My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (July release)


MPsychic Predictions For 2020

As 2020 continues on, my psychic predictions are going to reveal even more unusual things unfold in the year ahead.

As I had predicted at the beginning of the year, that this was going to be a different kind of year than we had ever seen before, 2020 is going to continue to reveal even more unexpected twists and turns.

Here are more of the psychic predictions of what I see for July 2020: 




There is going to be a well-known Hollywood name who passes from the coronavirus.

Another sex-related scandal will ruin the career of another famous person.

Sadly, we will lose four well-known famous names to the great beyond.




Several high-profile political figures, in the US and abroad, will turn their backs on the US president.

Relations between the US and certain Asian countries will begin to sour, causing egg on the face of Donald Trump.

In retaliation, the Middle East will begin tightening the release of oil, causing gas prices to shoot up. 


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There will be the talk of the creation of robotic parts, and even computer chips that will be able to be implanted in humans.

Space explorations to faraway planets, which were never before possible, will begin to be explored more in-depth.

The idea of a robotic police force will start being introduced, as a way to create a safer, police force.


Health And Medicine 


The discovery of medicinal properties found in a popular herb will show it to have amazing healing properties for certain common diseases.

A new product will be released that will instantly get rid of the common wart, and skin tags.

A new face cream will become available on the market, which has astounding effects on eliminating wrinkles, without plastic surgery.


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Love And Relationships


As Saturn radiates strongly this month, sexual attraction between people is going to be heightened and acted upon.

While proposals will be on the rise, weddings will be less lavish and more modest.

Couples considering divorce will suddenly find their relationships turning around for the better.




The stock market will begin to stabilize, and people start to see their stocks begin to rise back to where they were before the crash.

Another major drop in the market is going to hit again, but time this it will bounce back quickly.

Commodities are going to do well this year, while meat and dairy may suffer.




Strange weather patterns will occur all around the world. When it should be hot, it will be cold, where there is normally rain, it will be dry, and vice versa.

Alaska, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Indiana, are going to suffer from horrible weather conditions and disasters throughout the rest of the year.

A volcanic eruption is going to wreak havoc around the area where it explodes. Lives will be lost.

There are my psychic predictions for 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading them.


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