Learn Your Guardian Angels Names and How to Get Their Protection

In ancient times, people were in touch with angels, whom they also knew as Divine Messengers. In those less sophisticated days, people could see them, and even communicate directly with them. They knew their angels. guardian angels

Each person knew they had a personal Guardian Angel that protected them from harm, including warning them about disasters that were soon to strike.

If you had lived in those times, you would have probably been among those who freely called upon their angel for protection or counsel. You would also have considered such actions as blessings freely given to you, by the Creator of Everything Of All That Is Above.

A Belief That Doesn’t Die

Over the passage of time, though, the knowledge about angels became distorted and saddled with strange beliefs. Depending on which part of the world a person was living in, and also the era that such a person was living, angels became confused with aliens, monsters, ghosts, and were even claimed to be mere products of the imagination.

Fortunately, the belief in angels and their protective powers have enjoyed resurgence in many cultures and societies over the past few years.

But the widespread use of technology has also been instrumental in categorizing such ideas as superstitious foolishness. The naysayers claim that the existence of angels cannot be proven scientifically, and thus, they claim that angels do not really exist.

But you and I know better!

All over the world, different kinds of beliefs have come and gone down through the years, but the belief in angels stands strong – even today. So clearly, there is something more than superstitious nonsense behind the belief in angels.

So we are going to start learning more about the angels that humanity has known about throughout the ages!

Where Knowledge About Angels Comes From

Humanity’s knowledge about angels is extensive in both time and space, irrespective of a person’s religion or faith system.

Knowledge about angels has been passed through generations via the oral tradition, folk stories, written accounts, and depictions of various kinds of art, such as sculptures and paintings.

Many people are familiar with the iconic cute Cupid and his little underpants, wings, bow and arrow, curly hair, and chubby face. This image is based on creative artwork, but doesn’t depict the reality that angels are in spirit form with no physical bodies. However, when it is required as part of performing a task that they were assigned, there are times when they may temporarily assume a human form.

Intelligent Spirits

There’s a widespread belief that when good people die, they become angels. It’s also believed that angels can come down and permanently become humans. In fact, there are stories and movies that have been made, based on such beliefs.

Again, such beliefs are far from the truth. Humans do not turn into angels and vice-versa. We are as different from them, as apples and oranges are different from each other. Although angels are spirits, and people are spirits living out a human existence, this is about as close as the similarities will go.

Some angels are tasked with other responsibilities, and they do not interact with people. Although some of them are tasked by the Creator of All, to watch over you, along with other people in the world.

Those angels that protect us, guide us, and who interact with us 24/7, even without our knowledge, are our Guardian Angels.

What’s the Name of Your Guardian Angel?

It is important for you to know the name of your Guardian Angel, because it is by that name that you will call your angel in times of need, whether such a need is material or not.

Angels are not as powerful or knowledgeable as the Creator, but they have knowledge that is far more than even the most intelligent humans have.

Most of all, they can help you as the need for help arises. As mentioned, they can help you even without your knowledge, or without you being aware that you are being helped.

There are various ways to find out the name of your Guardian Angel, but here are some steps that I recommend:

  • Sit in a peaceful place without any kind of disruption from other people or from things around you (TV, radio, mobile phone, computer, etc.)
  • Relax your body and mind. You may listen to soothing instrumental music if this helps you to relax.
  • Make sure that your clothing is neither tight nor loose, so that your relaxation will happen faster.
  • Close your eyes and visualize a spark of light.
  • Breath rhythmically, inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly, as you continue with your visualization.
  • Imagine the spark of light getting bigger and brighter.
  • When you feel comfortable with the size and bigness of the light that is in your mind, think this: “My Guardian Angel, I long to know you better. Please tell me your name.”
  • Sit silent and patient as you wait. Eventually, you will hear a word or two in your mind. That’s the name of your angel.
  • When you receive the name, thank your angel, and slowly put out the light in your mind.
  • Finally, open your eyes and write down your angel’s name, so that you won’t forget it. Especially if your angel has an unusual sounding name. Keep your Guardian Angel’s name private between the two of you.

Now you know how to call on your Guardian Angel when there’s a need for help or guidance. There are also more techniques for learning how to talk to your guardian angel here.


If, however, even after doing the steps described above, you still feel that you have not been able to reach your Guardian Angel, let me about it, so that I can help you through a psychic reading.

It is understandable that sometimes your thoughts, emotions, and body, may be too hyped or otherwise sensitive to distraction, causing you to be unable to properly reach your Guardian Angel. Do not be worried! That situation can be remedied through a psychic reading, which you can schedule by clicking here now.

If you already know the name of your Guardian Angel, then share your experiences with me below!

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  1. Ethan says:

    I followed the instructions and I got “Oohlah” I believe that is the name of my guardian angel! Thank you for this step by step and helping me achieve my angel’s name!

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    I got the name Etan, but I constantly second guess myself.

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