A Good Psychic And How To Spot One

Have you ever wondered what makes a “good psychic”? There is a huge difference between a good psychic, and a psychic who tries to con you out of your money by telling you there is a curse around you that is the cause of all of your problems.

After giving a psychic reading to over 100,000 people, I have heard horror stories about their experiences with psychics who were from the dark side and tried to take thousands of dollars from them! So I have written this post to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you!

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So I wanted to explain to you the positive signs to look for, and the warning signs that tell you to run the other way! So here are the signs you should look for in a psychic, and the signs that will tell you that the psychic you are dealing with is only out to drain you of your money!

Positive Signs To Look For In A Psychic

A professional psychic is someone who will help you find the answers you are looking for, and will also be able to give you advice about what you can do to change or improve your situation.

Here are the signs of a good psychic:

– Look for someone who has had media attention, such as written about in magazines, has been a guest on TV talk shows, and has been a frequent guest on radio shows. The media seeks out psychics that are good!

– Make sure that the psychic has a professional website.

– A professional psychic will not tell you that a curse is the cause of all your problems, and then try to charge you money to remove the curse. If there was a curse on you, a professional psychic would remove it as part of your session, at no extra charge! As a matter of fact, here are 15 signs you’re cursed.

– The psychic should have a money back guarantee. At least in the first 10 minutes, you should be able to end the call and get your money back if the reading is not working for you.

– Make sure the psychic has a presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, because a real psychic is accessible and has nothing to hide.

– Someone who has a presence when you Google their name.

– A psychic who is good usually takes a few months to get a reading with them because they are highly sought after.

– The cost of their reading is higher because the information they are able to give you will be extremely accurate, and it will be well worth more than what you paid for your reading.

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Signs That Will Tell You The Psychic Should Be Avoided

– Has a neon sign out front of their home. Professional psychics don’t have neon signs out front! A neon sign is a HUGE red flag!

– The psychic hasn’t had much media attention. Psychics who are shady don’t want media attention out of fear of being exposed!

– They have a website that looks homemade or thrown together, because it can be taken down easily when they need to disappear!. A shady psychic will create a website quickly, just to try and present themselves as legitimate!

– They tell you that a family curse is the cause of your problems, and that they can remove the curse for a fee. They say the money you pay is not for them, but for their church, etc. They always claim to be religious people of God in order to make you think they would never take advantage of you!

– They have no money back guarantee, and they usually only want cash!

– They have no social media presence because they don’t want others talking about their bad experiences with them.

– They have very little written about them when you Google their name.

– You can get a reading right away because they have very few clients!

– Their readings cost between $40 to $125 for a reading. They keep their prices low to lure more victims in.

These are just a few of the signs you should look for. There are other signs, but these are the major ones to look for and to avoid!

It is important to know that a good psychic will be able to help you find answers that are helpful, and help you solve your problems. When you have a psychic reading with a good psychic, you will find that although you pay more due to their pinpoint accuracy and because their time is limited, you will get more from your reading than you paid for your it.

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  1. Renee says:

    Tana, thank you so much for sharing this article with us! Before I found you, I went to a woman who tried to get me to pay her $1000 to remove a curse. I’m so glad I didn’t pay her. I’ve had 3 readings with you and everything you have told me has come true! Thanks for sharing you knowledge with us!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with all of us! I always find your posts very helpful! I’m so glad I found you, because you are an amazing psychic! Thanks for being such a loving human being!

  3. Lorrie says:

    Tana, you are right on point with what you wrote! I had experiences with psychics like the ones you talked about in the article you wrote! After my first reading with you, I knew my angels had finally lead me to a gifted and honest psychic! You’re great!

  4. Ash says:

    Did it come true ? Wow that’s nice to know

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