Discover How The Incredible Magical Power Of The Giants Can Change Your Life Forever! (Important To Read)

Hi there,

I am going to tell you something that may surprise you, and that is….

…giants are real!

You read that right! Giants are VERY real!

And they are also some of the kindest, most loving, caring beings in the universe, and also very good friends to have – regardless of how they have been portrayed in stories, movies, and other places!

And I am also going to show you a lot of historical proof that they existed!

Along with some other very interesting and exciting things about giants that you will definitely want to know about!

So, grab a drink, sit back, and let me tell you all about these wonderful and amazing beings!

The Christian Bible Confirms The Existence Of Giants

Over 2,000 years ago, when giants lived among humans, humans thought of them as heroes. There were also different races of giants, the same as there are different races of humans, and the different giant races were referred to as the Nephilim, the Emim, the Anakim, and the Rephaim.

And all of the different races of giants are mentioned in the Christian Bible! For example:

In Numbers 13:32-33 the Bible says this about the Nephilim:  “All of the people we saw there are very big and tall. We saw the Nephilim there. We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes. And that’s also how we seemed to them.”

The Bible also talks about Emim and the Anakim in Deuteronomy 2:10-11: “The Emim dwelt therein in times past, a people great, and many, and tall as the Anakim. They also are reckoned as giants like the Anakim; but the Moabites call them Emim.”

And the most well-documented giant in the Bible is mentioned in Deuteronomy 3:11. His name was Og, and here is what it says: “Og was the king of Bashan. His bed was made from iron, and it was over 13 feet long and 6 feet wide.”

And I am going to share with you even more proof of their existence in just a few. So, keep reading on…

…but first, you need to know about Cantom the leader of the giants!

Cantom – The Leader Of The Giants

The leader of all the giant races was named Cantom. He was chosen as their leader not only because of his god-like powers and abilities but also because of who he was…

…Cantom was the son of the Greek God Zeus!

Let me explain….

Zeus, one of the most powerful Greek gods, possessed the power to see visions of the future, and the visions he saw for the future of the giants – alarmed him! In his visions, he could see that one day humans would try to dominate and control the giants, so he came up with a plan to protect them!

Zeus realized they would need to have a strong leader to guide them and protect them one day in the future, to protect them from being dominated by humans.

So, Zeus shape shifted into the form of a human male, impregnated a human woman, and a child was born from this union…

…his name was Cantom!

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Photos of Giant human skeletons found during archeological digs

The Big Coverup

Giants come from the 12th Dimension and they are very gentle, innocent, extremely trusting, and a very devoted and s trustworthy friend.

They have pure hearts that are incapable of evil, so the only thing they know how to do is spread love, kindness, and helpfulness, wherever they go.

And anyone who ever makes contact with a giant, will have their life blessed with love, kindness, and helpfulness, and a whole lot more!

Over 2,000 years ago, they entered the earth’s dimension with the loving intention of showing the Egyptians how to perform incredible tasks and feats, in order to assist the world in the rapid evolution of the human race.

When the Egyptians first saw the giants they felt intimidated by their size! But they quickly discovered the giants had sincere hearts, along with a strong desire to assist humans in the evolution of mankind. So, the Egyptians welcomed them with open arms and their relationships with giants quickly grew strong!

When the giants first arrived, the Egyptians had no idea that they also possessed powerful magical gifts, abilities, and powers they could teach them. They also didn’t know that when they learned how to use the magic of the giants, it would change the entire course of history in a very positive way!

So, the giants taught the Egyptians how to perform their powerful giant magic! Not only did this magic bless the lives of the Egyptians, but it also gave them incredible strength, remarkable powers, and amazing abilities.

By learning the magic of the giants the Egyptians were able to build their pyramids with exact precision!

Archeologists have found even further proof that the giants and the Egyptians coexisted by the many heiroglyphics they have found on the walls inside the pyramids!  One such hieroglyphic depicting a giant was found on the tomb of Rekhmire, an ancient noble who served as Governor of Thebes and Vizier in 1400 BCE.

Giants depicted on the Tomb of Rekhmire

What Happened To The Giants?

As time went on, the Egyptians realized the magic the giants were teaching them would be a valuable asset to them, for winning wars, completing difficult tasks, and for expanding all of Egypt. So, they tried to use the magic they had learned from the giants, against them, in order to try and dominate the giants and make them their slaves!

When Cantom, the leader of the giants, caught on to their evil plans, he decided it was time the giants needed to return back to the 12th Dimension where they would be safe from the Egyptians!

But before they returned back to the 12th dimension, Cantom stripped the Egyptians of their magical abilities and powers they taught them, so they could never try to use them for evil purposes again!

The Egyptian leaders were angry their plans had failed, and even angrier that they had been stripped of their powers to perform giants magic! So, out of retaliation, the kings and queens began spreading false tales about the giants to their people, saying the giants were mean and couldn’t be trusted because they wanted the Egyptians to fear them!

And as time went by over the centuries, humans in power have continued to try and erase their existence altogether by claiming giants were nothing more than fables and myths that were created in the minds of children!

Hundreds of articles have been written about the discovery of the skeletal remains of giants.


But Their Existence Could Never Be Erased

No matter how hard over the years that people in power have tried to erase the giants from history, they can never erase the documented proof of giants found in the Christian Bible, nor the continued discoveries of their skeletal remains.

For example, in America alone, there have been over 1,500 newspaper accounts written about the discoveries of giant skeletons…


in 1920, on the island of Catalina in California, archeologists uncovered 3,781 (three thousand seven hundred eight one) skeletons that belonged to a race of blond-haired giants!

And as a result of these discoveries, archeologists have estimated their heights to be between 10 and 16 feet tall – the same height as Og in the Bible!

So, now I want to tell you about an unexpected meeting I recently had!

Photos of Giant human skeletons found during archeological digs


The Unexpected Meeting That Left Me In Awe!

So, a few weeks ago, I had a dream and in the dream, I was instructed to go to a very secluded place in the mountains, on a certain date and time. I was told to make sure to be there on time, and that more would be revealed after I arrived.

After all these years, I’ve learned to trust these messages, so I never gave my dream a second thought!

So, I went there on the date and time I was instructed, and no sooner than I sat down, this VERY tall man appeared out of thin air, and he must have been 22 feet tall or even taller…

….then he introduced himself to me as Cantom!

I was literally in awe because meeting him was the last being I expected and I’d NEVER seen anyone that tall before!

Right then I understood what they meant in the Bible when they said “We seemed like grasshoppers…” because I felt like the size of a grasshopper compared to him!

He was incredibly kind, very gentle, and had a very loving energy about him, which made me feel instantly at ease!

I now understand where the phrase “gentle giant” must have come from!

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We Spoke Telepathically

Thank goodness he had the ability to speak telepathically (mind-to-mind communication) because I don’t think I could have yelled loud enough for him to hear me! And even if I could have yelled that loud, I would have lost my voice from all the yelling it would have required!

We talked for several hours and he told me the same story my mentor had told me, of how the giants came to earth over 2,000 years ago to help the Egyptians evolve and grow, and how they eventually all had to leave due to Egyptians wanting to enslave them, rather than work in harmony with them.

Then he said:

“Tana, we know all about you and your gifts, and this is why I came here to meet you today!

The intelligence of man has evolved over the past 2,000 years, so it’s time for us to begin helping humans again. But this time, we will be returning to the earth to help them.

Instead, anyone who wants to learn our powerful magic will be given a special phrase, which will instantly transport them directly here through a secret portal. Then we will work with them here!

I have to admit I was a little taken aback by this! Then he continued on by saying:

“We want you to let your followers know that we want to pass on our powerful magic on to humans who will value and appreciate it, and never use it for evil of any kind.

We know we can trust you and your followers Tana, so this is why I came here to meet you today. So, please make sure to let all of your followers know about this!

Then he said something that really blew my mind:

“Any person who enters the 12th Dimension will be able to clearly see everything they experience, as clearly as they can see this email!

Cantom called this amazing opportunity The Meeting Of The Giants…

Giant depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics

‘What Will Happen During The Meeting Of The Giants

First, you will be told the special phrase that will instantly transport you to the 12th Dimension where you will be introduced to Cantom and several other giants!

Then after everyone has had a chance to get to know each other a little, you will learn how to perform the extremely powerful, yet incredibly easy-to-learn, giant magic listed below!

One thing you don’t have to worry about though are any difficult skills to learn or master. There are no special talents or skills needed for The Meeting Of Giants! The techniques are very easy-to-learn, allowing you to really relax and enjoy the entire experience!

Here are just a few of the things you will learn how to perform, during The Meeting Of The Giants:

The Thunderbolt Of Zeus

Whenever you face an obstacle of any kind, The Thunderbolt Of Zeus can be used to instantly remove any obstacle that stands in your way, so things can continue going the way you want them to!

Once you learn The Thunderbolt Of Zeus you can use it to remove obstacles in finances, love, relationships, career, business, or anywhere obstacles stand in your way! And then off you will go, in a straight-line towards whatever you desire!

Cantom Amore

Giants are all about love! They believe humans were created to find love and meet that special someone if they so desire.

But Cantom said “because of the fears many humans have about love, these fears have charged the air with anti-love energy, which is preventing people from finding love! It is also the major cause of problems between two people already in a relationship!”

Once you know how to perform Cantom Amore, it will remove any anti-love energy in your aura, then quickly recharge it, to attract love to you, instead of repelling it away from you. Cantom Amore will also repair any emotional pain or problems in any relationship, and bring back the deep bond – just like it used to be.


Cantom said “The reason most humans find it almost impossible to lose extra weight – no matter what they try – is because of the Arton Energy Particles (AEP) floating in the air on earth, and these particles get absorbed into your bodies when you breathe!

These energy particles originally served to help early man retain fat, in order to maintain the survival of the human race. So, during a famine, the extra fat helped keep humans alive. But today, Arton Energy Particles work against most humans, causing them to gain weight, making it seem impossible to lose it.”

When you know how to perform Melto Dissolvo, these energy particles will be instantly released from your body, and you will never be affected by them again!

After experiencing the power of Melto-Disolvo you will see your body begin to quickly transform into the type of body you’ve always wanted to have!


Canton said, “The reason most humans fall short of their dreams financially and professionally, even though they know they can achieve so much more, is because they have invisible walls in front of them called Path Blocker Walls. And these invisible Path Blocker Walls are literally blocking them from achieving their greatest success in their careers and finances…yet they don’t even realize they are being blocked!”

During The Meeting Of The Giants, you will learn how to activate the power of Alignmento-Projecto, which will quickly banish any Path Blocker Walls standing in the way to your greatest success. Then at rocket ship speed, quickly move you closer to your financial and professional success!

A Special Bonus: Dreamo-Sleepo

Giants are experts in the dream world, so they know more about dreams than anyone out there! During The Meeting Of The Giants, you will learn how to Dream Travel anywhere you desire, to gather information about anything, any place, or anyone you desire!

It’s like having your own invisible detective agency, because you will be able to use Dream Travel to find the answers about anyone, anything, or any place – whenever you want to know!

You Will Become Life-Long Friends

Giants are also very insightful and they love helping humans. So, whenever you need advice, guidance, wisdom, or insights, you’ll be able to visit the the12th Dimension and get the loving help and support you need from one of your gentle giant friends. They will always be there to help you!

You will also make life-long friendships with the giants that will last a lifetime!

PLUS, there will be a few more surprises waiting for you, too!

**And what you don’t have to worry about though, are any difficult skills to learn or master. There are no special talents or skills needed to learn these techniques because they are very easy to do, allowing you to really relax and enjoy the entire experience!

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The Meeting Of The Giants Will Blow You Away

– Imagine, learning a special phrase that allows you to instantly be transported to the 12th Dimension where the giants live, being able to see everything you experience as clearly as you can see this email!

– Imagine being able to see them and talk to them, as clearly as if you were in the same room!

– Imagine the life-changing power of The Thunderbolt Of Zeus, when you know how to instantly remove any obstacle that stands in your way, and begin living a life without any obstacles! With everything going the way you want it to!

– Image the power you’ll possess being able to remove anti-love energy from your aura, then recharging your aura to attract love to you, instead of repelling it away from you!

– Imagine being able to repair any emotional pain in any relationship, strengthening the love and bonds you used to share back to what they used to be!!

– Imagine being able to change transform your body into the type of body you really desire by using the power of Melto-Disolvo! Many of my model clients have successfully used this!

– Imagine knowing how to activate the power of Alignmento-Projecto to quickly banish any Path Blocker Walls standing in the way to your greatest success. Then take off like a rocket ship towards your financial and professional success!

– Imagine being able to dream-travel anywhere you desire and gather information about anything, any place, or anyone you desire, to find out anything you want to know!

– Imagine being able to easily visit the giants whenever you need advice, guidance, wisdom, insights, or just need a friend – and having a giant always there to help you!

– Imagine making friendships with the giants that will last a lifetime!

**And the best part of it all is you will begin to see the results almost instantly!

And the even better part is all of these techniques are VERY easy to learn!

Fossilized footprint of a giant human foot


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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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