My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (December release) psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions For December 2019

As I had predicted earlier in 2019 when I said the government is going to be like a political circus, well, the political circus is going to continue! So, get ready for more clowns!

Besides politics, this is going to be an interesting month in other areas, too.

Here are my newest psychic predictions for December 2019.




A surprising announcement will be made by Celine Dion. Several of her fans will welcome the announcement, wishing her all the best in pursuing this new chapter in her life.

Elton John will sadly make a surprise announcement about his health. Many of his fans will be very sad about the news, but in the end, he will prevail and come out even stronger! He will “still be standing!”

The news about the divorce of a famous couple will come out of the left field – meaning no one will have seen it coming. Not even some of their closest friends! It will be an amicable divorce, and in the end, it will be the best of both parties.


US Politics


The US president will begin losing more and more ground as his impeachment becomes more of a reality. As pressures rise and he begins to lose more of his power, expect some very bizarre behaviors from him. Some will question if he is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.

Nancy Pelosi is going to surprise us with some tricks she’s been hiding up her sleeve to be used in case of an emergency! After she becomes tired of what she feels is political stonewalling, she will open a can of worms, many of her foes never saw coming.

A Democratic senator will be discovered taking favors from the Republican party in exchange for their favorable vote. This will blow up in his face, and the face of the Republican party.


World Events


Tensions will continue to rise in Hong Kong. No matter how much the Chinese government tries to stop the revolt, it will never be successful in the end. Eventually, the Chinese government will have to make compromises with the citizens of Hong Kong, in order to stop the protests and prevent a revolt!

A Middle Eastern oil family will be discovered to be giving payoffs and kickbacks to the US president, in exchange for allowing them to manipulate oil prices for financial gains. Some Americans will be outraged, while his most adamant supporters will make excuses for his actions.

Russia will be found meddling in US politics, once again! The Republicans, along with the president, will claim there is nothing they can do to stop it. While the Democrats will demand those involved be held accountable.




Lasik surgery will make advances to where it can treat both far and near sightedness at the same time. This will be hailed as a modern miracle!

A foreign country will announce having success cloning a human body part and successfully growing it to full size. It will also announce would be possible to use it as a replacement for someone who needed it.

Glow-in-the-dark rats and monkeys have already been successful in the world of genetics, and glow-in-the-dark dogs will be the next new genetic advancement. 




Expect a major crash in the US stock market. This will be one of the worst crashes since the great depression. Many people “in the inner circles of Wallstreet” will get rich from the crash, while most Americans will lose their entire investment if they are not invested properly.

A common commodity is going to do poorly, due to a rare bacterium that will destroy most of the crops. It will take almost an entire season to get it back under control.

The sales of beef and dairy will begin to drop, as more and more people become educated about the dangers of eating them. This will be the result of the educational efforts of honest companies who want to inform Americans about the real dangers lurking in our meat and dairy. Many Americans will be shocked when they learn the real truths about these American staples, which have been hidden from them for over 50 years!




Severe weather problems will cause hardships in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and especially Kentucky. Residents will not be prepared, and several people will be horribly affected by these unexpected turns in the weather.

Unusually nice weather will bless parts of California and Arizona during the fall and winter months. Residents there will welcome the nice days they will be having!

Parts of Africa, and Asia will experience droughts, along with severe flooding. Several lives will be lost without the proper intervention from the governments of those countries.


Love And Romance


If you have been starting to get to know someone new within the past two weeks, there is a good chance this person will turn out to be the lifelong soulmate you’ve been looking for!

This month expect to find that special person in your life feeling more sexual than usual. You may even wonder if they’ve been taking something because they won’t be able to keep their hands off of you! Enjoy it! Because in December, their sex drive will go back to the way it was before.

Make sure to use protection this month, unless you want to become pregnant. Protection means both people need to use protection, not just one of you. Or else you may become a new mommy and daddy!




A political figure in the US congressman will be discovered that he and his wife are swingers and enjoy swapping spouses with some of the other members of congress. As well as, with some of the couples in their very conservative church. When the names of the couple are leaked, people will be shocked! Because this congressman claims to be one of the most religious of them all! I can’t wait to see how he explains this one!

A species thought once to be extinct will be discovered to still have a few of its kind still living. Breeding efforts to keep this species alive will be successful and eventually it’s population will grow.

A new type of drug-resistant bacteria will be discovered, and it will be the kind that turns the internal organs of its carrier to mush. This bacterium will be highly contagious and if not properly contained will create a worldwide epidemic.


I hope you enjoyed my last psychic predictions for December 2019.

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    Thanks Tana. Timeframe for the major stock crash?

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    Thank you so much for your insights! Especially with these crazy times.

  3. Mercy Ramirez says:

    Thank you Tana for your predictions! Every time something happens, I think “Just like Tana predicted…”

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