My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (September release) psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions For September 2019

This is going to be an interesting month for psychic predictions. With the planetary alignments that are soon going to happen, and because of how they will happen, we can expect some strange and unusual happenings in the month ahead.

Here are my latest psychic predictions for September 2019:




A Hollywood actor is going to perish in a terrible automobile accident. The details will be sketchy, and the cause of the crash will not be revealed right away.

A famous celebrity is going to announce the birth of twins. Fans will be excited by the news and the couple will be excellent parents.

A person in Hollywood is going to announce they are in the later stages of cancer and plan to enjoy their life to the fullest for their remaining days. Fans will be very sad.




Women’s rights are going to be set back a few years due to some new laws that will be hidden in the fine print of some bills being passed. Outrage will sweep the nation over this, but it will be too late for anything to be done.

The unexpected passing of a US politician will happen suddenly. This death will leave a seat open, which could create an opportunity for Democrats to seize power if they are able to successfully fill the position with a Democratic candidate.

A shakeup in the US Supreme court is going to cause a balance in power between the conservatives and the liberals. Once the dust settles, the US Supreme Court will have more liberal judges than conservative ones.


World Events


Two of the most serious public shootings up to date will take place in the US before the end of 2019. Several more people are going to perish as a result of it.

Relations between the US, China, and Russia are going to continue turning sour. The US President is going to be responsible for bringing the United States close to the brinks of World War III.

Hate Crimes and violence are going to be on the rise around the world. Sadly, many of these international incidents will be instigated by the words of the current US president.




A cure will be on the horizon for Type 1 diabetes. Advances in stem cell research are going to be huge contributors to finding this cure!

Researchers are going to discover how to grow limbs under laboratory conditions. Legs, arms, and fingers, will eventually be grown in labs, and the capability to successfully attach these limbs to human bodies will not be too far off in the future.

Scientists will announce research efforts aimed at ending obesity and that they are looking for the Obesity Gene, along with how to alter it within the human body, which would allow people to be able to lose weight without surgery or pills.




The US Stock Market is going to crash two more times over the next eight months due to the irresponsible words and actions of a few major political figures. Many lives will be ruined as a result of these crashes due to many people losing their life savings.

Certain stocks related to commodities will perform well this year, while others will not. People who have researched their investments thoroughly, before they invested in commodities, will do extremely well.

Gold prices will rise even more, along with silver. Other precious metals will either stabilize or go down slightly in price.




Hot, hot, hot! This will be the best description of the weather in many US southern states. People will experience extremely high electric bills and people without AC will seek shelter in public places to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Severe water occurrences are going to wash away parts of Asia. Hundreds of people will perish as a result of this tragedy.

Texas is going to experience major flooding, along with irreparable water damage in certain cities, as a result of this water damage. The worst flooding in Texas history is about to hit many cities in that state causing Texas to be faced with a national emergency.


Love And Romance


If you are seeking to get pregnant, this will be your month of success. Anyone who has wanted to become pregnant will be able to do so this month due to the alignment of Venus and Pluto’s energy vibrations.

Many men will feel the desire to “get snipped” this month, therefore, more male vasectomies will be performed during this month, than any other month of the year.

Love triangles are going to become all the rage. Three-way relationships will become a new fade, where three people will be involved in a romantic relationship together, all living together in the same house, and sleeping in the same bed.




More fairy sighting will take place this month, than any other time in history. People will report seeing flashing lights in their yards and homes, mistakenly thinking they are fireflies. When in reality, they are seeing fairies, but don’t even realize it.

A Republican senator’s son or daughter will come out as a gay, causing a stir in the Republican party. Sadly, their father, a self-proclaimed “religious” man, will say he is disowning his own child unless they decide to change. When in reality, his real fear of having a gay child will damage his political career.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest Psychic Predictions for September 2019.

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3 Responses

  1. Christina Minter says:

    Tana, my state of Texas is always under the gun weather wise in your predictions. I’d welcome the rain now though. It’s been around 110 degrees or hotter for weeks now.

  2. Irma says:

    Tana, thank you for the predictions! I’m happy to hear about a cure for Diabetes type 1!!! Glad to see more men getting vasectomies too! Love triangles, I’m not surprised. Hopefully more cures for other diseases. Sad to hear about the women’s movement being held back a few years. Shame on those conservatives that don’t have periods, babies, menopause , or hot flashes to understand what women go through. I pray for more love and peace in this world. ??

  3. Tanya says:

    Having set backs in woman’s rights are so frustrating to hear about. Women have fought so hard to get where we are today, how is this happening? You hear about Girl Power and Me2movement; so why is this happening, are we letting our guards down? Are we focused in the wrong areas? And is it too late to stop the change?

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