Can You Trust Your Intuition?


You’re driving along a dark road to a friend’s house one moonless night, when suddenly you feel the urge to turn back for no reason at all!

What to do?

Should you follow your gut feeling or ignore it, placing more importance on your meeting with your friend?

If you trust your inner self, the right thing to do would be to slow down right away and then make a U-turn. The intuitive feeling you have is a clear warning sign that something will happen if you proceed to your destination.

Intuition is a built-in safety mechanism in all of us. It works independent of the mind and is known as our sixth sense. Even if you ignore it or don’t believe in what it is telling you to do, your intuition is still there and will never leave you.

If you insist on ignoring it, you will eventually realize your own folly when your stubbornness results in something that could be unpleasant happening to you.


How Early Humans Survived and Thrived


Since prehistoric times, humans have been using their extra sensory perception to thrive and survive. Despite their lack of basic language skills, communicating with each other through guttural sounds and hand gestures, early humans managed to stay alive—fighting off ferocious wild animals and taming the inhospitable land they were in.

How did they do it?

They used their instincts, also known as intuition. Their gut feelings alerted them to the presence of dangers around them, and they worked together to conquer the most savage beasts and most challenging environment the world has ever known.

The situation is not much different today. Despite all the modern and sophisticated tools at our disposal, our inner selves still rely on our innate ability to sense danger. You’ve probably experienced it countless times in your life.

Have you experienced that sense of dread when your hairs stand up or you feel cold shivers down your spine for no apparent reason? That’s the gut feeling that grips you when you’re facing a warning or unseen danger you need to know about.


Examples of Intuition in Daily Life


Your intuition is at work all the time, and its purpose is not just to keep you safe but to open your mind to the realities around you as well. Your intuition also sparks your intellect and provides you with useful ideas to enhance your life.

This is the compelling reason why you need to further develop your intuitive abilities. Not only can your sixth sense help you make the right choices in life, but it can also protect you and your loved ones from danger.

Your intuition can manifest in simple ways, such as when you have to choose between two different brands of toothpaste to buy or something more complex, such as having to choose between two job offers. When presented with such a dilemma, all you have to do is listen to the voice inside you. When the intuitive message comes, follow it and don’t look back!

Here are other ways when your intuition comes into play:

  • When you’re introduced to a new co-worker or a prospective friend, you look at the person’s face and you seem to know right away what kind of person you’re facing – even if that person has not said a word to you yet.

What happens here is that your mind takes a quick search of its countless files and matches the face you see to one that fits in your gargantuan unconscious catalog of memories and knowledge. You get a “hunch” about that person, and in most cases, it will prove to be true.

  • When you’re in a classroom and the teacher asks a difficult question that not one among your classmates can answer, you suddenly get the urge to raise your hand. When the teacher calls you, you correctly answer the question to your own amazement. That’s your intuition at work!
  • You’re thinking of someone and you get the urge to call that person, but before you can press the person’s number on your cellphone, your phone rings and guess who’s on the other end of the line – that someone.


Why You Should Always Follow Your Intuition


Never contradict your intuition or dismiss it. It’s as clear as reading a street sign. If you’re crossing a railroad track and you see a “Stop” sign, you don’t ignore the sign and step on the gas, unless you’re suicidal.

Pay heed and trust your intuition at all times. It will never let you down. When faced with several choices, don’t overthink things and just trust your intuition to point you in the right direction.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a person you barely know and you have to make a decision right away on a plan being presented you by that person, just follow your hunches. Even if the plan being presented to you looks promising and would presumably earn you huge profits, you have to back away if your intuition tells you not to proceed.

Your five senses are too limited to see the big picture, but your sixth sense is not limited and it can alert you if there’s danger ahead.

Your intuition is especially useful in love relationships. Sometimes, emotions blind us to the truth right in front of us. It’s as if we’ve put a blindfold on ourselves as we navigate through a churning river, just like what Sandra Bullock did in “Bird Box.”

You may think you’re so in love with your significant other while deceiving yourself into thinking that your relationship can survive whatever crisis that comes along – even if your partner is showing all the wrong signals and your intuition is relaying those signals to you.

If you persist in wearing that blindfold, if you continue ignoring your intuition, you’ll be courting disaster.

At work, you should also pay heed to what your body is telling you. When your workload becomes too heavy, and you suddenly develop a huge headache and you can’t think clearly, those are clear signs that you should take a break and rest before something more alarming happens to you. Those signs are triggered by your intuition.

To go back to the question in the title of this blog, “Can You Trust Your Intuition?” the answer is a resounding “YES!” Never doubt, never waver in your trust.

Your intuition is the voice of your higher self or your Guardian Angel telling you what’s best for you.

If you’d like to know more about your intuitive side, you can schedule a psychic reading where we can explore this sacred part of yourself in deeper detail. To schedule a reading with me, call 614-444-6334, or click here to fill out a request form for someone to call you back.


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