My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (May release) psychic predictions

I am excited to share my latest psychic predictions with you because there are some fascinating and interesting events in the works, as you are about to read. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about them. 




Unfortunately, a famous Hollywood personality will die from the Coronavirus.

A well-known Hollywood name will announce they are having twins.

A new service similar to Netflix will come on the scene, acquiring several thousand members before it even launches.




China will form an alliance with the US, which will begin the start of a friendlier and more amicable relationship between the two countries.

Russia will begin pulling some moves that appears it is trying to dominate the world. They will be unsuccessful.

The US president will lose the respect of certain European countries and this will affect the USA’s political relationship with them.

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A bionic eye, which can give a person robot-like vision will be announced to be in the works of development.

Advances in teleportation will make progress and successful experiment results will be announced.

A type of flying saucer being designed in Russia will be in the works, which will utilize what some might call “alien technology”. 


Health And Medicine


Preventive measures will be discovered soon to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, which will allow life to go on as before.

A universal vaccine that will protect people from all flus and colds will soon be announced to be in the testing phase.

A cure for HIV will become more of a possibility in the months ahead.

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Love And Relationships


Many people will find new love in their lives during this time, due to having more time to spend getting to know their love interests.

There will be a rise around the world in the birth of triplets, especially in India and Europe.

People who are in the middle of divorce may find their love rekindled and their relationship becoming stronger than ever.




The US stock market will make a major rebound by the end of the year and many people will prosper from it.

Gold prices are going to fluctuate, making it a risky investment at the moment.

Then Japanese yen is going to drop, but then it will quickly rise back up again.




Due to weather changes, the mosquito population will be on the rise in places like Texas, Florida, Kentucky and Indiana, causing new cases of illness from mosquito bites to be on the rise.

Iceland will experience unusual weather for the rest of the year.

Another flood could soon affect New Orleans causing many people to lose their homes and their lives.


There are more of my psychic predictions for 2020 and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Rosemary McDonald says:

    Hi Tana
    Thanks for your messages and predictions
    I’m wondering do you see that vaccines are safe and effective
    So many people now believe they cause harm, death and are being used to make people dependant on big pharma
    Lots of your predictions talk about a new vaccine for this and that


  2. Em says:

    Hey Tana ,
    Do you believe that the corona preventative measures will be found during May 2020 so that life can go on as before during June 2020?

    Best regards

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