Here Are My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (September Release)

Hi there,

My last astral travel was unbelievable…

…and I am so excited to share it with you!

Most of you know my weekly Saturday routine by now. Up at around 3:00 am. I drink a cup of green tea, eat a banana, and then go to my meditation room to get ready to Astrally Travel to another dimension.

Then when I’m ready to start astral traveling, I just close my eyes, and within 5 seconds, off I go to another dimension!


Then, I take off like a space rocket, flying so fast, I can feel my body tingle! It’s a very unusual feeling flying so fast. And it feels amazing!

During my most recent astral voyage, in less than 5 minutes….

…I came to a sudden stop! 

What I Saw When I Stopped Left Me Speechless

Suddenly, I saw a beautiful light purple fog all around me. Then almost instantly, the

fog cleared…and what I saw next, left me speechless…

…there were all of these modern-looking, space-like buildings right in front of me! They looked like the kinds of buildings I’ve seen in science fiction movies. Very modern, and very space-like. These shiny silver buildings had lots of reflective glass and they were very tall.

And as I began walking around I saw some beings walking, which looked like normal people at first. But then I could see that their ears were long, like Doctor Spock, and their skin looked almost rubbery. It’s hard to describe, but because of their ears and skin texture, I could tell they were not humans.

And oddly, every single being that walked by me said hello with a big smile, as if they knew who I was!

It was all very strange…

…until I discovered that they did know who I was, and learned how they knew me! 

The Telepathic Planet Of Plazaar 

I quickly discovered I had landed on the planet Plazaar, which resides in a galaxy known as Iston. The galaxy of Iston is 400,000 light-years away from earth.

The beings who live on Plazaar are called Plazaarians, and it turns out that the Plazaarians are all telepathically connected.

What this means is, Plazaarians communicate using mind-reading. In other words, they do not need to speak with their mouth to communicate with each other. Instead, they just simply “think” what they want to say, and whoever they are “talking” to can read their thoughts.

It turns out that all Plazaarians are tuned into a type of “telepathic energy network”, which is like a radio station without words. And via this telepathic energy network, messages can be telepathically broadcasted to the entire planet.

And since all Plazaarians are tuned into this network, they are all able to “hear” the messages being broadcast.

So, the moment I arrived, my arrival was broadcast to the entire planet, and this is why everyone I saw said help to me with a smile because they already knew who I was the moment I arrived here.

And the Plazaarians are very friendly and polite people.

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I Was Greeted By Their Leader Zar 

Not more than 5-minutes before I landed, three Plazaarians named Rohn, Catar, and Jop, greeted me with a warm welcome.

They kindly asked me to follow them so I could meet their leader named Zar.

They escorted me to this amazing space-like palace, which turned out to be the private home of Zar.

Zar greeted us at the door and was dressed in a muted golden jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath. He also wore gold quilted pants and was dressed like something out of Star Trek.

He was very elegant in his walk, manners, and speech, and he invited me to sit down with him in the most amazing looking living room I had ever seen.

We talked for a while and he told me all about their planet and also why I had landed on there.

He told me he actually knew I coming, months before I arrived!

Energy Drain Holes And What They Do

What he told me about, most people have never heard of before. He told me about something he called Energy Drain Holes, or EDHs.

And it turns out, EDH’s surrounding all of us here on earth!

Zar explained that Energy Drain Holes are similar to Energy Portals. In case you don’t know what an Energy Portal is, Energy Portals are gateways used by Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, fairies, elves, gnomes, and other energy beings, to travel through, so they can enter our dimension.


…Energy Drain Holes are a whole lot different than Energy Portals don’t act as gateways to enter our dimension. NO!

Instead, Energy Drain Holes act like a vacuum and they literally “suck out” the positive energy from a human’s energy field!

These energy vacuums, suck out a person’s ability to:

– Have financial freedom

– Have the love they desire

– Experience a deeply satisfying and fulfilling bedroom life

– They block a person from reaching their career achievements or having the job opportunities they want,

– They prevent people from experiencing deep, intimate, emotional connections with their spouses, partners, significant others, and even their friends, which they desire to have.

Energy Drain Holes Are Everywhere

Zar explained to me that these Energy Drain Holes are everywhere.

And just like an Energy Portal, Energy Drain Holes are also invisible, so people can’t physically see them but they will definitely feel their effects, once the holes get even bigger!

Zar also explained to me that Energy Drain Holes are caused by rips in the inter-dimensional layers that surround the earth.

He said these rips are being caused by the earth going through so many changes, such as….

…wars, the political circus taking place in also every country around the world, along with all the anger, hatred, division, and feelings of separation being caused among humans, as a result of this.

And because these rips are caused by all of this negative energy floating around out in the universe, Zar warned me that they are going to get even worse, as more time goes by!

As a matter of fact, he told me that by no later than March 2020, these Energy Drain Holes will be the size of a mountain, and when this happens, people are really going to feel their effects in their daily lives! 

He then showed me how to see them so I could see what they look like, and wow! I could see over 40 of them within a 10-foot radius of myself! I was shocked when I saw how many of them there are, and THAT WAS ONLY WITHIN A 10 FOOT Radius from where I was standing!

And I was even more shocked to see how big many of them already were! 

Then Zar said to me that “The only thing humans can do is to protect ourselves from the effects of these rips is to have The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique performed on them”

…and in a moment, I will explain to you what this technique is.

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How Energy Drain Holes Will Affect You

Here are just a few of the many numerous ways Energy Drain Holes will affect a person: 

How It Will Affect Money And Finances

…Have you ever wondered where all your money seems to go? Or have you ever noticed that no matter how much money you make, it seems to disappear, without a logical explanation?

Or have you ever noticed how unexpected bills seem to come out of nowhere? You tell yourself, “Well, next month I’ll be able to save more money because I won’t have that big bill to pay again!” Then, out of nowhere, another big bill comes along!

Well, when these Energy Drain Holes get bigger, money will evaporate even faster from people’s lives!!

How It Will Affect A Person’s Love Life

Or, have you ever noticed that no matter how much you tell yourself that you won’t ever date another guy like the last one, that you seem to end up meeting a guy just like that last one – once again!

And just like the last one, he either drinks a lot, or smokes too much pot, or he lies, cheats, is dishonest, or never seems to have any money, so you end up paying for everything?

Or worse yet, he has every one of these undesirable qualities!

…It’s like dating the same guy, with a different face, body, and name!

In March 2020, when these Energy Drain Holes grow even bigger, losers will be the only type of person single people will end up meeting!

How It Will Affect The Bedroom Life

Have you ever felt like your bedroom life was not fulfilling? Whether you have been with the same person for a long time or a short time. Or, how the people you get involved with just never seem to be able to fully satisfy the deep physical and emotional needs inside of you!

After all, there’s s-e-x, and then there is making love. S-e-x is something people have with strangers or people they don’t really know, and making love is something you do with someone you love or care about very deeply!


…there is a BIG difference between the two! But many of my clients tell me they often feel like they are just having s-e-x with their spouse, partner, or significant other, when what they really deeply crave is making love together.

So, they tell me their bedroom life leaves them feeling unfilled, unsatisfied, and desiring and wishing they had a bedroom life that was something more than it is!

Or maybe you haven’t been intimate with the one you love for a very long time!

By March 2020, these Energy Drain Holes have grown to enormous size and this will cause lovemaking to vanish from many peoples to a point where physical intimacy will become reduced to nothing more than an occasional animalistic impulse between couples.

And for people who currently have no bedroom life at all, they reach an even larger since by March 2020, this will be the final nail in the physical intimacy coffin for those couples,

How It Will Affect Love Relationships

Or, you are with someone you really care about or even love, but there’s a problem with one or both of you when it comes to expressing feelings. And if you didn’t know how to read their body language or expressions, you’d never know they feel?

Do you ever wish the one you love would just share with you more about how they feel when it comes to the things that upset or bother them? Or how they feel about your relationship?

Do you ever wish you could just have more heart-to-heart talks?

Psychologists know that bad communication between couples determines how close they feel to each other, how well they work out any problems between them, and how connected as a couple!

Communication even determines how happy they feel as a couple, how much fun they have together, and how satisfied they feel in their bedroom life!

How It Will Affect Career And Professional Life

Or, maybe you are, or have been, in a job you just don’t like? Maybe your boss is a real pain in the you-know-what, or your coworkers are not very nice!

Or maybe you are the hardest working person here, so they pile all the work upon you because they know you’ll be the one who will get it done!

Or maybe you keep getting passed up for advancements…

…or worse yet, you don’t get offered any chances to move up at all!

Or maybe even your boss, or even a coworker, has made inappropriate, suggestive comments to you, which makes you cringe whenever you’re around them!

Zar said these things will only get worse for people who are not protected from these Energy Drain Holes! 

How It Will Affect Friendships

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have one, or maybe two, really close friends? Or, have you ever wanted to have closer friendships than the ones you have now?

Maybe the “friendships” you have are too surface, or aren’t people you’d feel comfortable sharing your vulnerable thoughts with at times because you know they wouldn’t give you the emotional support you really need!

Not having a really close friend can cause people to feel alone in a really big world where many people seem to just be out for themselves!

Zar told me that once these rips reach their massive size by March 2020, people will find that their current friendships, along with any new people they meet, will become very surface types of connections where insincerity abounds! 

So, as you can see, once March 2020 arrives, these Energy Drain Holes will literally will “drain the life” right out of you!

Are you willing to deal with this fallout for the next twelve years, or do you want to prevent it by getting protected?

Unprotected People Will Be Affected For 12 Years Or Longer!

Zar told me these Energy Drain Holes will never go away. As a matter of fact, after March 2020, they will just keep getting bigger for the next 12 years!

In about 12 years, the Energy Drain Holes will become so big, they will disappear…

…but unprotected people will have to deal with all of this fallout for 12 years. And as you can see, those 12 years are not going to be a party!

Besides, why would anyone want to go through 12 years of suffering, when they can have a protection technique performed on them, which is not only deeply relaxing but will allow them to avoid all of these difficulties and problems.

How The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique Will Protect You

Zar said I was telepathically directed to his planet, in order for him to personally train me in what he called The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique…

…the most powerful protection technique there is, which will protect people from the Energy Draining Holes affecting their lives!

Zar explained how the Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique will place a protective silver bubble a person, which will make it impossible for these Energy Draining Holes to suck out their energy!

He said there is nothing a human can do to close them, but a person will protect themselves from experiencing all of these problems by having The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique performed on them.

By getting protected, you will avoid the tragic effects from these Energy Drain Holes AND also experience the opposite positive effects in your life!

By having The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique performed on you, you will receive the following benefits:

An increase financial flow

Unprotected people’s money problems will intensify because the Energy Draining Holes will “drain out” their wealth and money will seem to disappear from their lives!

Getting protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique means you will not even notice this is even happening. As a matter of fact, you will experience an increase in abundance where money will seem to appear out of nowhere and your financial freedom will abound!

An abundance of love or a love well run dry

Unprotected people’s “Love Well” will run dry causing them to have trouble finding love, a relationship, or anyone to date, for that matter!

They will become trapped in a cycle of Rinse-And-Repeat Dating. Meaning they will keep meeting the same types of losers: cheaters, drinkers, pot smokers, liars, or people who are just flat broke who will expect them to pay for everything.

This is what’s called a Rinse-And-Repeat dating cycle! Get rid of the old one and then meet someone new who is just like they were!

But once you’re protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique, love will flow into your life unexpectedly, and your Love Well will begin to overflow with opportunities for love! And if you’re in a relationship, it will improve and grow in so many positive ways it would be hard to name them all! 

A boom-boom-boom bedroom life

There’s s-e-x, and then there is making love. S-e-x is something people have with strangers or people they don’t really know that well….

…but making love is something you do with someone you feel satisfied with and connected to on a very deep level!

Unprotected people will become very dissatisfied with their bedroom life, no matter how old or new their relationship is!

They will feel like they are just having s-e-x rather than making love, leaving them unable to fully satisfy the deep physical and emotional needs the desire! 

But once you’re protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique, you will have a deeply passionate, fulfilling, and satisfying love life, like never before!

Relationship walls will come tumbling down

Unprotected people will feel like the walls in their relationship will grow even taller. They will find themselves unable to read their loved ones body language and expressions any longer! Causing them to never really know how they feel?

Once you are protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique, if you are in a relationship with a closed book type of person, you will find your loved one opening up! And the two of you will begin having those heart-to-heart talks you’ve always dreamed of having! Your relationship will bloom like never before!

And once you’re protected, even if you’re in a wonderful relationship where everything just flows, things will flow even more, and the love the two of you feel will grow to even deeper levels!

An Amazing Professional Life

People who are not protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique will experience problems with their superiors, problems being advanced, or not have any opportunities to move up at all!

They will even find the irritating work relationships they have with some coworkers becoming even more troublesome!

But once you’re protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique, the opposite will happen. All kinds of opportunities will present themselves to you, doors to advancements, promotions, and raises, will fly open, and people at work will begin looking up to you!

And if you’re self-employed, once you’re protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique, you will see major increases in the growth of your business!

Friendships Like Never Before

People who do not get by protected from these Energy Drain Holes will find their friendships becoming very surface, and continuing to meet people who don’t know how to give them the kind of emotional support only a true friend can offer!

Let me tell you, not having a best friend, or a few close friends can cause a person to feel alone and lonely in a really big world where everyone seems to just be out for themselves!

But once you get protected by The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique, your existing friendships will grow even stronger, deeper, and closer, and many of the new people you meet will become your lifelong friends.

How To Get Protected By The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique 

I received some very long and intense training from Zar, on how to perform The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique on others, at the highest vibrational energy level.

And after many long hours of training, I can tell you, having The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique performed on you will be very special! Because this is one of the most powerful techniques I have ever learned up until now!

Unfortunately, Zar instructed me to only perform this on 89 people!

When I told him I believed more than 89 people would want this, I then asked him how I would choose the 89 people?

He looked at me very seriously and said:

“When the 89 different people who this is meant for read about this, they will know inside of them who they are, and they will realize The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique is something important they need to do! 

They will be the truest of spiritual seekers and Light Workers, and they will hear this call… 

…as for all the others, this knowledge will fall on deaf ears! 

Some humans, no matter how much notice you give them, or how much you try to warn them ahead of time, will wrongly believe this won’t happen to them. And when it’s too late, there will be nothing you can do to help them! 

Then there will be those humans who foolishly believe they are connected enough and evolved enough, that they will be able to protect themselves. So, they will convince themselves they don’t need to have The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique performed on them. 

These types of people are being falsely led by forces that pretend to be evolved spiritual beings talking to them. When in reality, they are being led by the voices of lowly evolved beings, who only have the intention of causing them to suffer. Because darkness will try and destroy the light inside of them! 

As a Plazaarian, I have discovered it seems to be human nature for humans to try and rationalize away the things that will help them the most! 

Darkness will always try to destroy the light! This is just a natural fact of the universe! 

So, Tana, this is why I say, the 89 people this is meant for, will be lead inside by a feeling, an inner voice, or a sense of inner knowing, that they are either a true Spiritual Seeker or a Light Seeker, and will realize without a doubt, the importance of protecting themselves for the next 12 years!” 

Whoa! When he spoke those words to me, I was blown away! But I also realized he was right! 

So, if you are one of the 89 Spiritual Seekers or Light Seekers who are able to hear this call, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, and we will get back to you asap! 

Or, you can simply reply to this email letting me know you want to have The Calamataus Drainus Empto Technique performed on you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Spiritual seekers and Light Workers who hear this call can click here and reserve their space to make sure they are protected, instead of waiting it out for 12-years of havoc and disarray.

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