Here Are My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (October Release)

Hi there,

I had one of the most interesting and unusual experiences of my life a few days ago and with all the things I’ve seen and experienced as a psychic, calling an experienced “unusual” is a rare occurrence for me…

,,, but what I’m about to tell you about was definitely unusual!

As many of you know, I enjoy getting on one of those scooters you can rent, and scootering around the city late at night!

I find it peaceful because everything is quiet and the night time brings a different energy feel to the city.

Well, this particular evening, something inside me told me to go to the ocean and scooter on the walkway along the ocean. So, around 11:30 pm, I drove about 25 minutes away to the ocean, found a scooter to ride, and started scootering along the 5 miles walkway that runs along the ocean!

No one was around, so it was very peaceful! It was the perfect night to be riding along the ocean on my scooter…

…when suddenly…

…something was calling my name!!

I literally had to stop my scooter, shake my head, and stop for a moment, to make sure what I was hearing was not a hallucination!

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A Voice From The Ocean Called My Name

As I stood there looking around, I could hear a faint sound that sounded like someone was calling my name. “Tana”, said the voice.

With the sound of the waves crashing into the shore, the voice was faint, but I could clearly hear someone calling “Tana!”

At first, I thought it was someone who knew me. But by now, it was around 12:25 am, and not a living soul was around.

Then, I heard my name called once again, “Tana”!

And this time, I could tell the voice was coming from the ocean!

So, I looked out, and sitting upon a pile of rocks, which extended about 40 feet out into the ocean, was the most beautiful look mermaid that I had ever seen!

Once I saw her, I could hear her yelling, “Tana, come here!” Then she waved for me to come closer towards her.

The Mermaid That Freaked Me Out

I paused for a moment, thinking to myself, “I’m not going out there! I have no idea who or what this being is!” But then, she glided down into the water, swam to the water’s edge, as she yelled to me “Tana, I’m coming to the water’s edge, so meet me there!”

I was in no way going out into the water! I was only going to stand where I was on solid ground.

So, I walked over to the edge of the water as she swam towards the shore, leaving her tail in the water, and only showing herself from the waist up.

This made her appear to be a human woman standing in the water talking to me. (I later found out she did this in case humans walked by, making her appear like she was a human woman standing in the water, as we were talking).

She swam very quickly to the shore, and thankfully the tide was high, so it was easy for her to hide her tail with the waves rolling into the shore.

She had beautiful long blond hair, a beautiful, face, and a warm friendly smile. She introduced herself to me and said her name was Athena. Then reached out her hand and we shook hands.

The Reason For Athenas Telepathic Call 

Athena explained she had wanted me to meet her by the shore, so she telepathically called me to meet her here there.

This explained why I had the deep inner urge to go to the ocean and scooter there this night!

Athena went on to explain she had heard about me from some of the other Merpeople she knows, and they told her I was a safe human to talk to. So, this was why she telepathically called me there this late night.

She then told me she called me there because she needed to teach me about something very important that I needed to get out to others!

Athena began by saying “Tana, we beings of the ocean possess many valuable secrets that are helpful to humankind and we want to begin sharing our gifts with the human world. So, I called you here this evening to share this message with you and how we can share our gifts with humans who desire them.” 

Athena then went on to explain that the gift the Merpeople have to share with humans who “hear the call” is called The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto.

What Is The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto

Athena explained that The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto is a special initiation, which invokes the help and assistance of the most powerful deities who control the oceans of the world, such as Poseidon, Triton, Aegaeon, and Brizo, to name a few!

And once a person has been initiated, all kinds of magical things will happen in that person’s life!

She said once a person has been initiated, The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto will create a telepathic link between that person and the Merpeople and other powerful deities who rule the oceans of the world.

And she explained that and once a person has been linked to these powerful deities, amazing things will happen in their life.

For example:

* When it comes to finding true love, The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto will prevent you from wasting your time getting to know the wrong people by only allowing the right people to enter into your energy vibrations! And from that point on, you can know with confidence that people you meet will only be the people who are your truest soulmate potentials, and who will not waste your precious time, energy, or money!

In other words, it will act like a wall of protection between you and the people who waste your time, money, energy, and only end up breaking your heart anyways! So, heartbreak will become a thing of the past!

* Also, many people never get to fully accomplish their dreams, wishes, and desires for their life, especially when it comes to their career, profession, or finding their true life purpose! The problem is, many people end up falling short of reaching their truest financial potential, along with their desired career goal success. In the end, many people end up falling short!

But once you have been initiated, you will be energetically linked to the deities who control the oceans of the world and they will not only use their powers to help you achieve your fullest financial and career potential but to even exceed it!

People will look at you in amazement, wondering how you were able to “shoot up the ladder of success” so quickly, and seemingly effortlessly!

* Your body will also become infused with “The energy of the Water Gods” causing it to reach such a high vibrational frequency, your energy bodies’ metabolic rate will vibrate at the higher level! Which in turn, will cause any excess weight to melt off of you like butter, without you hardly having to do anything different at all!

You will feel more confident about how you look, you will feel more confident around others, and your natural beauty will even take on a more youthful appearance and glow!

* The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto will also telepathically link you to the Merpeople, via what is called “The Poseidon Mind Link”, This Poseidon Mind Link will telepathically connect your mind to the minds of the all the Merpeople in the oceans, instantly giving you access to the psychic wisdom of the Merpeople!

What this means is no matter what situation, problem. decision, or unexpected occurrence you are ever faced with in life, because of this Mind Link connection you will now have with the Merpeople, you will automatically know what to do in any situation, at any time. Always making the right decisions!

* You will also find any blocks, walls, obstacles, or challenges you face in your career life, love life, personal life, family life, or health, being automatically banished, and your life will be effortlessly placed onto the right path that leads to your deepest desires, in any of those areas!

* Plus a whole lot more!

In other words, The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto is one of the most amazing things I have ever been exposed to!

** Athena also told me that any person who is initiated into The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto will have the opportunity to see a merperson in their lifetime. This means, whenever you are near the ocean, one or more of them will show themselves to you, allowing you to see them, as a way of thanking you for accepting their gift of The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto. And this alone will be a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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I love Merpeople! I have seen them many times in my life, and even spoke with them before! And I’ve always found them to be the most loving, gentlest beings I have ever met.

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The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto is called an initiation because when it is performed, you will actually become initiated by the Merpeople, and accepted as one of their own!

So, if you want to:

* Never again waste your time and energy getting to know the wrong people, and only meet the people who offer you a real opportunity for love!

* Stop falling short of your career and financial potential, and begin soaring up the ladder of success at almost lightning speed!

* See any extra weight begin melting off of you with little or no effort and begin feeling better about yourself than you have in ages!

* Gain the instant wisdom of the Merpeople and know what to do in any situation you are ever faced with, and always making the right decision every time!

* And have all walls, block, obstacles, challenges, and problems in your love life, career life, professional life, family life, and health instantly banished from you!

AND, if you’d like the rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to physically see one or more Merpeople when you are near the ocean, then this is something you will definitely not want to miss.

Just being able to see a Merperson makes The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto worth the experience.

* Plus, you will experience a whole lot more.

So, if all of this sounds exciting to you, then you will want to be part of The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this and I look forward to initiating you into The Poseidic Tele-O-Mindo Energin Linkto!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2019 (October Release)

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