My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (March release) psychic predictions

After predicting the Coronavirus at the beginning of the year, the tragic helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe Bryant, along with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s heartwarming reunion (which is still to be seen where it leads) here are my latest Psychic Predictions for March 2020. 




The relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will develop into something a little more than just friends.

Ricky Martin will begin making another comeback in the music world. Expect another hit song.

Another foreign film with hit it big again this year and do well at the box office.

Another well-known person will be accused of taking sexual advantage of several women.

A talk show host is going to make a surprise announcement that will shock many viewers.




A war will break out in the Middle East, but the US will not get involved.

It will be discovered that China has been experimenting with biological warfare.

The threat of war between two major world powers will be talked about as a real possibility.

The Republican-controlled US senate will slowly begin turning on the Republican US president.

Oil supplies will become in shorter supply and withheld from the US causing prices to skyrocket.

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A new planet will be discovered that could possibly contain life.

The discovery of a mammal once thought to be extinct will be discovered to still be alive.

The use of talking robots will begin being tested in certain businesses.

Self-driving wheelchairs controlled by mind power will be talked about for the future.

An extinct human species will be discovered that science does not know anything about.


Health And Medicine


The Coronavirus will continue taking more lives, but a cure will eventually be found.

Medicine that will help end a long-time serious disease will be announced.

The saliva of a common house pet will be discovered to have certain healing properties for certain diseases.

A new type of mold will be discovered to have healing benefits that will be useful in medicine.

Advances in longevity will be made, which will allow people to live 15 years longer on the average.

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Love And Relationships


The 13th, 22nd, and 28th will be good days for meeting “the one”. Avoid the 3rd, 12th, and 20th when it comes to meeting people for dating.

A well-known personality will announce they are separating from their spouse.

Watch out this month if you don’t want to get pregnant because this is the month of an easy pregnancy.

People having relationship problems will find that their relationships will begin to improve and the love they once had returning.

Teenage pregnancies will be on the rise.




A drop in the stock market will unexpectedly happen, causing people to lose lots of money on that day.

A major retail chain will see a significant increase in their stock prices.

The movie industry will be a good investment this month for people who are familiar with this kind of investing.

Diamond prices will rise and then drop back down to normal.




Dangerously cold weather will hit the Midwestern parts of the US causing some people to lose their lives.

Parts of Africa will experience unusual weather conditions.

Parts of Alaska will also experience unusual weather conditions.

Some European countries will experience heavier snowfall than usual.


There are my psychic predictions for March 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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6 Responses

  1. Sixx says:

    I can’t remember if I dreamed about Ricky Martin touring again or if I actually had. Conversation with someone about it. ??‍♀️

  2. Irma says:

    I’m happy to hear about a cure for the Corona Virus, which I think is “airborne”. TANA , do you see a cure for HPV in the future? 90% of HPV goes away on its on but it seems so rampant! Even in movies they make jokes out of saying that they have it. There has to be something, so many Drs end up wanting to remove a women’s uterus. I keep wondering if part of this is more money in their pockets for surgery. I also wonder if HPV is bacteria related like cause by soap, humidity, body germs, etc. Thank you for the emails!

  3. Paris Aries says:

    Looking forward to the manifestation of many of your predictions once more. It’s always exciting to see your predictions come to fruition ! More so the medical ones. They always fascinate me!!

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi Tana!
    I love reading your predictions! My mom and I were JUST talking about how you predicted the Coronavirus. I wish you’d include more predictions proved right, like you’ve included in this month’s post. Sometimes I’ve thought “that sounds familiar, I think Tana predicted this”.

  5. Adam Hiley says:

    how long will the Coronavirus last, I pray for everyone in the World and We all get through this

  6. Ray Jones says:

    Your predictions are accurate mom passed Dec 24th and hope her reunion is welcomed…Before she passed she said love you….I hope to see some improvements in medical field ….I am working on getting my songs put on videos and hope to get my retirement account back to making money after paying off all Moms debt in probate…

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