My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (April release) psychic predictions

Once again, I sadly made another prediction for February, which came to pass by predicting the biggest drop in stock market history: I predicted: “A drop in the stock market will unexpectedly happen, causing people to lose lots of money on that day.” I sincerely hope you were not affected by this.

Here are my psychic predictions for April 2020.




A few more people in Hollywood will announce they have been exposed to the Coronavirus and go into self-quarantine.

There are going to be some shocking accusations that come out about a well-known celebrity.

Twins will be born to a famous couple.




Certain parts of the world are going to find a rapid decline in the number of new infections reported.

Political unrest will break out in parts of the Middle East but the response to get things under control will be slow.

A major earthquake will hit outside the US that is going to cause severe damage.

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A new type of energy particle, similar to an atom, will be discovered.

Scientists will announce they are working on a spaceship that can travel faster than anything we currently know about.

New evidence of the existence of Bigfoot will be uncovered proving that Bigfoot is very real.


Health And Medicine


The outcome of the Coronavirus will not be as tragic as many people may fear. It will get under control sooner than many think.

A new discovery will be made that will show promise for curing or showing extreme improvement in arthritis.

A new trend of “thigh plumping’ will become popular, giving women plumper and fuller thighs. Smaller butts with plumper thighs will become the new rage. Doctors will warn against it.

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Love And Relationships


Couples will get closer during these times and bonds among loved ones will strengthen.

More engagements will happen this month than the rest of the entire year.

Pregnancies will be on the rise this month, as more and more people will stay at home.




The US stock market is going to go back to normal before we know it.

Several experienced investors will do well with the fall of the US stock market.

Diamond and gold prices will remain stable.




Extremely humid weather will be in store this summer in many parts of the world where humidity is never an issue.

Another earthquake will shake the US causing some serious damage.

Severe flooding will hit parts of Texas this year, and also parts of Indonesia.


There are my psychic predictions for 2020 and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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  1. Paris Aries says:

    Thank you for looking out for everyone Tana! Hope your well and thank you for April’s predictions !

  2. janice e arandelovic says:

    as always interesting. your rates gone up. o
    i dont think i can afford this anymore. my life hasn’t changed that much….jan

  3. Ddd. says:

    I hope your prediction come true about the coronavirus. That it will be control sooner that we think
    And yes your prediction came true the stock market was going down causing people to lose lots of money on that day.?????♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. jesse james says:

    You are a real and awsome psychic, i can feel your energies when you speak which never happend while watching any other gifted psychic alike your self.

  5. Ray Jones says:

    Great job Bro; Coronavirus Scientists and a lot of Doctors recommend don’t take Advil or ibuprofen and got the right answers or formulas. Taking Zinc and Vitamin C also seems to keep a healthy immune system…Your right other parts of the world are recovering with the right formulas….Everyone enjoys your readings and positive solutions. Mom died Dec 24 and I wonder if Houdini, Elizabeth Taylor, Julius Caesar or any Saints like Germain or Jesus Christ bring my mom back to life after being in a Urn? I seem to pray for her and I usually get a response back from her in the spirit world…I love you Mom…and she says I love you too Son…


    Thank you for your predictions. Do you, or will you soon, give your predictions about this year’s 2020 U.S. elections (President, Congressional House and Senate controls)?

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