If You Haven’t Read About The Golden Promise And How It Will Grant You And Your Loved Ones Over 10,000 Blessings, Make Sure To Read About This Now! (Even my own mother reserved a space for this!)

I want to tell you about something very amazing, very rare, and very important.

As a matter of fact, you are one of the first people in the entire world to know about this!

Let me explain what I’m talking about 🙂

Just this past Saturday, I got up at 2:30 am to begin my weekly astral travel and when I closed my eyes, I quickly flew off into the universe. I must have traveled for about 10 minutes before I came to my destination.

And it turned out I was traveling to a far away planet called Luminous, and the beings who live there are called Luminites.

And it was on that planet where I learned about something so amazing, words cannot describe it…

…I learned about The Golden Promise!

When I landed on the planet Luminous, I was greeted by several smiling Luminites who invited me to sit down with them!

So, we sat and chatted for a long time. They were very interested in knowing about the earth and what it was like living there. Then, after I told them many things about the planet earth, they began telling me all about their planet, too…

….and this is when I learned about The Golden Promise and how it can bring over 10,000 different blessings into your life!

So, if you are wondering what The Golden Promise is, please sit back and relax because I think you’re going to be very excited to learn to know what it is…

What Is The Golden Promise 

The Luminites told me something very interesting…

….they said all the crazy things that are happening on the earth right now were predicted by The Advanced Ones over 10 eons ago, and I landed on their planet because I was chosen to tell humans about The Golden Promise.

Then, they told me the following story: 

Over 10 eons ago, before humans ever existed on the earth, the most advanced spiritual beings in the universe, called The Advanced Ones, held a special meeting because of the psychic visions they were having about the future of the planet earth!

These Advanced Beings had visions of the future of the earth and what it would be like when humans populated it. They could see thousands of years into the future!

In these visions, they could see that one day, there would be “the few” among humans who would try to use their money, power, influence, and status, along with other undesirable human traits, to control and manipulate the masses for their own profit, greed, and gain…

…and this was disturbing to them.

Being very wise and enlightened beings, they realized they needed to do something to help protect the vast majority of humans from “the few” who would try to dominate and control the rest of mankind one day!

So, this is how The Golden Promise came to be. It was designed by The Advanced Beings to protect humans from the evil power, control, and manipulation, of the “the few”!

The Luminites told me that “any human who was granted The Golden Promise would “have their life blessed in more than 10,000 different ways! 

Next, they told me, “It is so, and so it is!”.

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Some Of The Many Ways The Golden Promise Will Change A Person’s Life 

The Golden promise states “It is so, and so it will be!”. This means The Golden Promise is a fact!

The Golden Promise also states that anyone who is receiving this promise will have their life be blessed in more than 10,000 ways, and here are just of few of the ways your life will blessed:

– You will be blessed with a life of limitless and abundant prosperity never needing to worry about money again because this is a sacred promise made to you by the most advanced spiritual beings in the universe! It is so, and so it will be! 

-You will be blessed with limitless opportunities for love! Not just any type of love, but a twin flame type of love that will fulfill you at the deepest levels of your soul. You deserve it, but sometimes karma blocks it. But any of your karmic loves’ blocks will be gone forever! It is so, and so it will be!

– You will be blessed with the removal of any and all obstacles and they will be cleared out of your way. Love obstacles, money obstacles, health obstacles, or any obstacles at all. They will be gone forever! It is so, and so it will be!

– Your current relationship will grow deeper, and closer, and problems that used to cause arguments will melt away, no longer causing friction between you the way they used to. Romance will increase, intimate moments will return to how it was when you first met, and the sparkle in your spouse’s eyes will come back like it was when you met. It is so, and so it will be”.

– Any past life karma that is negatively affecting you in this life will be banished away, so you can begin life with a clean slate, without any past life karma holding you back. Past life karma affects your love life, financial life, opportunities in life, your ability to lose weight, along with all areas of your life! It is so, and so it will be! 

– You will be blessed with an overflowing of high-level career opportunities. Doors that may have been closed to you in the past, will open right in front of your eyes! Anyone or anything that has ever blocked your career success will no longer be in your way! An effortless path will be laid out in front of you! It is so, and so it will be! 

If you so desire, you and your family will be showered in riches and blessed with luxurious living, as you begin living the good life! Luxury cars, yachts, mansions, diamonds, gold, fine clothes, world travel, along with all the riches you desire will be yours.  It is so, and so it will be! 

– You will be blessed with the fulfillment of your dreams, and many dreams you thought could never happen, WILL happen! It is so, and so it will be! 

– Any struggles with weight loss will be removed from you. Weight gain is the result of living in a stress-filled world controlled by “the few”. Stress eating, weight loss blocks, or anything else that prevents you from getting to the true weight you desire, will be removed from you! It is so, and so it will be!

– If you’ve ever desired to do something that seems out of reach, such as write a best-selling book, becoming a famous actor, singer, or even a famous artist, The Golden Promise will shine a light on your talents and the world will begin to take notice!  It is so, and so it will be!

– You will be blessed with the expansion of your own creative, special, and unique gifts you possess. And opportunities will open up for you, allowing you to finally begin getting your gifts noticed, so you can begin using them to their fullest to begin helping others! It is so, and so it will be! 

– Plus, a whole lot more because these are just a few examples of the 10,000 different ways The Golden Promise will change your life! 

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Who Can And Cannot Be Granted The Golden Promise 

The Advanced Beings realized they would have to determine who would and who would not be able to have The Golden Promise granted to them!

They wanted to make sure it was not granted to anyone who was part of the “the few” because this would only give them even more power to gain even more control over the rest of mankind!

So, they stated, “Any human who has the desire to better their life in ways that did not involve controlling, manipulating, or oppressing others, could receive The Golden Promise.

But any human who is involved in any type of illegal business, such as drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal gun sales, illegal gambling rings, illegal massage parlors, corrupt government politics, or is involved in any other kinds of illegal corruption, would not be able to be granted The Golden Promise. It is so, and so it is”.

How To Know If The Golden Promise Is For You 

The Golden Promise was created for anyone who wants to have:

* Their twin flame love

* A life of financial blessings

* Endless joy in your current relationship

* An obstacle-free life

* Endless career opportunities

* Less worry about money

* A life showered in luxury

* A karma-free life

* A stress-free life

* An effortless life

* A happier life

* More of the good things in life

* A better life

* The life of their dreams

* Begin living the dream

If you would like to have these blessings in your life and more, know that these are just a few of the 10,000 different blessings The Golden Promise will bring to your life!

The Luminites told me that no human words really exist, which can accurately describe everything The Golden Promise does for the life of a person who receives it!

Words like incredible, astonishing, unbelievable, miraculous, amazing, or even mind-blowing, do not even come close to describing all the blessings that will occur in your life once you have received The Golden Promise! 

Why This Opportunity Will Never Come Again 

The Luminites explained to me that The Golden Promise will only be offered to humanity one time because The Golden Promise not only blesses you in different 10,000 ways, but it also helps to heal the world while aligning things in the current world condition to move in the right direction again.

And it was designed to be available to humans in this current year, so, this will be the only time in history to have The Golden Promise granted to you.

How You Can Receive The 10,0000 Blessing Of The Golden Promise

As you can see, being able to receive The Golden Promise is going to bless your life in over 10,000 ways because it is so, and so it will be! 

And I couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the blessings you will receive in your life because it would be impossible from to list all 10,000 ways in this email!

But during this session together, I will be explaining even more of the blessings you will also be receiving! …

…because I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface! 

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One of the other blessings you will receive that I forgot to mention is Your physical strength, flexibility in movement, physical energy, and eyesight will begin to improve! If you find yourself not being as flexible or having the same energy as when you were young, these things will all begin to improve! “It is so, and so it will be!”.

When I was on the planet Luminious, I was shown the list of 10,000 blessings a person would receive and I remember that many of them are so incredible, that it was almost too much for my mind to be able to comprehend!

Having the chance to receive The Golden Promise and the 10,000 different blessings it will bring into your life is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Many people will not have this opportunity because there are only 50 lucky people who will be able to receive it! So, if you are ready to have your life blessed in over 10,000 amazing ways, then click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page!

I know you may be having a conversation in your head right now wondering if this is something you should do? But think about how many times in the past that voice in your head has talked you out so something that you wish you had taken action on?

Well, this is a chance to shut down that voice, and take a bigger stand for your life and the life of those you love, because not only you will benefit from The Golden Promise, but so will those you love! This is your opportunity to quit listening to that voice inside and click here now to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page, so you can reserve one of the limited spaces!

I look forward to helping change your life and begin to receive the 10,000 blessings that are waiting for you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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