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Clairvoyance came from the French words, “clair” meaning clear, and “voyance” meaning seeing. Clairvoyance means clear seeing.

Of all the abilities that psychics possess, perhaps one of the most fascinating is clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to use one’s senses (beyond the physical senses) in order to gain information and insight about a person, object, event, or location.

Clairvoyance can also refer to the ability of a psychic to be able to “see” into the future.  Who doesn’t want to have a glimpse into their tomorrow, so that they are able to get make the most of their future? Who doesn’t want to know what will happen next, so that they will always come out on top?

If you had clairvoyant abilities, wouldn’t you want to be able to use it so that you’ll always know the answers, always bet on the winning horse (so to speak), and always be able to amaze other people with how “lucky” you are?

Of course, the ability to “see” into the future is not as simple as turning on a channel on a television. But a clairvoyant who is attuned to these sensitive abilities is very accurate at clearly predicting the future.


So, the question here is: why can’t clairvoyants predict their own future?


If it were that simple, there is no question that clairvoyants would be the most powerful and richest people in the world. A clairvoyant would be able to pick the right lottery numbers every time, or choose which stocks to invest in, or even which romantic partner would give them their best future.

If only life were so easy, but even clairvoyants don’t have that kind of free pass.

There are actually two factors that influence a clairvoyant’s ability to “see” into their own future.

Just like other people, those who are born with the gift of being extra-sensitive to the psychic world, or clairvoyants, struggle with everyday life where they must make choices, take risks, do hard work, and make sacrifices. In all these actions, there is one controlling factor: free will. This is the first factor.

The second factor is personal attachment.

Personal attachment is the reason why some particular groups of people are not allowed to work in their careers when they have a personal attachment to a particular circumstance. Lawyers and doctors, for example, are discouraged to work with a client or patient to whom they are personally related to, because their personal attachment may affect their ability to be objective in their work.

Personal subjectivity is the second factor that affects clairvoyants and makes them unable to see their own future.

Taken together, these two factors will effectively prevent any clairvoyant from being able to accurately see their own future. Personal subjectivity will dictate a person’s stake in any outcome, and of course, when it comes to their own future, clairvoyants will want to make sure that they have the best outcome possible.

This kind of personal hope towards a certain outcome will affect how any clairvoyant sees into their future because there is a ring of truth in the saying: people see what they want to see. After all, clairvoyants are human, too!

Between these two factors, free will has a more powerful effect on a clairvoyant’s future, simply because free will affects one’s current choices and emotions, which will, in turn, affect the future in ways that one can never really foresee.


The Clear Pond Theory


Imagine, if you will, a calm pond. The surface is still and unbroken, and there is nothing inside the pond itself to break the stillness of the water.

Now imagine throwing one – and just one – stone into this pond. Of course, you will be able to predict the outward ripples from the point of entry of the stone into the water.

If you throw in two stones at two different sites, you can still predict the outward ripples to some extent, even if these ripples overlap.

Now imagine the same pond, but this time, have yourself, as well as all your friends, relatives, loved ones, and even acquaintances, throwing stones into the pond. Not only will it be impossible to predict the pattern of the ripples, but it might even be too difficult to see the ripples from your own cast stone!

This is the same effect that free will has on the future: a single choice made because of free will has a “ripple” effect, which in turn affects the decisions and choices of those around you.

The best that a clairvoyant can do, in order to see their own future, is to be able to seek their own insight from another trusted psychic, when it comes to their choices and decisions. Possessing a deep self-awareness, as well as an awareness of the people and events around, can help a person make an informed, intelligent decision so that they can have the best outcome possible.

And this is where the benefit of a subjective psychic reading comes in when you are wanting to make better choices for your future!

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