My Latest Psychic Predictions For May 2022

Here are my latest monthly predictions for May 2022.

May will be a time of unexpected changes, sudden surprises, along with some confusing turns of events! Everything one would expect from a Number 5 month.

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A once-popular star who has been out of the spotlight for a long time will see a new spike in popularity and regained fame.

More trouble will stir for Will Smith. After his recent outburst with Chris Rock, a new can of worms will be opened. People will begin looking more closely at his life and many past “rumors” about his personal sex life, religious affiliates, and several supposed “rumors” will be found to be true.

The Kardashians will be caught in the middle of a scandal that will bring embarrassment and shame to the family. This scandal will start the beginning of the decline in their popularity, as several more family secrets come to light!

A once popular celebrity who has not been in the limelight for quite a while, will enjoy a new resurgence of popularity and renewed fame.




The Russian/Ukraine war will still continue on for a while but it will eventually end sooner than some may think or suspect. Russia will not come out of it unscathed, experiencing financial blowback, along with long-time sanctions. The Ukraine will be facing a long-term plan for the rebuilding of their cities.

China will stay neutral in the current war, out of fear of international retaliation if the country gets involved. In the end, many countries will lose their trust with The Peoples’s Republic of China and the country will suffer as a result.

Another major plane crash will cost the lives of everyone on board. There will be a long delay for determining the cause of the crash, and many family members of the perished will be left with several unanswered questions.

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There will be a new type of sweetener produced that looks and tastes like sugar but has no calories.

A new weapon of mass destruction will be invented. This weapon will be silent but deadly, and have the ability to wipe out an entire state in less than one week! Many will fear this weapon is too dangerous for humans to have possession of.

A new type of sweetener will be developed that looks and tastes just like sugar, yet has zero calories! It will be hailed as the greatest invention since sliced bread!

Test tube meat will begin testing in laboratories. Fake meat made from the stem cells of cows, pigs, or chickens. Scientists will claim it will eliminate the need for farm-raising animals and be better for the environment. There will be an uprise around the world over this!


Health And Medicine


Cats will be found to have an enzyme that scientists can use to treat certain infections. The scientific community will be skeptical at first, but later discover it is true! This new discovery will be a useful advancement for medicine.

A new type of exercise craze will sweep the nation, claiming to be the best way for humans to do exercise. Upon closer examination, it will just be another fad utilizing old science that is just trying to make this exercise program seem like something new.

New studies in sleep will reveal new ways of thinking about how we sleep, the best way to sleep, and exactly how many hours of it we really need. New types of beds will come about as a result of these new findings.

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Love And Relationships


A small minority of people will be touting the benefits of having 4-way relationships, claiming four are better than two. Needless to say, this new style of dating will not gain much traction.

Speed dating in the nude will become a new trend in the dating world. The creators of nude speed dating will say being nude allows you to do two things at once: to get a feel for a person’s personality and allow you to see if you like the rest of the package, too – all at the same time!

Rumors of a weird sexual fetish of a former president will be found to be true! Tapes will surface proving these claims, and people who see these tapes will also see some other things they never knew could be a fetish that would turn someone on. Shock and awe will be the result!




Along with NFT art, cryptocurrency is expected to grow in popularity.

There is going to be an upcoming recession that will happen sooner than some think, and take longer to happen than others expect. It will be much shorter-lived than the financial “experts” will claim. We will bounce back relatively quickly

Cryptocurrency is going to gain more and more traction, along with NFT art. While many won’t understand this new type of art, those who do and get in early will become millionaires and billionaires.

The Mexican Peso is going to take an even deeper plunge in value, causing many of the once rich in Mexico, to become only middle class, overnight!




Unusual weather patterns will sweep parts of the Midwest, along with parts of Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama. Huge weather disasters will result from this.

Parts of Uganda, Egypt, Iraq, and Russia will experience devastating weather problems that will include extreme heat, major flooding, extreme cold, and severe droughts! Some will claim biblical predictions are beginning to unfold in these countries.

Although California is known for its amazing weather, as if this is even possible, California will have some of the best weather this year than it’s had in over 50 years! 


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