Do Guardian Angels Need Wings To Travel?


Do Guardian Angels Need Wings To Travel?

Angels are light beings made of pure energy and love.

There are few symbols in the world that are as iconic as the wings of an angel.

People from all over the world, from different cultures and walks of life, are familiar with the form and the power represented by angel wings.

How to talk to angels

We see winged angels in buildings, paintings, statues, jewelry, and even tattoos, but…

…do angels really need wings to travel?

Now, this question may have entered your mind at one point or another, but before I reveal to you the secret behind an angel’s wings, first, let’s talk about what angels are.


What Are Angels?


As powerful beings of light, angels are made from pure energy and love.

Angels are created perfectly and they are a separate race from humans. They have never walked the earth as humans and they dwell in the celestial realms.

While there are many kinds of angels, the type of angel closest to humans is the Guardian Angel. Guardian Angels are assigned to a person before they are reborn into each life.

Your Guardian Angels know everything about you and have accompanied you through many, if not all of your past lives. They also know your life’s purpose, and in each lifetime, they will be with you from the moment of your birth until your last breath.

A person typically has more than one Guardian Angel – some even have up to 30 Guardian Angels!

Now that you know what an angel is, let’s talk more about their angelic form.


The Anatomy Of An Angel


Angels are a wondrous sight to behold.

Ancient recordings tell of the indescribable beauty of an angel – a sight that’s often too glorious for the human eyes.

A lot of ancient texts claimed that humans were incapable of seeing an angel, as their true form is made of pure energy.

However, as the time when on, ancient seers, who came before today’s modern psychics, learned how to raise their own spiritual energy in order to be able to see angels clearly in their true form.

So angels started taking on a more familiar form, so people would be able to recognize them right away, even though they don’t have a physical body.

Angels often appear with a body and facial features similar to a human. While their physical features and clothing may change, depending on the culture of a particular place, one thing remains constant – the glorious pair of wings stretching out from their backs.


The Mystery of Angel Wings


Do Guardian Angels Need Wings To Travel?

Angels are commonly depicted as winged creatures. Wings are an important part of them because these allow them to travel fast and help those who need them.


The first known depiction of an angel with wings is on Prince’s Sarcophagus, found at Sarigüzel, near Istanbul, and is dated between 379 and 395.

The ancient man described angels with wings and said they brought messages from the Spirit World to mankind. Their wings represent their ability to travel without restriction between the physical world and the celestial world.

Some ancient books would say the wings of an angel represent their authority as celestial beings. These winged immortals are superior to humans in intellect and strength, which is why humans always turn to them for help and guidance.

But, even with all their celestial power, angels cannot be everywhere all at once –and this is where the magic of their wings comes in.


Why Angels Need Their Wings To Travel


Imagine having to take care and safeguard someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week – it would be physically impossible, wouldn’t it?

But when you have wings, which you can use to travel anywhere, within the blink of an eye, taking care of someone becomes an easier task.

And since they’re divine beings, angels aren’t bound by the Laws of Physics. Their pure energy form allows them to instantly appear anywhere! Even though these winged protectors can’t be everywhere all at once, they can immediately reach you when you need them.

Wings also give angels the ability to travel from one dimension to another, making them the perfect messenger. If you need to talk to other higher beings, or if you need the help of stronger angels, such as the archangels, your Guardian Angel can easily fly to them and relay your messages.


Other Uses Of Angel Wings


Do Guardian Angels Need Wings To Travel?

The wings of angels are also used to provide physical or spiritual protection.

Aside from enabling angels to travel at superhuman speed, their magnificent wings have other purposes, too, such as:

Safety and Protection

Your Guardian Angels can cover you with their wings when you are in need of physical or spiritual protection.

Angel wings are made of pure energy, so they can deflect negative energy, like psychic attacks or even physical attacks. Preventing them from inflicting harm on you.

A perfect example of this is a story I was told by a soldier who fought bravely in Iraq. He spoke of directly being in the line of fire saying all he could do was close his eyes and wait for his inevitable death.

As he closed his eyes, he felt a breeze on his face, and then he instantly felt at peace, as if a blanket of serenity was placed over him. And when he opened his eyes, he was shocked to find the bullets just passed right by him!

In the corner of his eye, something glittered, and he saw a pair of golden feathers on the rocks. This was when he knew that only a few moments ago, his Guardian Angel’s wings were curled around him, protecting him from certain death.


Understanding The Powers Of Your Guardian Angels


Most people don’t realize how vital it is to have the guidance and protection of your angels. If you are not utilizing the help of your angels, it’s like you are throwing their limitless power away.

Your angels want nothing but the best for you and are always ready to help, but you must learn how to ask them for their guidance.

I can teach you how to open your mind and your heart to the secret ways of your Guardian Angels. I’ve fostered a strong relationship with my angels since I was young, and I’ve helped countless others build connections to their own angels.

If you want to know more about your angels, their celestial powers, and how they work in your life, you can contact my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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