My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (November release) psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions For November 2019

This month’s psychic predictions are going to be a hodge-podge of events and occurrences.

I hope you enjoy reading them…




Several actors in Hollywood are going to become more politically involved than ever before. We are going to see well-known names who were once silent beginning to speak up about their political views and ideas!

Brad Pitt is going to announce some news that will surprise many of his fans. It will be an announcement than will seem to come out of the left field and be totally unexpected!

Boy George is going to be back in the news again. After years of laying low, his name is going to be heard more and more. Then it will all die down, once again.




Tensions between the Middle East and the USA are going to rise. Oil is going to become the number one hot button that will be used against the US in this war.

More and more Americans are going to volunteer to go to Syria to fight ISIS. As a matter of fact, we are going to see the surge of volunteers from all over the world going there to join this fight.

China and Russia will eventually join forces to become the most powerful countries in the world. If trusted advisors to the current US president do not intervein, these two powerful countries will be successful.




Decisions made by the current US president are going to cause a major stock market crash. Although it will rise again, people who are not invested smartly will lose millions. This is a good time to check your portfolio and talk with your trusted advisor.

Major corporations are going to get involved in investing in prisons and drug companies to increase their yearly profits. Much of this will be done quietly, and millions will be made for these companies, as a result of these decisions.

A new video game is going to do much better than expected. As a matter of fact, small video game companies will be good short-term investments, as long as investors research them well and invest in the right ones. 

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Medicine and Science


A new drug that has the potential to wipe out arthritis will eventually be announced. The success of this drug will be determined by whether or not enough research funding is made available to fully develop it.

The discovery of a new galaxy is going to be news in the scientific community. There will be great speculation as to whether or not it contains life.

In the upcoming months, a new virus that will affect the entire world, will take the world by surprise. It will change the way we live as we know it, and many lives will be lost from it!





Weather disasters are going to strike in certain southern states as winter approaches. Expect major flooding, heavy snowfall, and several lives being lost.

Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi are going to be severely affected by the unexpected weather occurrences. More specifically, Louisville, Kentucky is going to be hit the worst!

Countries like Australia, Sweden, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Tibet are going to have unusually rare weather patterns over the next few months. They are going to experience some of the nicest and unusual weather during this time of year.


Love and Romance


If you are looking for love, this is going to be the month you will find it. Especially if you are a Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, or Aquarius. Libra, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius will be especially lucky.

This is not the best month for getting pregnant. Any attempts may not be successful, but December will be a very good month to try. But, in the meantime, enjoy practicing!

Whatever stage your relationship is in this month, expect major positive changes and improvements. This will be the month of bonding where couples will begin to get even closer. Resentments, anger, and misunderstandings will disappear.


Psychic Occurrences


If you are an empath, you are going to find your psychic feelings intensifying, even more, this month, due to planetary alignments. Make sure to protect yourself with a lot of white light!

This is a good month for anyone wanting to develop their psychic abilities! Psychic energies will be strong, making it easier than ever to begin picking up psychic impressions when practicing any one of the three main psychic gifts!

We may find volcanic eruptions on the rise around the world, along with cracking in certain parts of the earth due to the psychic energies this month. They will be helpful for people but may trigger volcanic eruptions, at the same time.


These are my latest psychic predictions for November 2019.

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