My Latest Psychic Predictions For June 2022

Here are my latest monthly predictions for June 2022.

I hope you enjoy my latest psychic predictions and if you find them interesting, I would really appreciate it if you share them with others and leave a comment below! 




Two well-known names will end up in a feud that will show sides of themselves that leave a lot to be desired. Pettiness, childishness, and extreme immaturity will be displayed. As a result of this, they will lose the respect of many of their fans.

There will be the loss of three well-known names from either the entertainment or music world. Many people will be saddened by their passing, especially because of the way that one of them passes.

A new child star will be on the rise, stealing the hearts of millions of people! Unlike many child stars of the past, the parents will not steal or misuse all of their money, and this little star will be set up for life at a very young age.




In the war in Ukraine, something unexpected will happen. Russia will not triumph in the end, and Putin will lose face and gain many enemies as a result of his actions in attacking Ukraine.

There is going to be a major shift in world politics that will surprise many, especially in the US. We are going to find Republican and Democrats coming together more amicably, realizing they can accomplish greater good working together as friends, rather than fighting as enemies.

There will be a surprising development in the war in Ukraine. Russia will not be victorious in the end, and as a result of attacking Ukraine, Putin will lose face and make many enemies as a result of his actions. The world will eventually turn its back on him.

New alliances will be formed in the U.N. We are going to see more solidarity among countries, with the common goal of world peace, rather than turmoil and dissension among the nations.

Putin will pass away from cancer, as his health conditions begin to worsen! Russia will try to cover up his death but it will eventually be leaked out!

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A new discovery of giant human skeletal remains will cause a stir in the scientific community, as they grasp for answers to explain what size of human could have made them?

A new type of fungus will be discovered in the Amazon Rain Forest, which will show promise of curing common diseases in humans which would have been considered fatal until this discovery.

Several new electric cars will be developed, with increasing driving distances on a single charge! Still, Tesla will remain the leader in electric cars!


Health And Medicine


Many people’s lives will be changed by new developments in brain surgery, as some of these surgeries were previously thought to be impossible!

COVID will be on the rise, but it will not affect as many people as originally thought. Sooner than expected, COVID cases will begin to fade into the background.

New advances in brain surgery, as some of these surgeries which were believed to be impossible before, will change the lives of many people!

Tele-medicine will become more popular, and so will pop in doctor’s offices, where you can walk in, get scanned, and have a health check and diagnosis, all at the same time!

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Love And Relationships


Due to the energy of Venus, breakups that seemed sure to happen will suddenly begin to make positive miraculous turnarounds, surprising both people involved! Many relationships will be saved!

This is the best time to propose because any proposals taking place this month will have a strong chance of lasting until death do us part! Especially for Libra, Cancer, Aries, and Capricorns!

Pregnancies will increase this month, so if you are not wanting children make sure to use the right protection. If you want kids, this is your lucky month! 




The stock market will continue to ebb and flow, but it will eventually begin to stabilize. This is the time to only dabble in the market if you are not a seasoned pro at it. Otherwise, it is best to invest on paper!

The global market will be strong, but waves of adjustment will be felt throughout the world. No need to fear because this is only the natural rhythm of the financial world balancing itself out.

Watch out for get-rich-quick schemes and avoid investing in anything that is not a sure and reliable investment. Anyone on the Air BNB business will do very well this summer!




This year, more rainbows will occur around the world than in any of the prior years!

Certain areas of the world are going to still get snow during their summer season. Some scientists will claim it’s a result of global warming, while others will deny it!

More rainbows will appear around the world this year, than in any of the previous years before! This is a sign of good luck showing the earth is moving in the right direction!

There will be more darker skies than usual this summer in southern states, and sunnier skies than usual in the south western states. While rainfall will be heavier than before in midwestern states. Although Ohio will not be affected by this. 


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  1. Marie Smith-Dean says:

    What deep predictions for near future. Thank you for all the work you do in sharing very important information!

  2. Karen Thompson says:

    Thank you for your predictions especially Ukraine.

  3. Mercy says:

    As always, love your predictions!

  4. Kaylee says:

    Thank you for the predictions!Its so good to hear some brighter days are ahead with people finally coming together.And really liked the prediction of rainbows.

  5. Lisa says:

    Great reading. Do you have sports predictions?

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