My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2020 (June release) psychic predictions

The world is changing. Things will never be like they were once before. So, here are my newest psychic predictions about what to expect in the month ahead. I hope you enjoy reading about them. 




Hollywood will start having actors wear masks on certain TV shows.

A new type of dance that appeals to people of all ages will sweep the nation.

Shocking news will rock Hollywood when the affair of two well-known married people is discovered.




Luxury brands will create designer masks to make wearing masks fashionable.

The Middle East will begin releasing dirty secrets regarding the US presidents’ hotels in their country.

A mine of diamonds will be discovered in a country where experts would have never suspected that a diamond mine like this, exists.

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A new type of police robot will start being tested on the public.

A new planet, believed to be thousands of light-years away, will be on the verge of being discovered.

There will be an announcement made very soon, regarding the release of fully autonomous, self-driving cars becoming available to the public. 


Health And Medicine


A promising vaccine for COVID-19 is not far off on the horizon.

CBD oil will be discovered to contain even more health benefits than previously known before.

Flax and chia seeds will be discovered to help prevent certain kinds of cancer. 

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Love and Relationships


Many divorces will happen this month, while at the same time, many new relationships will be born.

This month, anyone getting pregnant will more likely have a boy.

Online dating will begin to dwindle, as dating your neighbor will become the next big trend.




The stock market will level out by the end of December 2020.

Diamond prices will begin to fluctuate.

More people will start buying a new home, due to the real estate market experiencing a short-lived boom.




Strange weather patterns will hit the Eastern and Southern parts of the United States, with snow still falling clear up until June.

Smog in parts of Asia will be on the rise, causing health concerns for its people.

A tidal wave is going to hit soon, causing massive destruction and taking several lives.

I hope you enjoyed reading my newest psychic predictions for 2020.

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