Elementals: How To Access Their Magical Powers


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Elementals are mystical beings that manage the forces of nature.

Elementals are Earth Spirits who tend to the four elements of the earth, air, fire, and water, as well as man’s spiritual concerns.

Also referred to as nature Spirits, elementals usually live in plants, trees, bogs, rivers, minerals, and mountains. In ancient times, elementals were often revered as gods and deities.

There are many kinds of elementals and I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the powerful creatures I’ve listed below.


Earth Elementals


Earth elementals are gnomes, dwarves, and giants, are just a few types of elementals and their roles are to work with the earth and use its grounding powers.

Earth elementals are nature spirits that take care of the earth through all the cycles of the seasons. They serve at the physical level and make sure that all living creatures get what they need from the earth to survive.

There are billions of earth elementals out in the world today, and they are tirelessly working to clean the earth from pollutants and poisons. They help us by removing toxic wastes and other dangerous chemicals, which are bad for plants, animals, and humans.

Aside from their physical work, earth elementals also help us on a spiritual level – a task even harder than cleaning up the planet. Earth elementals clean up the negativity that humans imprint on the earth’s energy levels, such as hatred, conflicts, wars, and violent crimes.


Air Elementals

Sylphs, fairies, and wisps, are just a few of the earth elementals known to man. Just like the wind, they are always in motion, and just like the air, they can be anywhere and everywhere at once – they can travel instantaneously.

Air elementals have ethereal bodies that can transform into any shape as they fly through the air. They bear life-sustaining powers which nourish all living things and purify the atmosphere using the breath of the Spirit.

Air elementals also bear the task of purifying man’s mental levels, as air also relates to a person’s state of mind. They have the power to clear negative thoughts that give way to jealousy, anger, and hatred.

Fire Elementals

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The phoenix is a fire elemental, the elementals which are imbued with the power of fire.

Fire elementals are often grouped as salamanders, phoenixes, and dragons.

These elementals are imbued with the power of fire. Born out of the fire element, they bear one of the most important tasks in the Universe – bestowing the fires of creation to all things.

Salamanders give energy to all things so that life on earth can be sustained. They also lend mankind the fire of industry and advancement.

Fire elementals also have the power to clean out impurity from the energy of people. They can purge negative and impure thoughts from the mind.

Water Elementals

The water elementals are the undines, sirens, and mermaids. 

The undines are fish-like beings known for their beauty and ability to change their form. The tides, along with the weather over the water, are often under the control of the undines.

Undines recharge the electromagnetic field of the waters using their power. They also use their elemental energy to cleanse the waters, too.

Undines also have the ability to clear the emotional pollution, which plagues people. They can clear our emotional and subconscious aspects, as well as remove feelings like anxiety, greed, and selfishness.

There are more elementals than what I’ve included here, especially those that are indigenous to certain parts of the world.

I also have not included elves with a specific type of element since they almost always embody all four of the elements in their powers, duties, and characteristics, and they are also one of these magical beings who are in contact with humans the most.


What Powers Do Elementals Have?


Elementals have the power of clairvoyance – they can see the future, possessing psychic knowledge of things that are happening in a different place and a different time.

Most elementals have the ability to read minds or tune into emotions, and they can also change their shape at will.

Their psychic abilities are notably greater than humans, simply because they are more attuned to the pure power of the Universe and nature.


Why Are Elementals Invisible To Most People?


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The psychic ability that elementals have is clairvoyance, they can read minds and can see the future.

Elementals are all around us. They are in our houses, gardens, offices, on beaches, and even in our schools. So, why do they remain hidden from us?

Mostly, it’s because people have chosen to be blind to elementals, and most people don’t even believe elementals exist! So they have chosen to remain hidden from people for fear of being exploited or used for the magical powers they possess.

But, you can always ask elementals to lend their powers to you, to help you increase your own psychic ability, or to help you in your endeavors.


Tips For Harnessing The Powers Of Elementals


Most people think you need to do difficult incantations or complex magical rituals to ask for the help of elementals or benefit from their powers. But that can’t be farther from the truth.

You can easily begin to draw elementals into your life and ask for their help in the following ways:

  1. Believe that elementals exist.
  2. Meditate in nature so that you can be closer to elementals and more attuned to their energy.
  3. Communicate with elementals and ask them to be with you and to help you.
  4. Make your surroundings attractive to elementals by cultivating nature and adding natural elements into your home.
  5. Be a good person who shows love and gratitude (elementals mirror back our own behavior).
  6. Care for animals, plants and flowers, and surround yourself with their energy every day.
  7. Talk to them silently or out loud. They love communication with humans who are of a pure heart.
  8. Ask how you can also help them in return and watch for their signs.
  9. Sing, dance, and play often, because elementals love playfulness, fun, and laughter.
  10. Leave them a gift to show your gratitude. Fairies love sparkly things, and other elementals love crystals, sweet treats, and music.


I have been in contact with elementals my whole life.

At a young age, I’ve seen their powers at work almost on a daily basis. I’ve seen how their powers can help people and how the people who are favored by elementals become very happy and content with their lives.

If you want to know more about elementals and their amazing powers, you can schedule a psychic reading with me by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and someone will contact you soon.


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