Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for August 2020

Hello again,

I was so excited to tell you about what I just discovered…

…I could hardly wait to tell you about it!

During my most recent astral travels, I had the opportunity to meet some very highly evolved beings, which unenlightened people would call extraterrestrials, and these “extraterrestrials” told some interesting historical facts I never knew before!

Phedu And The Akvens

My latest astral journey led me to a planet called Phedu and this is where the Akvens live.

The planet Phedu looks almost exactly like the earth. But the only difference is the Akvens travel in mini flying saucers, instead of cars.

Akvens looks like a cross between a human and a gray alien, with more human-looking features, and the leader of the Akvens, named Karto, was an absolute pleasure to meet!

Karto invited me onto his mini spaceship, and this was my first time ever riding in a real UFO! Then off we flew into the sunset where we would eventually landing on top of a tall, beautiful mountain.

Some Interesting Alien History He Shared

We landed on the highest peak of this mountain where we sat down, as Karto explained some very interesting history to me.

It turns out that 2,100 years ago, the Akvens, along with another alien race, called the Caldrons, often came to earth and visited the ancient Egyptians.

And during these visits, the Akvens and the Caldrons taught the ancient Egyptians their advanced technology.

But he told me that eventually, the Caldrons begin to realize how vulnerable and trusting humans were towards them, so the Caldrons decided they wanted to dominate the human race, eliminate all male humans, and turn human females into surrogate slaves, whose only purpose would be to breed with the Caldrons to have alien babies.

The Caldrons actually wanted to eliminate the human race and create a superior alien race on earth!

But the Akvens were a peace-loving race, and when they found out about the Caldrons evil plan, they made it known they would not stand for this!

So, the Akvens and the Caldrons actually went to war over this, and the Akvens eventually won.

The Caldrons Refused To Go Down Without A Fight

But the Caldrons were a very egotistical and vengeful race. So when their leader realized they were going to lose the war, he wanted to leave a Caldronic mark on the human race that would never be forgotten!

So, their leader called upon their evil Caldron priests and magicians, and told them to create something so powerful that it would last for 2,500 years!

So the evil priests and magicians created something called Caldronic Hooks! 

What Are Caldronic Hooks?

Caldronic Hooks are invisible energy hooks, which look like large fish hooks, and were created to get hooked” into the energy field of a human.

So the leader of the Caldrons had his evil priests and magicians cast these Caldronic Hooks “all over the land”, so they would get “hooked” into the energy field of every living human on the earth at that time!

And his evil priests and magicians even went so far as to make sure they would also get “hooked” into the energy field of every human baby born for the next 2,500 years!

And this was the evil mark the Caldrons left on the human race – 2,500 years ago!

By the time their evil plot was discovered by the Akvens, the damage had already been done!

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What Caldronic Hooks Were Created To Do

Caldronic Hooks were created to prevent humans from ever reaching their fullest potential. Guaranteeing that any human will always fall short of his or her greatest dreams and desires!

And since every single living person on earth has Caldronic Hooks in their energy field, here are some of the many ways these hooks are affecting humans:

– No matter what you have accomplished, it will not have come very easy! And you will only be able to accomplish 10% of what you could have accomplished if you didn’t have these hooks in you!

– If you ever feel you are being held back by something, when it comes to love, finances, money, career, health, or anything whatsoever! Your Caldronic Hooks is what you are feeling!

– if you have ever felt you can achieve so much more in any or all areas of your life, and you feel perplexed, as to why you haven’t been able to achieve more, the reason is that you are “hooked” by Caldronic Hooks!

– If you’ve ever felt burnout, or feel like giving up and just going with the flow, even though you know you can do so much more, it’s because your Caldronic Hooks are holding you back!

– If you’ve ever seen yourself, kids, or your family members struggling, and worry or wonder what more you can do to help, you are witnessing the effects of Caldronic Hooks in their energy field!

– If you’ve ever realized there are certain areas in your life where no matter what you do or try, it never changes, it’s not your fault! This is because these Caldronic Hooks are preventing it from ever-improving or changing! It’s not you!

– As you can see, Caldronic Hooks hold people back in so many ways, so the list is endless! But know that people are being held back in a lot more ways than I have the space to mention here!

The Caldrons Made A Big Mistake! 

The leader of the Caldrons thought these Caldronic Hooks would cause the collapse of the human race, which would then allow them to come back and take over the earth!

As you can see, The Caldrons were not a very nice race of aliens, and they made one big mistake!

You see, once the evil priests and magicians “cast these hooks all over the land” they wrote down their secret magic in a book they called, The Book of Cal.

But what they didn’t plan for was that during the war between the Akvens and the Caldrons, the Book of Cal was discovered by the Akvens, and they took it for safekeeping!

And the reason the evil priests and magicians wrote their secret magic in this book was because they knew that in 2,500 years after the time the hooks were cast, the spell would be broken!

And once it broke, they could open this book, read the spell, and cast it on the human race again, for another 2,500 years!

The bad news is this book was sealed with an unbreakable binding spell that could only be broken after 2,500 years.

But the good news is this: The Book of Cal is in the possession of the Akvens, and this year, the year 2020, marks the end of the 2,500-year spell!

Therefore, 2020 is the year the seal can be broken and the book can be opened!

So the Akvens can open it and read exactly how the evil priests and magicians created the Caldronic Hooks, letting them know exactly what they need to do to release remove them from humans!

The Importance Of Removing Caldronic Hooks 

Caldronic Hooks are as close to family curse as you can get! And the technique I was shown for removing them is called The HookoReleaso.

And now, you have the opportunity to have these Caldronic Hooks released from you, your spouse, or significant other, along with anyone in your family line, and anyone their entire family line, too!

And The HookoRelso guarantees that no more babies born into your family will ever be born again with any Caldronic Hooks in their energy field!

So, here’s what having these Caldronic Hooks removed means for you:

– You will suddenly begin accomplishing 95% of the things you desire, and it will happen with great ease!

– You will no longer be held back by anything, when it comes to love, finances, money, career, health, or anything whatsoever!

– You will begin achieving your dreams in all areas of your life, and you will be amazed by how easily the things you wanted to achieve will come to you!

– You will feel re-energized and renewed with a feeling of excitement, and begin doing the things you always knew you could do! And nothing will hold you back!

– Your kids and family members will no longer struggle, finding their own way, without you ever having to worry about them again!

– You will find the areas of your life that never changed, no matter what you did or tried, will begin turning around and changing in the ways you wanted them to! And all of this will happen effortlessly without any more trying or struggling on your part!

– Plus all the other ways these Caldronic Hooks have been holding you and your loved ones back will vanish like magic!

After I perform The HookoReleaso to remove these hooks from you, you will experience healing and magic in your life that you could never have imagined!

How To Have Your Caldronic Hooks Removed

Karto, leader of the Akvens, has already opened The Book of Call and trained me in The HookoReleaso Technique.

During The HookoReleaso, Karto, along with the highest evolved spiritual leaders from their planet, will be joining me to help me perform this very special technique!

I highly recommend signing up for this session because leaving Caldronic Hooks in you and your loved one’s energy field is like having a limited length rope tied around your waist, with the other end of the rope tied to a 4,0000-pound weight. You can only go as far as the rope is long – and no further!

Because the rope will always hold you back until you remove it from your waist!

Well, Caldronic Hooks work in exactly the same way! You can only go so far with them hooked in you – and no further!

And now you have the chance to finally break free from this rope, and go as far now as you want to go, in all areas of your life!

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I sincerely hope this has served you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S.Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for August 2020

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