My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (February release) psychic predictions

I hope your New Year is starting off well! 2020 is going to be a very exciting year and you can expect this to be a year of very exciting, fascinating, and evening shocking events.

I look forward to looking into the future of 2020 to see what lies ahead!

Here are my newest psychic predictions for February 2020

I hope you enjoy them:




Harvey Weinstein will not get off easy after his trial. He will end up serving time in prison, and it will not be easy for him, once he is in there.

A well-known Hollywood person will come out as identifying as non-binary. We will see more and more Hollywood types revealing they identify this way.

Rumors related to the love life of Justin Bieber will come to light. There will be whispers of him being spotted with other women in exotic places. His PR team will deny it. 




Several discoveries will come about during the impeachment trial of the current US president. Even some bizarre sexual behavior will come to light and the “pee tape” will be found to be true, among several other disgusting perversions he will be discovered to enjoy!

Several world governments will form an alliance against the USA and they will do this to block the power and control the US president has over imports into the United States. These countries will then cut off important supplies to the US, which will severely affect this country. The US president will quickly back down realizing he has been beaten at his own game.

Many secrets will be revealed regarding dirty business deals between the US and Iran. But the US president will try and cover it up.


World Events


Another school shooting is going to take place and it will shock many people. Several lives will be lost unnecessarily.

Another bomb threat will take place in Indonesia due to extreme terrorist groups. Luckily, it will be stopped before it is set into place.

In ages in certain parts of the world, gas prices are going to drop to record lows we haven’t seen. While other parts of the world will see a steep increase.




A new drug will be discovered that will cure a common cold and flu. It will be hailed as the new miracle drug.

Prosthetic limbs will be in the talks where a person can actually feel heat, cold, and pain, the same as if it was their own arm or leg.

A new sexually transmitted disease will be born, and some will claim it is worse than the HIV virus. Its origin will be discovered to have begun in Kentucky and Texas.




Expect a major rise and then a major fall in the US stock market around the third quarter of 2020.

Gold prices will drop but only temporarily. So, use caution when investing in gold during this drop because prices will go back up very quickly.

US taxes will rise again, only affecting the middle class. All the benefits will go to the upper class, although the government will try to trick people into thinking differently. 




A major break in the icecaps is going to cause water levels to rise at a record rate. Although many corrupt politicians will try and claim global warming doesn’t exist, and that this event is in no way related to it. But my guides tell me that the truth is, it does exist, and it is related.

Parts of Texas will be decimated by severe weather and flooding, causing the spread of diseases, if all the proper stops aren’t in place. Much effort and medical support will be needed to turn this around if it occurs.

Expect weird weather patterns in parts of Hawaii and Florida. Some of these areas may experience a light snow for the very first time.


Love And Romance


Do not get engaged in February, March or April of 2020. Any engagements that take place during these months are doomed to fail.

The best time to find your soul mate will be between 2/3 and 2/14. All other days should be avoided this month if you are looking for love.

An unexpected kiss from a married person may catch you by surprise this month. It is best for all parties involved not to continue the kissing. Just stop it and ignore it like it never happened.


So there are my psychic predictions for February 2020.

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