Here Are My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (July Release)

Hello there,

I have some important news for you…

…so please make sure to read this entire email because what I’m about to tell you is something you don’t want to ignore!

And let me tell you, it’s going to be another big one!!

I Was Visited The Other Night

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, then you already know that every Friday I meditate for 8 to 10 hours, and then on Saturday, I get up around 2:30 to 3 AM, to astral travel for another 8 to 12 hours.

I do this for my own spiritual advancement and to keep myself attuned.

During my astral travels, I travel to different dimensions in the universe and have met all kinds of highly evolved Beings who have passed on to me some very powerful, highly evolved knowledge, which I then share with you in my emails.

And as many of you know, I share this knowledge so that your life can be blessed and benefit from what I learn.

And let me tell you, I’ve met some pretty interesting and unusual looking Beings during my astral travels…

…well, this Saturday, instead of having to astrally travel to visit beings from another dimension, a Being from a faraway galaxy actually came to visit me!

And I think you’re going to find this to be a very interesting, and funny story… 

AAAAAH…That Was The Sound That Came Out Of My Mouth 

I remember it very clearly.

It was exactly 2:33 AM when I opened the door to enter my meditation room!

Still being a little groggy from just waking up, I flipped on the light, and then…

…I let out a loud scream that sounded like, AAAAAH!

Let me tell you, what I saw standing before me when the light came on, almost caused me to have a stroke!

Imagine this…

It’s 2:33 AM on a Saturday morning, I open the door to a dark room, switch on the light, and standing almost right in front of me is this tall, hairy-looking being, that looks like a cross between Big Foot, ET the alien, and Mickey Mouse!

I mean, he was covered in dark black hair, he was about 8 feet tall, had a face with alien looking features, and a long nose that looked like something you would see on a Mickey Mouse!

Well, I will be honest enough to admit, I almost peed my pants a little! And before you laugh, I can guarantee you, you would have, too, if you were there with me at that moment!

This “thing” looked hideous and scary. Like something from a horror movie!

I don’t get startled easily, because I’ve met and seen some very unusual looking beings before! But when I am caught off guard like that, it literally scares the crap out of me!

Why You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Right then, this “thing”, spoke to me…

..I discovered he is called an Alvaron, and Alvarons come from the planet Alvaria.

He told me his name is Prantar, and he is from a galaxy called Zon, which is 400,000 light years from the earth!

He then apologized for starling me and assured me he meant me no harm. But that the reason for the visit was to deliver me a warning!

So I said, “A warning? What kind of warning?”

What’s interesting is that these highly evolved beings do not speak with their mouths. They communicate telepathically! Meaning when we spoke to each other, the conversation took place in our minds. And in my mind, I could hear him speaking as loud and clear as if he was speaking to me with his mouth!

And I have discovered that all highly evolved Beings communicate this way.

Prantar said he had heard my name from beings from other galaxies and was told that I was the “go-to guy on earth” for beings from other galaxies.

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but since he used the word “warning” I listened intently to what he had to say!

And it turned out, even though Prantar looked scary, he was one of the kindest, most spiritually enlightened Beings, I had ever met.

Don’t get caught without protection! This is something you don’t want to ignore!

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The Warning Prantar Gave Me 

Prantar explained he came to warn me about one of the biggest Energy Shock Waves to ever hit the earth!

As a matter of fact, it was so big, it was not only going to hit the earth, because several other galaxies were going to be affected by it, too!

He told me this energy Shockwave even has a name…and they call it The Sledgehammer!

Prantar also said it is so powerful that after it hits, the negative effects from it are going to last for 10 years afterwards!

“10 years?” I thought to myself. “That’s a very long time!”.

And after hearing it was named “The Sledgehammer”…he got my attention even more!

He said “We need the help of everyone we can find in order to be able to minimize the damage and destruction The Sledgehammer is going to cause when it hits!

He explained The Sledgehammer Energy Shockwave will be caused by the energies of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the planet earth, coming into misalignment on December 18th, 2019.

And when this misalignment occurs, it’s going to cause an energetic explosion that will be felt on the earth, and also affect all the galaxies within 400,000 light years away from earth!

I asked him what kind of damage we were talking about, and this is what he said:

  1. It will hit on December 18th.
  2. When it hits, it will hit the earth like a giant sledgehammer
  3. It will cause an energetic explosion throughout the entire earth, and this explosion will also affect any galaxies within 400,000 light years away.
  4. Any person who is not protected will find their lives being severely affected.


The Damaging Effects To Expect From The Sledgehammer

Prantar explained how important it is to “get the word out” to the people on earth, and let them know about this destructive Energy Shockwave. So, that as many people as possible can get the protection they need to be shielded from it!

He said when this explosion occurs, it will release a powerful energy shockwave that will slam down on the earth as if it was being smashed by a giant sledgehammer!

Prantar said that after this explosion occurs, unprotected people will experience one or all of the following occurrences in their lives:

* It will block people from finding true love, causing a 10-year delay in finding their soulmate. In other words, it will be another 10 years before they even have another opportunity for a long-term, loving relationship. He said “their “Love Well” will be dry for the next 10 years!”.

* If a person is already in a relationship, especially where they aren’t as close as one or the other would like to be, walls will be built, causing a feeling of an even greater distance between them. This will create a feeling of loneliness in one or both of their hearts, potentially leaving their relationship open to betrayals, dishonesty, and feelings of even further separation!

* An unprotected person will experience career setbacks, loss of advancement opportunities, and all kinds of walls and obstacles in their professional life, for the next 10 years!

* Problems with coworkers, bosses, and employees will be rocky, or difficult at the very least, for the next 10 years.

* Job interviews will not go well, causing people seeking a new job to have difficulty making a good first impression! And this will also last for 10 years!

* Bills will pile up, loans won’t get paid, and other financial difficulties will begin to strike! It will affect the flow of money and financial opportunities in a person’s life for the next 10 years!

* Weight gain will become a problem. Even a person who watches what they eat will find themselves slowly gaining weight, over the next 10 years!

* Depression, sadness, and paranoia, will set in, as a dark cloud of gloom will linger over the head of unprotected people! This dark cloud will cause unprotected people to feel zoned out from life, disconnected from the world, and make them feel like they are living in a dark fog!

* Since this is the first Energy Shockwave of this magnitude has ever hit the planet earth, it is going to cause a lot of other unknown things, too.

When he shared me all of this with, all I could think to myself was “This really sucks!”.

And I know some people reading this aren’t going to like what they are reading, but please remember that I am only the messenger, not the cause.

But Here Is The Good News…

But even though The Sledgehammer is going to hit the earth, and there is no way to stop it, there is some good news…

you can get protected from it!

Let’s face it! There’s nothing anyone can possibly do to stop The Sledgehammer from hitting the earth. We cannot control the planetary movements, and Energy Shockwaves sometimes happen, just like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, thunderstorms, and lightning. They are all natural occurrences on earth.

But just like an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, hurricane, or any other natural destructive event that happens, by knowing about it ahead of time, you can protect yourself from being affected by it.

And once you are protected, even when The Sledgehammer hits, you won’t feel a thing! You won’t have one single negative thing in your life as a result of this. As a matter of fact, protected people won’t even know that anything even happened…

….but they will start seeing the damaging effects occur in the lives of other people around them who aren’t protected!

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Are You Willing To Take A Chance?

The bad news is, if a person is not protected, they are going to experience most, if not all, of the tragic, effects Prantar told me were going to happen.

Whenever a major hurricane is going to hit, even when people are warned, there are always people who think…”Oh well! I’ll take a chance because nothing is going to happen to me!”.

They think “I don’t have the extra money to move to a hotel” or “I don’t want to go through all the hassle of packing.” Or, “It won’t be as bad as they are saying it will be!”

Well, this reminds me of a tragic story…

…You may remember a few years ago when people in Florida were warned that the big one was going to hit, and they were told to get prepared because it was going to be very destructive!

Then news even warned people that “If you have a house on the beach, gather your belongings and leave right away!”

The people in this town had over a week’s notice!

…And what did they do?

…Did they seek protection?


Instead, a couple who owned a mansion right across from the beach decided that instead of listening to the warning from the experts, they were instead going to have a party! So, they invited some friends over for a hurricane party! (What the heck were these people thinking??)

And do you remember what happened?

Well, I do…

…the hurricane hit, just like they were warned it would! It demolished their house, along with all the houses around it. I mean, all the houses on that street were destroyed. It looked like a house had never been built there!

And their bodies, along with the bodies of their friends, were never found…

…they were all washed out to sea.

This story still makes me tremble inside whenever I think of it! 

Can you imagine being warned about something like that, being given plenty of notice, and instead of seeking protection, just ignoring it altogether? 

I often wonder what was going through their heads that would make them ignore something so serious, even with plenty of advanced warning.

But sometimes, we can’t explain human nature. 

But You Have To Decide!

This story just breaks my heart, why would anyone not seek protection when they were warned it was going to be a big one, and that IT WAS going to hit?

And they were even given plenty of time to get prepared so they could be protected from it!

Well, that’s exactly what some people reading this email are going to do when it comes to getting protected The Sledgehammer!

They are going to ignore it, even though they had plenty of warning!

And then when it hits, and they start seeing the effects of the fallout in their lives, just like the couple who had the hurricane party – it will be too late!

And what these people don’t realize is – 10 years of dealing with the fallout is a very long time!

And I bet if we could turn back the hands of time, and talk to those people at that hurricane party, I bet each and every one of them would say they wish they had listened and did whatever they needed to do to protect themselves and their loved ones!

So, this is your advance warning, and now you have to decide, are you going to have a party and take your chances, or are you going to make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones, so that you and they don’t have to deal with the fallout for the next 10 years?

The Solid-As-Steel Protective Power Of Slamo Zono Protecto 

Once Prantar explained the damaging effects of The Sledgehammer and the importance of warning others about this, he immediately began to train me on what he called Slamo Zono Protecto, a  powerful protection technique that will protect a person and their entire family from these destructive effects.

He said that after a person gets Slamo Zono Protecto performed on them, their aura will automatically blast a violet light ray out into the universe, protecting that person, their entire family, (their spouse, children, brothers, and sisters), their family members entire families, and this protection also extends to their aunts, uncles, and even first cousins!

And this violet light ray will also help to protect the inhabitants of the planet Zono and any other galaxies and their inhabitants, which are up to 400,000 light years away from earth! And vice-versa!

In Prantar’s own words, he said “Tana, we need the help of your planet to make this work! The power of The Sledgehammer is going to be so powerful, the only way people can be assured they are protected is by the cooperative efforts of both of our galaxies!”.

I quickly realized, getting protected from The Sledgehammer is some very serious stuff!

What The Protection Of Slamo Zono Protecto Will Do For You 

A person who has protection from The Sledgehammer and the damaging effects that will last for the next 10 years, will have an abundance of protection that will protect not only themselves but their entire family, including their spouse, children, brothers, and sister, along with their entire families, and  this protection also extends to their aunts, uncles, and even first cousins!

And here are some of the amazing benefits that being protected will bring you:

* You will be intuitively guided on your path to finding true love, filling your “Love Well” with an abundance of opportunities to meet the love of your life!

* If you are already in a relationship. especially where one of you aren’t as close as you would like to be, you’ll find walls falling down, have a feeling of even greater closeness between you, erase any loneliness in your hearts, and protect your relationship from betrayals, dishonesty, and feelings of further separation!

* You will experience career growth, limitless advancement opportunities, and any walls, obstacles, or setbacks that were in the way of your professional life, will vanish like magic!

* Any problems with coworkers, bosses, and employees, will smooth out and you will experience more harmonious relationships with them.

* Job interviews will be a piece of cake! And if you are seeking a new job you will become irresistible to anyone who interviews you!

* Your debts, bills, and, loans will disappear, and any financial difficulties will become a thing of the past!

* Weight loss will happen naturally and seemingly effortlessly, without having to make hardly any changes at all in the way you eat!

* Any depression, sadness, and paranoia, will disappear, and any dark clouds of gloom you may have been feeling over your head will vanish into thin air!

* Plus, many other unexpected benefits will occur in your life and the lives of your family members!

How To Get Protected By Slamo Zono Protecto To Guarantee You and Your Loved Ones Don’t Get Hit! 

As much as I’d like to save the world and help everyone, I realize that will be an impossible task!


…I can help YOU!

Once I perform the Slamo Zono Protecto on you, you and your family will be protected from The Sledgehammer when it hits…

..and like not or not – it is going to hit!

I tried to make as many spaces as I can available for this, so I am able to offer this to 88 people!

And if you want to be one of the protected 88 people, instead of being like the couple who had the hurricane party, after several warnings, and then getting wiped out when it hit, along with their entire families, then you’ll want to click this link and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, so that you are guaranteed a space!

You can also hit reply and reply back to this email, but please make sure to include your contact number! 

*** If you are like the couple in Florida who decided to ignore the warnings and take a chance, and then got wiped out by the hurricane, never to have their bodies found again – then this is not for you!

But if you are someone who wants to be protected, wants to make sure your family, relatives, and loved ones, are protected, too – then this IS for you! Because you know when this hits, it’s not worth it to have to deal with the fallout for the next 10 years, when you could have easily gotten protection!

So, the next thing to do right now, is click on this link, fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, and submit it immediately, so you can be assured you have grabbed a spot to protect you, your family, and your loved ones!

These 88 spaces will go very fast, so don’t hesitate or you WILL miss out, so, grab your spot now…

…because 10 years is a long time to deal with the fallout from something like this!

Thank you for reading this and letting me serve you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2019 (July release)

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