My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (August release) Psychic Predictions For August 2020 release

Here are my latest psychic predictions for August 2020. I hope you enjoy reading about them. 




A Hollywood icon will transition from their earthly body and move on to a higher place.

There will be an up and coming young male singer who will sweep the hearts of teenage girls, and even some teenage boys, too!

Another well-known celebrity will be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior! Many people will be surprised.




As we get closer to the US elections, several heads of countries around the world will turn their backs on the current US president, refusing to ever meet with him again.

Oil prices around the world will remain lower than normal until the end of the year.

An unexpected war will break out in the Middle East, causing many innocent people to lose their lives. 

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The discovery of an ocean species once thought to be extinct will give scientists deeper insights into the prehistoric age.

A new planet will be discovered and there will be talking about how it possibly sustain human life.

New prehistoric tools will be discovered giving us further information and insights into the prehistoric man.


Health And Medicine


A promising vaccine for the Coronavirus will soon be released and many people will get vaccinated. But there will be problems with the vaccine.

Tuberculosis will be popping up among young children for the first time in many years.

A new virus, which will be deadlier than the Coronavirus, will be discovered. The first cases will come out of Texas.

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Love And Relationships


Many people who fall in love this month will find their love will last a lifetime!

Newly married couples will have unexpected pregnancies this month, especially if they live in Ohio, Hawaii, California, and New York.

Make sure to use protection this month because the spread of herpes and other venereal diseases will be higher.




The stock market will be up and down for the rest of the year, so amateur investors should avoid making any new investments.

Stocks related to the tech industry will be unstable, bouncing up and down this month.

Drug company stocks should do well this month, as the search for the Coronavirus vaccine heads on.




Irregular weather patterns will hit parts of Florida, causing confusion and panic in some areas.

Parts of Asia will have very nice weather, enjoying very moderate temperatures throughout the rest of the year.

Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia will need to be on the lookout for extreme and unusual weather patterns, not typical for this time of the year.


There are my psychic predictions for August 2020 and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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