My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (October release) psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions For October 2019

There are going to be many strange and unusual occurrences in the upcoming month!

Here are my latest psychic predictions for October 2019:




A famous Hollywood legend will be discovered to have been connected with Jeffrey Epstein and to also have taken part in sexual relations with minors. Hollywood will try to hide this information, but eventually, it will come out!

Ellen is going to make a major announcement that will surprise many people and bring the recipients of her announcement great joy. When the news is released, it will only reinforce, once again, what a wonderful and caring person she really is!

A hidden affair between celebrities, both married, is going to rock Hollywood. One couple will get divorced as a result of it, while the other couple will stay together and work things out!




Many secrets are going to surface regarding the personal lives of several politicians, including the president. Blackmail photos will be used behind the scenes to force people to either drop out of the office or to pass certain bills in exchange for not being exposed. All of this will be kept hidden from the public.

Foreign travel is going to become more and more unsafe for US citizens due to the hostility and anger other countries feel towards US citizens. The US government will eventually issue a warning telling Americans not to travel outside of the USA.

A love affair between two US senators, from two different political parties, will be kept a secret from other senators. Once this love affair is exposed it will cause many people to question if the way they have been voting on issues were actually influenced by one another?


World Events


An “oil war” is going to begin between certain middle eastern countries in an effort to gain world dominance over the oil trade. This “war” will be fueled by the current US president, along with the Prime Minister of Canada.

China is going to work even harder now, to become more powerful than the United States. This will be done secretly, and eventually, if things don’t change, China will become the most powerful country in the world, seemingly overnight. This will send shockwaves throughout the world.

A new type of spy airplane will be invented, which will be able to fly undetected over areas that are considered off-limits to aircraft. This plane will take pictures of secret US military bases, and other top-secret locations, and send this information back to the country it originated from. 




A new type of drug will be created by pharmaceutical companies, which will end many forms of cancer. When announced, many people will be skeptical, but it will be found to be a miracle drug!

A new form of bacteria will be discovered, which will be resistant to many of the drugs out there. This will turn out to be a good thing because this bacterium will be found to be helpful for fighting off the flu and common cold!

Medical Researchers will announce they are steps closer to cloning the Wooly Mammoth, along with a few other types of dinosaurs! Talk of creating a real-life Jurassic Park will be in the works for the future. Many animal rights activists, along with many in the scientific community, will protest this! 




This is not the best month to put all your eggs in one basket! Make sure you are well diversified this month, otherwise, you could experience heavy financial losses.

Bitcoin shareholders are going to see promising gains on the horizon. A few major companies are going to talk about accepting bitcoins as a form of payment, causing this stock to rise!

Beware of penny stocks this month, unless you know what you are doing. Several of these stocks will underperform this month, causing many heavy investors to lose millions of dollars.




Warm weather is going to linger on longer than normal in many midwestern states. But when the cold weather does hit, we can expect blizzards, heavy snowfall, and lots of severe cold weather.

Parts of Asia are going to experience heavy smog due to pollution. Many people there will experience serious respiratory problems. So, if you plan to travel to China, Indonesia, or other heavily smog-ridden parts of Asia, plan accordingly.

The Philippines will experience mild weather conditions compared to years past. This will be a welcomed relief to many of the residents in this country. 


Love And Romance


This will be the “Month of Flirting”. Expect to have others flirt with you in the most unexpected situations. But and all you can do is smile and move on. Some of the people you find flirting with you will surprise you!

Several people are going to be surprised when they unexpectedly receive a call, email, or text message, from their ex. Due to the planetary vibrations this month, ex’s will begin feeling sentimental and reaching out to their lovers of the past!

Instant pregnancies are going to occur this month. What this means is, just innocent playing around will cause you to get pregnant. So, make sure to use double protection this month or you will get an unexpected surprise! 




Sightings of Big Foot, UFO’s, and the Loch Ness Monster, maybe on the rise this month. If there are no sightings, it only means people haven’t really been looking!

A famous rapper will unexpectedly pass away. The cause of his passing will seem cloudy and mysterious, with people around him not giving clear accounts of what exactly happened. His fans will be heartbroken at the passing of such a young and talented person.

There will be a plane crash involving a well-known airline. Details will not be revealed right away, and several innocent lives will be lost. 

I hope you enjoyed my Psychic Predictions for October 2019.

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  1. Brittany Moyer says:

    Very scary crash prediction! As I fly end of October. Otherwise interesting predictions

  2. Paris Aries says:

    Very interesting predictions. It will be interesting to see it all play out !

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