My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (August release) psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions For August 2019

Here are my latest psychic predictions for August 2019.

This month’s psychic predictions are going to be a mish-mash of events, reflecting the powerful energy hitting the earth in December of this year, which I have talked about in my recent email.

I hope you enjoy reading my latest psychic predictions for August 2019.




An older celebrity, who was famous in the past, is going to pass away under mysterious circumstances. Eventually, it will be discovered foul play was involved, which will lead to the arrest of someone this person knew and trusted.

There is going to be another celebrity who comes out as gay. He is going to surprise many of his fans with his announcement because not many people will have suspected this about him. His coming out will be received well and his career will go on to become even bigger than before!

Another sexual predator will be exposed in Hollywood, after years of sexually taking advantage of others, due to his position. Years of salacious conduct will be revealed, and his behavior will be described as obscene, smutty, filthy, and vulgar. 




Russia, North Korea, and Iran will launch several cyberattacks on political groups in the US. Sadly, many of the groups attacked will be the political groups not liked by the current president. Although the White House will deny it, millions of Americans will suspect presidential influence was behind these attacks.

What millions of Americans see as bad judgment, on the part of the US president, I see there is going to be a shooting war with Iran, due to the president’s future decisions. Many soldiers on both sides, will die.

A major scandal will be uncovered in Washington. Several right-winged politicians will be discovered to have pocketed millions of dollars in donations from churches around the country, for their own personal use. The people who donated their money will feel betrayed and deeply hurt. No one will be prosecuted. 




Alliances against the US are going to be formed by other countries. As the US faces the next election, if the current president loses the election, he will attempt to form a coup, by trying to win the support of the military. He will claim he is doing this in order to save the US, and if he is successful, the beginning of a dictatorship will begin in the USA.

China will form alliances with other countries in retaliation for the tariffs the US president has placed on the country. If common sense and better judgment in political decision making are not exercised, the USA will lose its standing, as the most powerful country in the world.

Regarding the recent Ebola breakout in the Congo, although we are being told it will be contained in that area, we are going to see breakouts in other parts of the world, as a result of this epidemic.




Changes in the economy will begin to shift in parts of the US. Tennessee, Alabama, and Indiana, along with parts of Virginia, will experience major financial setbacks in their state.

People who are invested in international currencies are going to do well this month.

Expect large growth for a few days and make sure to plan the sales of any stocks with a financial expert.

Two banks will declare bankruptcy. As a result, many people will lose their life savings, never being able to regain their losses. 

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Medicine and Science


A new drug, which is made from cannabis, will be discovered to be effective in helping people who have become dependent on marijuana, to be able to break the habit.

Newer and better treatments for people will lung cancer will be discovered, helping to increase the chances of survival, in patients diagnosed with it. The medical community will hail these new treatments as a modern miracle.

It will be discovered that most dietary supplements claiming to improve the health of your heart don’t actually improve it, or prolong your life span in any significant way, as many of them claim they can do. 




Expect a short summer and very severe winters in the Midwest and other states. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Tennessee, will suffer the most. Expect “State of Emergency” type weather in some of these places.

Flash floods will wipe out parts of New Jersey, Texas, and a few other states in the upcoming months. Several lives will be lost, and it will be discovered that some cities were not warned as properly as they could have been beforehand.

Thailand will be hit with major weather conditions over the next few months. Not many lives will be lost, but lots of damages will occur, and after these hits, it will involve a major rebuilding process.


Love and Romance


A well-known couple will reunite, causing many people to be shocked by their announcement of “giving it a try once again”. We will all be watching with curious eyes to see if it will work out again, this second time around? But in the end, it won’t.

This is the best time to renew your vows. Any couple in a relationship of any kind will find by renewing their vows at this time, it will infuse new love energy into their relationship.

A famous couple will end their relationship, in a way that will seem unexpected. As more details surface, it will be revealed that troubles have been brewing for a long time but kept a secret from the public. They will both eventually go on to find their true soulmates.


I hope you enjoyed reading my latest August 2019 psychic predictions.

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  1. Irma says:

    Tana, thank you for the emails. Can we have the name of the 2 banks? This sounds devastating! I’m still waiting for Ryan Seacrest to come out, I like him. Sounds like if Trump looses re-election that he will be a sore looser. What’s going on with the Aides research? Are we getting closer to a cure?

  2. Reyna Tadeo says:

    Hi Tana. I am interested to find out which banks will be filing for bankruptcy . My son is saving to buy his first home. It will be sad if one of those financial institutions is the one where he bans.
    Thank you Tana

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