Good Luck Or Bad? Understanding The Upcoming “Year Of Change”

As one ancient saying goes, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

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An Upcoming Year Of Change

Change happens in everyone’s life, and it occurs every moment, every day, every month, and every year. There are special times when we celebrate these changes, and we do so with lots of positive energy, such as during sunrise, New Year, and birthdays. We usually welcome these times, as they represent newness and a flow of good luck.

But there are also periods in a person’s life which are known as climacteric years. So you may wonder if these years promise good fortune, too, or do they represent something less pleasant?

Climacteric Years – The Years Of Change

According to Ancient Greek philosophy and astrology, there are certain years that are more critical to a person’s life and they can put him at greater risk for death. This period happens every seven years, starting from age 7, then 14, 21, and so on. Year 49 and 63 are each considered to be grand climacteric year.

This may sound like years of bad luck, however, the concept of “death” doesn’t exactly mean physical death. In the psychic sense, death represents change, and I often have to remind my clients of this during our psychic phone readings.

Climacteric years, do in fact, mark changes, or major turning points in one’s lifetime. The same as age seven marks a shift in a child’s reasoning, age 21 marks the passage to adulthood, and age 35 is usually when a person starts getting more settled and becoming more mature, and so on. These years mark the shift in one’s attitude or view towards life.

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Embracing The Climacteric Years

So, should you get fearful every seven years? Absolutely not! In the same way that the New Year signals the end of one cycle, and opens up the way for a fresh start, the years of change signify a milestone in your life, and allows you to welcome another one in.

Yes, they are a major turning point, and yes, you can expect change in your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as in your fortune. But you’re still in control of your decisions, thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

So, if you intend for each of these phases to be filled with vibrant energy and good fortune, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be, because change is a wonderful thing.

Just imagine a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, or an acorn turning into a giant oak tree.
Change can be beautiful, cleansing, and even move your life in a better direction.

So embrace change, and change will embrace you back in return!

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