My New Year’s Predictions For 2020 psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions for January 2020

Can you believe another year has already passed?  As we approach 2020, we are going to discover there will be many interesting events, which are yet to unfold!

So, what is 2020 going to be like?

Here are my New Year’s predictions for 2020… 




A celebrity will announce he is gay and has been in a relationship with a male for a long time.

The head of a major studio will be caught in another sex scandal.

Two well-known celebrities will bury the hatchet between them.

The death of a well-loved female actress will sadden many.

A movie expected to do well will fall short of financial expectations at the box office.

A popular singer will be accused of inappropriate behavior with young fans and will end up taking his own life.




A commercial airplane crash will cause the deaths of several people.

Tensions between the US and the Middle East will grow.

The US president will not be impeached but have his reputation badly tarnished to a point of no return.

China will make huge strides in the race for developing reliable and fully self-driving cars.

A major ice cap will break causing water levels in the oceans to rise.

Many leaders in the international community will turn their backs on the US president.




Global warming will continue to be denied by the US president contrary to scientific evidence.

New areas of the human brain will be discovered to do more than scientists realized.

Cars running on vegetable oil will make a resurgence and more people will begin converting their diesel cars.

The discovery of a new planet will take us one step closer to understanding how we can inhabit other planets.

More evidence will be discovered pointing towards the reality of alien life on other planets.


Health And Medicine


A new virus will be discovered that has the potential to be deadly if not eradicated substitute.

A new type of meat substitute will be developed and found to be highly nutritious.

A vaccine for HIV will be announced for human trials.

The development of a new drug will cause people to live longer.

Milk will be discovered to actually cause bone damage instead of making bones stronger.


Love And Relationships


A major news show host will announce getting a divorce.

More baby boys will be born than baby girls this year.

Divorces will be on the rise, especially among people married 5 years or less.

The greatest opportunity to meet your soulmate this year will be the months of March, July, August, and October.

Relationships beginning in January, February, May, and November will be less likely to last.




A major dip in the stock market will cause lots of panic.

Gold prices will remain stable while silver prices will fluctuate.

Three months will be very lucky for investors this year, and two months won’t.

It will be discovered the US president actually harmed the US economy instead of helping it.

Due to the new focus on meat-free products, stocks related to meat will plummet.




Major weather disasters will hit parts of Asia causing several lives to be lost.

Some southern states will suffer heavy rainfall and snow, especially Atlanta and Texas.

Many parts of California will have a shorter winter and longer summer.

An earthquake will rock Mexico causing major damage. 


So, there are my New Year psychic predictions for 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading my first release of psychic predictions for 2020.

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10 Responses

  1. Rosemary McDonald says:

    Hi Tana
    I always enjoy your predictions
    Regarding milk I have always known it damages the bones because I look at everyone with osteoporosis and wonder why we have so many people affected when they have drank milk all there lives!
    Do you think vaccines are harmful and cause more illness then prevent ?


  2. Irma says:

    TANA , thank you for the emails! I live in CA and I am looking forward to a shorter Winter and longer Summer! I’ve noticed that it’s not getting dark so soon in the evening!

  3. Ms. Giles says:

    Research has been saying for some time that drinking milk is linked to osteoporosis. With the help of your prediction about milk, more people will connect the dots.

    Continue to enlighten, educate and inform people.

    Ms. Giles

  4. Paris Aries says:

    Thank you for your predictions Tana !!

  5. Myrna says:

    You nailed it on the commercial airplane crash and the us/middle east tensions.

  6. Lee says:

    Your predictions have been spot on last year. The airplane crash predictions was uncanny! Too bad you couldn’t have worn the airplane! Do you think DJT reputation will lead to him losing the 2020 election? I hope so!!!

  7. Paris Aries says:

    Was the Corona Virus the virus you predict under the Health and Medicine or will there be another deadly virus ??

  8. Karmen says:

    Wow I hope you are Right about this year more boy are going to be born. We need more .????????♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Thank you
    Love an light

  9. Krishna Kataki says:

    This prediction is so accurate…
    A commercial airline crash (Jan 8th)
    A new deadly virus being discovered (Covid-19)
    A major dip in the stock market
    A popular singer who committed suicide (Danirl Lee Martin)
    Tensions between the US and Middle East are heightened
    The US president did not get impeached

    …and I’m very sure that the rest of them will come true too!

  10. Tanna Skaggs says:

    Tana Hoy,
    I’m a humble, but strong Empath. My emotions have really been on fire for the last few months. Your name popped up in a clip I was randomly viewing on FB, which led me to here.
    I don’t understand fully why I’m even typing this, except that perhaps it’s becuz I’m drawn to your Energy.
    I read some your story of how you handled being a psychic as a kid, which Led me to your profile, where I find myself wanting to go down that rabbit hole & see if my instincts are correct.
    If I’m correct then you’ll also be drawn to me & seek me out, as well.

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