Get Ready! Energy Tidal Waves Are Coming!

Well, with all we’ve been experiencing lately, the last thing we need is more unexpected surprises!

So thankfully, I am able to give you plenty of warning to prepare for what’s coming ahead!

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, then you know I always keep people informed about any upcoming energy shifts that are going to hit the planet.

So get ready, because tidal waves of negative energy are going to be hitting the earth soon!

Let me explain…

Bad energy like this, starts with what is called Tidal Waves Of Negative Energy (TWONE).

And as I have explained in my emails in the past, it is very important to make sure you are protected from these Tidal Waves Of Energy because anyone who is not protected will experience major fallout from it – for at least 14 months after it hits!

What Causes These Tidal Waves Of Energy?

People often ask me what causes these Tidal Waves Of Energy to hit the planet.

This planet was here way before the first human ever inhabited it and the earth functions according to its own natural laws. In other words, the planet Earth is a living, growing, ever-changing, organism.

Since the Earth is a living organism, floating in the cosmos, energy is constantly radiated from the cosmos towards the earth to help cleanse, balance, and realign, the energies of this planet.

And the more negative energy build-up this planet experiences, the stronger the Tidal Wave Of Energy will be that is going to hit the planet!

What is causing this massive build-up of negative energy on this planet is all the fear in the minds of people all over the world, regarding the Coronavirus. And this “fear energy” is building up and creating an imbalance on planet earth! So, these cleansing energies hit the earth like a Tidal Wave fro clear out all the negative energy!

Because negative energy build-up on the planet causes the earth to act in weird ways, and that is not a good thing when it happens! So, the cosmos naturally radiate cleaning energy to prevent a cosmic blow-up! (Remember the Ice Age?)

Unfortunately, these cosmic energies are not meant to balance, cleanse, or align, the energy of humans, so therefore, these energies were not designed to benefit us. Remember, we are only temporary guests living here.

Because the human energy field (known as the aura) is not the same vibrational frequency as the cosmic energies being radiated downward from the cosmos, when this cosmic energy hits the human aura, it produces negative effects on our energy fields.

Again, this energy was not designed to benefit us.

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When This Is Going To Hit

The earth goes in cycles, so these negative energy cycles, like the Energy Tidal Waves, are unavoidable.

We are pretty lucky because this is really the first time since 2018 that a Negative Energy Tidal Wave is going to hit the planet again!

Starting after August 1st, 2020, the doors to the 44th Dimension will close, and then the earth is going to be pummeled with this negative energy and this energy is really going to play havoc in people’s lives!

So I wanted to warn everyone so they can be prepared for this “negative energy hit”! Once this energy hits the earth, unprotected people can expect to experience:

– Extreme mood swings

– Bouts of depression

– Anxiety

– Overwhelming fear

– and many of things I prefer not to mention

The reason for this havoc is because when a person has a weak energy field (their aura) this negative energy will penetrate it! And just like a sponge absorbs water, their aura fully absorbs this negative energy, causing all the problems I just mentioned above!

How These Cosmic Radiations Will Affect You

When this energy hits your aura (your human energy field), the results can be disastrous, causing all kinds of unwanted mishaps and fallout in your life!

But the good news is that you can protect yourself from it! But if a person is not protected from this Energy Tidal Wave, after it hits, all kinds of chaos will follow in their life.

Why Being Unprotected Is Like Throwing Yourself Into A Rapidly Spinning Washer 

Even after I warned people about the last Energy Tidal Wave in 2018, can you believe that some people still decided to “take a chance”?


I wanted to share what a client who decided not to get protected, and instead “take a chance”, wrote me after it hit: 

“The way I would describe the effects of being hit by this Energy Tidal Wave felt like I threw myself into a washer, turned on the rapid spin cycle, and got stuck there for the next14 months. And 14 months later, it finally stopped spinning! Then once I crawled out, I felt all frazzled, disoriented, out of whack, and a little bruised up! And it took me months to recover from the financial, emotional, and physical damage I experienced afterwards before my life started to feel reoriented again! I will NEVER ignore getting protected from an Energy Tidal Wave – ever again! That was a very hard lesson to learn. And all I keep thinking about is all of it could have been avoided, if only I had listened to you, Tana!”


So not getting protected from these energies is the same as getting into a washer, putting it on a rapid spin cycle, and staying in it for the next year or more!

When this can all be avoided by just getting protected!

A Common Question People Ask About This Protection

People often ask me if there is anything they can do themselves to be protected from these negative energies?

The answer is “NO”…and I will tell you why…

If you were dealing with Lower Vibrational Negative Energies (LVNE), such as negative thoughts from others being directed towards you, for example, you could easily surround yourself with white light and protect yourself from this lower vibrational energy relatively easily.

But since we are talking about powerful Cosmic Energies, which are being radiated from the Cosmos towards the earth, you are dealing with powerful cosmic energies that have a destructive energy radiation.

To give you a comparison, the energy being radiated from the negative thoughts of others can be compared to a gentle misting of rain. The negative energies being radiated from the cosmos towards the earth can be compared to a Tsunami that hit in Indonesia!

So to be protected from this type of Energy Tidal Wave hitting the earth, it requires the help of a professional who knows what they are doing. This is why I spend 8 hours or more in mediation on Fridays, and 10 to 14 hours astral traveling to different dimensions on Saturdays, so I will know what to do when these types of unexpected situations happen!

And during my meditations and astral travels, I receive training on the protection techniques I need to use to protect people. Interestingly, I am usually trained by the Archangel Michael and Saint Germain, especially when it comes to matters related to Energy Tidal Wave Protection (ETWP). 

Will Everyone Be Affected?

People ask me if everyone will be affected by this energy. The answer is “YES”!

The severity of the effects it will have on each person will depend on their karma, their past lives, their soul propensity, their chakric makeup, and many, many other factors.

Everyone who is not protected will be affected by this. Some people will experience less severe negative effects than others, and others will experience more severe negative effects than others. Again, the severity of the effects a person experiences depends on the factors I previously mentioned.

Are You Protected From Past Protection Work We’ve Done?

I know many people will wonder if they are going to be affected by this if they have already had any of the other special types of protections I’ve offered in the past, and the answer is “No! The other protection work WILL NOT protect you from this because Energy Tidal Waves require a special type of protection of their own, due to their powerful and unique vibrational makeup and nature!

When Is It Going To Hit The Earth

The Energy Tidal Wave is going to hit the earth on August 1st, 2020 and the negative effects it will create on unprotected people’s lives will last until approximately October 15th, 2023.

Will I Be Affected Once I Am Protected? 

Protected people will not experience any effects at all! As a matter of fact, they won’t even realize the earth has been hit!

How To Make 100% Sure you are Protected And Not Affected!

So, if you want to make sure you are fully protected and be guaranteed not to have to worry about you and your loved ones being severely affected by the 3-years of fallout from this Energy Tidal Wave, after it hits, then it’s time to take action now, and grab one of the limited Energy Wave Protection spaces before they are all filled up!

Unfortunately, I am only able to offer limited spots for this protection, so as always, these limited spaces will go really fast! Especially since people who “decided to take a chance” in the past, have learned it was not the wisest thing to do, so they will be the first ones to sign up for this – right away!


As one person told me “Tana, last time one of these Energy Tidal Waves hit, I thought to myself “It won’t affect me, so I don’t need to get protected!” And boy oh boy did I learn a hard lesson! My life felt like it was caught in a destructive tornado! And the fallout afterwards, felt like a giant hurricane had swept through and tore up my entire world! Never again will I ever ignore your emails about Energy Tidal Waves. I now know they are very real!” 


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If you don’t take action now, this may well be your LAST CHANCE to get protected! And after all we’ve been going through lately, we all don’t need any more fallout in our lives!

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Thanks so much for reading my emails, and I hope I was able to explain this clearly and I’m glad I was able to give you plenty of advance warning!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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