How Your Guardian Angels Guide You In Your Dreams


There is more to your bedtime than just hitting the sack and gently drifting into the dark abyss of comfort and rest. Your dreamtime is often the most effective way to boost your spiritual growth and understanding.

How to talk to your guardian angels

You may have noticed there are many people who are gifted with abilities to foretell the future through their dreams. You can also experience this too, by inviting your guardian angels into your slumber.

What Are Guardian Angels?


How Your Guardian Angels Guide You In Your Dreams

Aside from protecting you, guardian angels provide you with guidance when faced with difficult situations.


Guardian angels are divine beings with wings like that of a dove. They are a gift from the Creator to watch, guide, and protect, a person, a place, or a nation, from the malice of the world. Angels are not constrained within the physical, which means they can help you and communicate with you anytime, anywhere, and in ways our human minds cannot even imagine.

How Guardian Angels Guide You To Make Right Decisions


How Your Guardian Angels Guide You In Your Dreams

Your guardian angels can provide you with clear guidance through your dreams while you are sleeping.


There will be times when you feel down or depressed after a bad day, or you may face a situation wherein you are confused and do not know what to do.  So you feel that the only way to pacify these feelings is to get some good shut eye.

But whether you know it or not, your guardian angels are constantly by your side, even when you are asleep. And you can invite them to your dreams to receive clear guidance.

  • Your angels know exactly what’s best for you.

Your guardian angels’ priority is your safety. Their ways of showing their guidance varies with every situation. Sometimes it comes in a whisper, a thought in your mind, through your conscience, or in a clear, audible voice. They can also convey their messages when you are sleeping.

Guardian angels may make a personal appearance in your dreams, often as a wise friend, a teacher, or a leader. Your angels may also guide you through thoughts and feelings when you sleep.

Your guardian angels are not bound by time and space, so this is why they can communicate with you through your dreams. Your sleeping time is an excellent time to connect with the angels and receive their guidance, since your body is relaxed, your mind is generally peaceful, and your energy is calm.

So when you are faced with a situation and in need of advice from your guardian angels, remember to take a moment and meditate before going to bed. Ask your angels, mentally or aloud, to penetrate into your mind while you sleep, and advise you regarding any situation you are facing. Also, ask your angels to help you remember your dream vividly upon waking.

And you know for sure that your guardian angels are able and willing to help you in your times of need.

  • Your guardian angel will show you every option for you to make the right decision.

Your guardian angels care about the choices you make as these decisions may affect your life in the long run. Your angels can see through every problem, and they are very eager to guide you back from the darkness and into light. You may have fallen asleep feeling depressed and confused, but after a visit from your angels, you will wake with a fresh outlook on life.

Knowing the outcome of your decisions makes problem-solving easier, and any distrust will now be replaced with newfound faith and confidence.

  • They can show you the future outcomes of your decision.

If you have already made a decision, your guardian angels may also show you the end result of your choices, so you can prepare yourself for what’s to come. This will allow you to know what steps to take next.

No guardian angel would want you to fall into a trap, so your angels will do everything they can to stop you from falling. Your guardian angels will also give you advance warnings about dangers that threaten your life.

They are your most trusted advisors. They know everything there is to know about you – your past, present, and future. They are there to ensure you live your best life possible.

You can also ask them to show you what you need to know about the things that that can affect the course of your life. They are there to ensure you live your best life possible.

How to Recognize Your Guardian Angel’s Message


How Your Guardian Angels Guide You In Your Dreams

Waking up refreshed and feeling more positive are indications that your guardian angels have visited you in your dreams.

There is a great healing that will happen during sleep. Guardian angels have the power to heal limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. They can also help in releasing bad energy, and create a balance between your mind, body, and soul.

When you ask your guardian angels to appear in your dreams, focus on the thoughts and feelings you feel after talking to them when you wake up. Do you feel more positive than you did last night? Do you feel a tinge of hope seeping through the dark? Do you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day with a smile on your face? These feelings indicate that your guardian angels have answered your requests.

Don’t limit your guardian angel as to how he would answer your requests, because it differs from time to time, from person to person. You have to trust that your angels will meet your plea.

You will most likely encounter your angel in a lucid dream, which you will be able to remember clearly when you wake up (unlike other dreams). Or your angel can also guide you in your sleep without you being aware of it. But you will definitely feel as if something inside you changed during the night, even if you are unaware of an angelic visitation.

No more fears, no more uncertainties, and no more indecisiveness. These is a strong indication that your angels answered you in your dreams.

Always analyse your thoughts and gut feelings on every possible option. Then compare these feelings to how you felt before you asked your angels for guidance.

How to Personally Thank Your Guardian Angel


It is customary that when someone does something good for you for you to return the favor by showing them how grateful you are. The same applies to your guardian angel. Your angel of light is always there watching over you, making sure that you are safe and protected at all times.

Even though your angel is invisible and part of the spiritual world, you can still thank them and show them your appreciation. One way of thanking them is to write them a detailed letter. Pour out your gratitude in this letter, and write down all the situations you are thankful for.

Thank them for guiding you and leading you to make the right decisions, and for appearing in your dreams. Also thank them for answering all of your prayers in the past, and for never letting you down.

You may always recall the help your guardian angels during your dreams in your waking hours, but you will always feel it deeply. Continue to work with your affirmations and meditations, and keep inviting their angelic guidance at night before you go to sleep. And you will never make a rash decision ever again. Angelic dreams will help you face the day with a fresh start, filled with newfound energy, love, hope, and the assurance that everything will work out just fine.

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