is not them in the video, even though it is my bedroom they were in! 

I wanted to thank you for telling the truth, because my husband and my sister have told me for years that I am a crazy b***ch for thinking that way, and they also tried to convince me I needed psychiatric help for what they called my “sick mind”! 

I have realized my sister and soon to be ex-husband have the sick minds! 

Tana, thank you so much! I am divorcing my husband, going to finally be happy, and my attorney told me I will come out in a very good financial situation after the divorce! 

Thank you for helping me to see that I was not crazy after all these years! 

I adore you Tana Hoy!!! 

A client forever,

Tara J. – Mobile, AL 

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This was a case where her angels nudged her, and she listened! I receive literally hundreds of emails like this one, and I wanted to sure it!

When your angels want to tell you something, make sure to listen. because unless you are able to hear their voices yourself, speaking through an experienced Psychic Medium is the only way they have for you to be able to hear what they are saying.

I hope this helped you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Jennai Barnes says:

    That is amazing however with things being what they are I truly cannot afford a reading with you. I often hear my grandmother tell me to be patient when I get angry or frustrated with people , perhaps I just need to hone my gifts.

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