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Hi there,

Something I had been waiting for many years to happen finally happened just a short time ago…

…a very rare and special archangel named Solaris – appeared to me!

You will never have heard of this archangel before and you won’t find anything about him in any book or on the internet either!


Because knowledge about this very rare and special archangel is so secret – only the students of the ancient Egyptian Mystery School where my mentor was a Master Teacher were ever taught about him.

His name has never been spoken about publicly in over 2,000 years – until just now in this email!

So, keep reading on…because I am going to explain why no one has ever heard of him before, how I’ve known about him since I was 12 years old, who he is, what makes him so special, how I recently met him, and why he is the most powerful angel in the entire universe!

You are also going to learn about the kinds of miraculous events that happen in a person’s life if they have the opportunity to meet this magnificent angel Solaris…

…and then I am going to show you how you can actually meet him yourself!

So, get comfy in your chair and read along as I tell you all about this very rare and special archangel no one has ever heard of – until this email.

So let’s begin…

How I Learned About The Archangel Solaris 

As you may already know, at the age of 10, I was taken under the wings of a man who was a Master Teacher of an ancient Egyptian Mystery School, that has existed since the days of Cleopatra. 

At the age of 12, when I had been studying with him for around two years, he told me about a very rare and special Archangel named Solaris who he said was unknown to others outside of his school, and that one day would appear to me to deliver a very special message and then instruct me further from there.

Then over the next two years, he began teaching me all about Solaris, along with instructing me in the ancient Egyptian methods used to work with this very rare and special Archangel.

Why People Have Never Heard Of The Archangel Solaris Until Now 

This Ancient Mystery School of Egypt is where my mentor was a Master Teacher, and students of this “school of hidden knowledge” have known about the Archangel Solaris for over 2,000 years because all of the students there were taught about him.

And in order to protect this secret knowledge, Solaris’ along with his rare and special abilities, was kept a tightly guarded secret from outsiders. Anything to do with Solaris was so guarded even the original writers of the Christian bible had no knowledge of him. (This is why you will never find his name in any writings about angels, regardless of the religion that is writing about them).

Even though until now, the archangel Solaris was a very closely guarded secret, in a few minutes, you are going to understand why.

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Who Is The Archangel Solaris? 

I am now going to teach you some of the hidden histories about Solaris, along with some very powerful knowledge about him, which has been hidden from the outside world for over 3,000 years… 

As a young boy, I was schooled by my mentor in many advanced esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual subjects. And by the age of 12, I began being taught all about Solaris…

…and this was when I first discovered that he is the most powerful angel in the entire universe!

I also learned that all guardian angels and all archangels are descendants of Solaris because he was the very first angelic being to come into existence. And after he came into being, all the other archangels and guardian angels were “born” from him simply “thinking them into being!”

Since every guardian angel and archangel is a descendant of Solaris he sits at the top of the throne in the Angelic Kingdom, watching over, instructing, and directing every angel in the universe. He is also the orchestrator of all angels when it comes to helping mankind.

During my two years of schooling, I also learned that angels operate in the physical world to help protect, inspire, and guide humanity. And how they also work with people individually, to help them accomplish, achieve, and reach their highest purpose in life, along with whatever goals, dreams, or desires they have.

But the problem is, most people have no idea they even have angels, let alone to summon them. Therefore most angles are ignored by humans. 

Why Solaris Has Only Appeared To 12 People Throughout The History Of The World

My mentor wanted me to clearly understand that Solaris does not appear to just anyone! As a matter of fact, he said only 12 people in the entire world have ever had him appear to them.

And the reason is that only a rare and select few have been trained how to properly meet him, let alone hear the messages he has for the world during his rare appearances.

He also told me that Solaris only appears to one person every 1,000 years, and this was the reason he was making sure to thoroughly train me, so I would be fully prepared for the day when he decides to appear to me!

So over the next three years, my studies revolved around learning all about Solaris, how to greet him, how to show respect to him when he appears, and what to do and not do in his presence.

All of that training was to prepare me for the day when Solaris would appear to me and give me the very special message he wants me to share with the world.

For many years after my training, clear up until the day he died over 22 years ago, he would often say to me, “When the timing is right on earth, Solaris will appear to you with a very special message he wants you to share with the world!”. 

Now fast forward 30 years to recently and let me tell you what happened…

…The Day Solaris Appeared To Me 

Before my mentor’s passing over 22 years ago, he would often remind me that “When the timing on earth is right, Solaris will appear before you with a very special message he has for mankind.

And just as my mentor had said, about 3 weeks ago and out of the blue – it happened!

It was a Sunday morning, June 27th to be exact…

My husband Johnny was out of town, so no one but me and the kids (our little kitties Winstin and Lily) were in the house and they were sleeping somewhere. I was sitting in my meditation room enjoying the smell of the sweet incense I was burning and listening to some beautiful meditation music…

Then all of the sudden, out of thin air, he appeared!

Standing in front of me was this towering angel who was so tall, I had to lean back and look up to be able to see all of him. He was 12 feet tall, had a wingspan of over 50 feet, and he was surrounded by the most beautiful violet light I had ever seen!

He didn’t need to say a word because I could hear him speaking to me very clearly in my head!

And he had an incredible message he wanted me to share with the world….

The Amazing Message Solaris Wanted Me Had For The World 

After a quick introduction, Solaris immediately began sharing his message with me…

…“Tana, when you were a very young boy, your mentor prepared you for this special day when we would meet…and now that day is upon us! 

It’s so nice to meet you! 

As you know, the past 18 months have been a difficult time for people on earth! Many people are still experiencing fear, worry and anxiety, and having some very difficult struggles in their lives as a result of it… 

…making this the perfect time for me to appear to you, so you can share my message with the people in the world who are ready to hear it.” 

He then went on to say, “As you know, every angel in the universe is a descendant of mine, and over here in the Spiritual Dimensions, I have been preparing 1,000,000 angels to get ready for this very special day.

Tana, I only appear to one individual every 1,000 years, and when I appear to a person, I only appear when there’s a major shift taking place on the earth. 

And a shift has begun occurring now. 

This is why I have appeared to you today! 

To help mankind prepare for this shift, 7 years ago I began choosing 1,000,0000 angels, in order to form a group of “wish-fulfilling” angels. I call this special group The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels. And the purpose I formed this group of powerful angels is so they can help any person on earth fulfill any of the wishes they have in life, in a very special and powerful way! 

But they can only help those who desire their help! 

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Solaris Told Me About A Special Summoning Mantra He Created 

Solaris continued to tell me everything about The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels and how this special spiritual group can transform anyone’s life overnight!

Come to find out, Solaris explained how he created a special mantra, that when said, either silently to oneself or out loud, summons 1,000,000 helping angels to surround the person instantly!

And once a person has summoned these 1,000,000 wish-fulfilling angels, a person can ask them for almost anything! Then once the request has been made, 1,000,0000 of these angels will go to work “behind-the-scenes” to begin lining up everything that is needed to make the person’s request manifest in the person’s life.

Can you imagine being able to summon 1,000,000 (that’s one million), wish-fulfilling angels, anytime you desire, and having them go to work for you behind the scenes, to make whatever you ask for come true?

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will literally change your life completely!


Because angels are some of the most powerful wish-granting beings in the entire universe, and by using this secret mantra, you will be able to summon not just one, but one million helping angels no matter where you are, or what time it is! 

They will always be available to help you because that’s what angels were created to do! 

How The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels Can Change Your Life 

So you may be wondering “How can learning to summon The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels benefit me?”. Well, let me tell you – they can do with A LOT of things that will benefit you and your life!

For example:

They Can Help You Have Deep Inner Peace

Angels are peace-loving beings and they want you to feel happiness, joy, and inner peace! Whenever you feel stressed, no matter when, where, or what time of day, when you say the secret mantra that will summon them right away – you will have instant inner peace!

Anxiety will become a thing of the past because whenever you feel anxious, all you’ll need to do is say the secret mantra (which I will be teaching you) and your anxiety will instantly go away, too!

You Will No Longer Have To Search For Your Soulmate Because Love Searching Will Become A Thing Of The Past

Angels are called the heavenly matchmakers! This is why the angel Cupid is associated with Valentine’s Day! So, if you’re looking for love, who better to call on to help you than the original matchmakers in heaven!

And once you make your love request, 1 million of them will go to work finding your true love and then setting everything up in perfect alignment, so that the two of you will meet! 

Angelic help always works just like magic! 

They Can Mend, Repair, And Almost Instantly Heal Any And All Existing Relationship Problems 

Angels are about love and they want you and the person you care about to be happy in love! If you are in a serious relationship of any kind, have ever said to yourself, “if only he or she would change things, would it be a lot better between the two of us?” By simply saying a secret mantra, you will be able to summon 1,000,000 wish-fulfilling angels to come and turn things around!

Almost like genie-magic, you will begin to see things change back to how they were when you first met – no matter how many days, months, or years you’ve been struggling together!! 

Money Will Flow Into Your Life As Effortlessly As Water Flows Down A Stream 

Angels have the amazing ability to create what is called a River Of Wealth, and they are able to a River Of Wealth that will flow right to your door. And once they have created a River of Wealth for you, money beyond belief will begin flowing into your life!

Having a River Of Wealth flowing to your door is better than being a lottery winner because the flow of wealth will never end!

You’ll Be Able To Follow Your True Passion And Easily Make Lots Of Money Doing What You Love 

Many people have unfulfilling jobs just to pay the bills, or because it’s all they’ve done for many years. But when you ask them “if they could make money doing anything at all, what would that be? Most people will often tell you about something they would love to be doing instead!

People often stay stuck in unfulfilling jobs because they fear they wouldn’t be able to support themselves in doing what they really want to be doing!

Their true life purpose!

When you learn to say the secret mantra for summoning The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels, you can call on them. make your request, and they will go to work behind the scenes to line all the people, places, and things, that will make it happen for you! 

You’ll Be Able To Live A Life Of Amazing Health 

Good health is the most important thing in life because, without good health, life becomes a struggle rather than something to be enjoyed! Health IS EVERYTHING!

If you struggle with anything whatsoever, you can use the special mantra to summon The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels, then they will work behind the scenes to help you find the answers you need and the best people to help you have the perfect health you desire! 

Plus A Whole Lot More!!

And these are JUST A FEW of the incredible things that have the power to summon 1,000,000 (that’s one million), wish-fulfilling angels, anytime you desire!

And during this special training you will be learning even more ways The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels can help you begin living the amazing, limitless life, you deserve!

I’m sure by now you can see the powerful, life-changing benefits you can have by knowing how to summon 1,000,000 angels around you, get their help on anything at all – whenever you desire! 

Here’s What Happened After I Taught My Friend This Mantra

My best friend Chuck was out of town (but I will teach him the mantra when he returns) and I have another friend named Daniel who I knew was really struggling.

So I called him and told him all about Solaris – he was in right away!

I had Daniel meet me at my house and explained to him, just like I just did with you in this email, the amazing things he can experience in his life by knowing this secret mantra to summon The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels, and also how to use it correctly.

And then the most amazing thing happened…

Solaris physically appeared right in front of us – and Daniel was actually able to clearly see him, too. Daniel was not the only one who was speechless – so was I.

Daniel literarily could not speak as tears of joy ran down his cheeks from the incredible feeling of love he felt in Solaris’ presence!

In my entire life, I had never had any kind of appearing to someone when I was teaching something like this! I am still in awe of that entire experience!

So, Solaris stood there as I taught Daniel the secret mantra and how to properly say it. Then after I was finished, he slowly vanished into thin air.

Daniel said he knew exactly what he was going to ask The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels for, and then had to get home because it was getting late.

Here’s What Happened When Daniel Summoned The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels

A few weeks later Daniel called me and I could hear the sound of excitement in his voice!

He told me the first thing he requested was to find his one true love.

He then went on to tell me how exactly one day after he said the secret mantra I taught him, a friend who he hadn’t heard from in over 5 years, called him out of the blue to tell him he had a friend he wanted him to meet.

He told Daniel he felt a whispering in his ear that wouldn’t go away, telling him to call Daniel. So Daniel agreed to meet his friend and he said when they met it felt like they had known each other forever!

They’ve been talking and hanging out almost every day since, and he told me they both had a deep feeling inside that they were the one for each other! (My guides have already told me they are true soulmates and will get married!).

3 days later Daniel called me again, telling me how he once more summoned The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels to request a River Of Wealth that would lead directly to his door!

And how just 4 days later, he received a call from another long-lost friend asking him if he was still doing marketing?

When he told his friend that was still his profession, he asked Daniel if he could fly to LA because he wanted to discuss with him the possibility of making him a one-third partner in his multimillion-dollar Advertising and Marketing firm!

Two days after he flew back from LA, he received a call offering to make him a one-third owner, which instantly increased his salary by $1,500,000 (that’s 1.5 million dollars a year). And that doesn’t include the residuals, bonuses, and yearly salary increases!

So needless to say, Daniel has been feeling overjoyed over the past few months, just like the angels want him to be!

How You Can Learn To Summon The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels

As you can see, knowing the secret mantra to summon The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels can literally change your life!

And I have a feeling that the lucky few people who have the opportunity to learn this mantra, may get a big surprise and actually be able to see Solaris himself during this special training – just like Daniel did!

I am only training a small group of only 50 people for this, to who I will be personally teaching this mantra to in the exact same way my mentor taught me!

Then the group will learn how to use it to summon The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels! This is going to be a very powerful, uplifting, and enjoyable training!

And this training will be LIVE via Zoom!

This is your opportunity to become one of the 50 chosen people to be part of this spectacular, and literally once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Like my friend Daniel, this is your chance to be taught the secret mantra you can use to summon 1,000,000 angels. A mantra that was designed by the Solaris, who is the angel of all angels! And he designed it specifically for the purpose of giving you the best life possible from that day forward.

After learning this secret mantra you will have the power to:

– Have lasting inner peace because anxiety, worry, and fear will become a thing of the past!

– Experience Endless joy in your life on a daily basis!

– End the search for your soulmate because the love of your life because The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels will bring your special someone effortlessly to you! Without you having to do anything at all!

– Transform, heal, and repair any troubled relationship back to how it was when you first met!

– Create a River Of Wealth that will cause endless amounts of money to flow directly to your door!

– Begin a fulfilling career in whatever your true passion is and be able to make lots of money doing it!

– Call on The Group Of 1,000,000 Wish-Fulfilling Angels to help you live a long and healthy life!

Plus many more things to be revealed during this special training!

So this is your one-time opportunity to learn this secret mantra and experience more love, inner peace, and joy than you could ever imagine possible, while at the same time making all of your desires a reality!

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After this training get ready for your life to change in very noticeable and miraculous ways!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions For August 2021

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