Understanding Ghosts And Paranormal Phenomena

paranormal phenomena

There are other realities apart from the one that all of us know – the reality we currently live in on earth.

There are many kinds of paranormal phenomena, too many to list. However, there are some in the list, which have become extremely popular due to fictionalized stories presented through movies, television, and books. Leading the popular paranormal phenomena stories are those that concern ghosts.

Some people have a hard time considering the idea that there are other realities apart from the one that all of us know – the reality we currently live in on earth. They think that nothing exists beyond what has already been scientifically studied and proven. That’s why they don’t believe in ghosts.

However, there are various worlds and realities outside of this one.

There are not just different worlds and realities, there are different multiverses that exist along with this one.

Ghosts and other beings from the Spirit World reside in one or more of those multiverses. In this post, I’ll show you why this is so.

For better clarity, I’ll refer to the reality occupied by paranormal beings as the Ethereal Existence. “Ethereal” is a word commonly used to describe ghosts, so where they exist is referred to as ethereal or unearthly.

Differences between the 3D and Ethereal Existences


There are huge differences between the Ethereal Existence, and the 3D or the three dimensional existence that is experienced on earth.

3 dimensional shape

This rectangular object clearly illustrates the three dimensions of length, width, and height.

Life on earth is known as 3D because all matter that exists here is measurable using the three dimensions of length, width, and height (length, breadth, and depth are also terms used to describe 3D).

These measurements define and limit the quality of existence of beings on earth.

For example, if your foot size is a 7, then you cannot comfortably use shoes that are size 6 or size 8. Such shoes would be either too tight or too loose for you.

In the Ethereal Existence, there are no such measurements defining and limiting quality of existence. Beings that exist in the ethereal world do not have problems appearing ghostlike in short, tall, wide, or thin variations.

No Measurements Means Nothing is Solid



Often, ghosts are like floating wisps or strands of smoke. They cannot be touched or held.

Since there are no measurements, solidity or the characteristic of firmness also does not exist in the Ethereal Existence.

There is no fixed definition of what a ghost looks like, except for the fact they are translucent (semi-transparent, not solid).

You can see through them, but not clearly. It’s like seeing something through semi-transparent film.


Time Does Not Exist


In the Ethereal Existence time does not exist.

Humans are used to keeping time as a factor in their existence. If you are like hundreds of millions of others in this 3D Existence, you track time, and use it to determine what you are going to do next.

For example, around 6 o’clock you morning, you may already be preparing breakfast or even eating it. You start working around 9 a.m., and finish up by 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.

Then, there’s the commute, the walk, or the drive home. You ordinarily know how long this takes in hours or minutes, because you’ve previously kept track of it.

At the end of your day, you sleep, typically getting anywhere between 6 to 8 hours of rest.

For people from all over the world, their clock, or time, regulates them.

Conversely, time means nothing to those in the Ethereal Existence.

This is why there have been reports of ghostly sightings not only at night, but also in the afternoon, and in the morning.

Who needs a watch in the Ethereal Existence when time means nothing there? So therefore, ghosts and other paranormal activity can happen at any time.

The Quality of Energy is Different in the Ethereal Existence


Various things in this world possess or emit energy. People use their energy to think, to feel, and to act.

Appliances and gadgets, from microwaves, to computers, to cars, all invented by people, also emit energy.

etheric energy

Beings in the Ethereal Existence also have their own kind of energy, but its quality is different from what those in a 3D Existence know.

In the same way, beings in the Ethereal Existence also have their own kind of energy, but its quality is different from what those in a 3D Existence know.

The lack of understanding of the energy, which comes from the Ethereal Existence, is why humans feel fear when ghosts try to make their presence known.

Have you ever experienced a cold draft or breeze swirling near you or around you, even when there were no open windows, doors, fans, or air conditioners running?

Well, a cold draft is the way in which ghosts try to absorb the energy in the 3D world so they can make their presence felt. They need to “draw in” as much 3D energy as they can when trying to make their presence felt. Otherwise, no earthly creature can sense them.

This is because the laws that operate in the Ethereal Existence are much different from those that operate in the 3D Existence.

As mentioned earlier, in the Ethereal Existence, there are no measurements and no time.

It’s a completely different way of existence, compared to life on earth.

Unless ghosts try to adapt to the standards the living understand and experience, the only other way left to communicate with the living is through dreams. So, the paranormal phenomena associated with ghosts happen because they have made an effort to make those of us who are living, able to sense what is going on.

In the case of poltergeists or “noisy ghosts,” beings from the Ethereal Existence have gathered enough 3D energy to be able to move or throw objects around.

The Dream Universe has Similarities to the Ethereal Existence


The Dream Universe, like the Ethereal Existence, also does not observe the same restrictions imposed on humans living in 3D Existence.

Some people say that dreams are simply a product of your unconscious, which is trying to resolve difficult real-life situations in an abstract way.

For example, you and a teacher of your child have a disagreement regarding discipline.

This is a problem situation for you, because you strongly believe that your child’s teacher is wrong, yet if you insist on your point, your child might end up picked on by the teacher.

You think of moving your child to another school, but doing so would badly affect your finances.

That night, you dream that you are running away from monsters, and the dream horrifies you so much you wake up sweating.

There are those who would say that the monsters are actually the problems you face, and are trying to run away from, but can’t.

The act of running away is supposedly your mind’s abstract way of solving things, which in this case, would be to “run away” or forget about the problem for the moment.

But then, there are dreams dealing with loved ones who have passed, telling a person where to find the will they left behind. This is not a dream, but a type of spirit communication.

Or there are dreams where you find yourself in a strange place and time, walking around and observing the unusual things you find. Then when you research your dream, it turns out such a place actually existed in the past. This is a past life dream, where you astral projected into the past while you were sleeping

So, since the Dream Universe also does not observe the same restrictions imposed on humans living in 3D Existence, the Ethereal Existence and the Dream Universe also share a similarity in the same way.

Is the Ethereal Existence the Same as the Spirit World?


The Spirit World and the Ethereal Existence are not the same. The Ethereal Existence is a part of the bigger Spirit World, which is a one of the many multiverses (multiple universes).

Many debates have taken place over the years regarding the existence of ethereal or otherworldly beings and places, such as ghosts and their favorite haunting grounds.

Some people claim that ghosts and the paranormal phenomena related to them are simply figments of an overworked imagination, or optical illusions.

Regardless of such arguments, many people strongly maintain a belief in ghosts and the paranormal. I, of course, am one of them. I don’t just believe in them, I know for a fact they exist.

Ghosts and other beings from the Ethereal Existence are real. But their reality is simply different from ours, and this is why some more logical thinking people have a hard time accepting their reality.

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